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Hi there, maybe someone of the purchasers of this great theme could help me. I installed a few new plugins and after this the seo friendly links of the portfolio items don’t work anymore. With ugly permalinks (/?p=123) everything is fine. And of course I tried to deactivate ALL plugins. Nothing happens. After I updated the htaccess I got the normal WP htaccess… is there a special htaccess needed for this? If yes it would be great if someone could post this here.

Thank you sooo much!

Best Regards, Matthias

I have sent an email twice now and no reply.

I keep getting an error both on the front end and back end that reads.

Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /long path/maxx-wp/update-notifier.php on line 17

How do we fix this? Or turn off the update notifier.

Hmmm the theme is really great, but support really poor… no answer to ticket within more than 4 days… @ Manh: please remember… this theme costs $40 and you’ve sold it more than 1400 times… a little bit support would be great… thanks.

Hi Manh, you’re kidding? Of course I used support desk. And of course I tried to resave permalinks. Nothing happened.

Actually, i have not received any email from you, What is your email btw ?

Well I read about this problem with the emails yet ;-)contact@mefis-investment.com

Hi Manh,

Image: http://creative-studios.nl/color.jpg

I changed the background, but now you can see two colors (H1). How do I do the white color away? I can’t find it in the code, can you help me? I hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards, Priscilla

Hi Manh,

Awesome job with this theme! I just noticed that the contact form doesn’t actually send out an email! It says “Your email was successfully sent.” but no email is ever received. Would you be able to tell me how to fix that?

Never mind! I got it fixed…. was just a WP Mail SMTP issue.


I purchesed your theme in 07,2012. Is it possible to update my current theme with version 1.3 (or 1.4)?

I really like the new slider! :)

Twitter has stopped supporting it’s 1.0 API which has broken the Twitter feed widgets in the Maxx theme.


Feeds have not been working since the 11th, could you please update the theme to fix this? Thanks!

Hi, i’m having problem on viewing google map in my site… the screen is blank! can u help me on this … (http://hijrahwealth.my/hubungi-kami/)


For the twitter widget problem (stopped working) you have any suggestion or update? regards, Rafael

Dear customer, sorry for the delay.

The new update of Maxx will be up in some hours or tomorrow.

Thanks for your Patience.

Need some help ? Please drop me an ticket via Support Desk.

Manh, any update on the Twitter fix?

Still waiting for the approval for an update ;)

Guys, New update was up, grab a your copy for free now :D

Hi man, i send you a message and few day after you update the themes. I update the theme to wordpress by continue with problems, the carrousel in the home page don´t show the image, only show the overlay-image.png, when i click i see the image in prettyphoto.

When i go to portfolio don´t show the images only see the overlay-image.png, but again, i see the image, if i click in the overlay-image.pn i see the image prettyphoto. And finally when i go to the portfolio-items page don´t see any image and in the code view the image link don´t work, go to the 404 page. I try to erase all portfolio page and create new page but don´t happen.

I create different image png, jpeg but nothing happen.

Now the google maps work. I don´t try to use the twitter widget, more later i create the app to use this, but the problem is the portfolio image.


I’ve updated my maxx-wp to the latest one that you have released, and it appears that all my sub menus have disappeared. Any ideas?

I found this when active the debug at wp-config

Notice: Undefined index: md_content_background_pattern in /home/website/public_html/wp-content/themes/maxx-wp/admin/classes/class.options_machine.php on line 509

as well, the twitter update hasn’t worked for me. Still says “loading tweets…”


Have you check back the documentation ? You need to Register your application from twitter link in theme options -> Social network -> Twitter api

I’ve had a look in the documentation, but nothing is there about twitter? or registering an application..?

Also, the theme dropdown menus on the navigation do not work. I’ve tried creating a new menu, but that didn’t work either.

I’ve attached images of it: http://i43.tinypic.com/30hts3t.png http://i41.tinypic.com/2q0ppa8.png

I also have problems with the portfolio page. The tabs for sub categories of the items appear to be crashing my browser when clicked, and don’t do nothing.

These problems have only occurred since updating to the latest version that you have released.

Ok, i resolve the problem with template-portfolio.php, but i can´t solve the problem with image to the sigle-portfolio.php and carousel_portfolio shortcodes.

When i add a height to “Custom portfolio thumbnail size (height)” don´t show image in the template-portfolio.php.

Any idea to carousel_portfolio shortcodes and single-portfolio.php

Twitter work perfectly

Replied via email

Hello. I cannot seem to get it updated. Every time I download from theme forest it gives me version 1.2 instead of the most recent. Any help?

Hi, try clearing your browser cache.

Worked. Thank you kindly.


I’m getting an error when I click on my blog “checkpoint” on my website;

“Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /home/alexwale/public_html/snappster.com/wp-content/themes/maxx-wp/update-notifier.php on line 17”

Please advise asap!!