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My website doesn’t work anymore since updating!!!

Manh I keep getting the error;

Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /home/alexwale/public_html/snappster.com/wp-content/themes/maxx-wp/update-notifier.php on line 17”

Please advise asap as I need the website for my business!!!!


Hello Manh

Im working for a customer who uses your theme. After i moved it for him to a new server, the skitter slider dont load and dont start.

Can you help me with what could be wrong ?

It shows the numer of slides, but it just dont start.

Nooze, acontece o mesmo comigo.. preciso comprar esse novo theme..


hello, i have a question – before i buy the theme.

i must create a wordpress site for a artist agency. so it is possible , to create more portfolio sites with the different categories?


So now- all filter categories an under the portfolio site, i choose the categories by the filter.

how it´s possible, that i create own menu items with the filtered portfolio for each category?

i want to use this, so how muchg costs that you can change it in my wordpress version?

Another option: I create this kind of menu points, create a page behind, and in the empty page , i put all the portfolio sites for each categegory?!?

Contact us using this form

Ok, i have send you a request over your webform!

Hello, how can I change the language of the template, such as: search, next, prev.

Hi, You can re-translate the localization file (.po & .mo) and load it . checkout the tutorial link

Hi. Nice work. :)

Just need to know what CSS customization options you have in your theme? Is there a Window within the theme options where we can throw all our custom codes or we are looking at “TINKERING” with various CSS files?


Yes, why not, there a custom css/javascript field for you ;)

Thanks for the quick reply. Would we be able to remove/disable social icons on the top right? :) Thanks.

Yep, Definitely ;)

I have the same theme .. But a lot is not working … as slider, the map among other things .. I want to know is if I buy this new version, EVERYTHING will work properly? I await response as quickly as possible ..


ok! have warranty? buy soon ..

Liftetime update and support ;)

Hey Manh.

How do I get logo in the center?

Thanks. :)

Thanks for the prompt response! :)

In Interface Settings I have:

Enable Responsive,
Enable Boxed-layout,
Main Layout,
Enable/Disable comment area on all pages,
Show search bar in Menu Navigation
Show Top bar menu
Show Social network link
Enable Breadcrums
Enable Get in touch form
Get in touch form Heading
Get in touch form Subline
Footer Layout
Footer Columns

That’s all I have.

Oh sorry, my bad :(, That option is in Creatiz theme ,please, next time open a new ticket in our forum to get the support quickly.

I sent you a request through your support system over three days ago and still awaiting your reply. Can you please help?

I sent you a request through your support system over three days ago and still awaiting your reply. Can you please help?

Please check the topic now!


I’m working in a responsive form using Contact 7 plugin.

I’m using one-half first/one-half classes to have two columns in the form but for some reason when i assign the style width: 100% to the form inputs they overflow the one-half column container.

You can see online at http://staffsound.quequiereshacer.es/presupuesto/

Any ideas about it?

Thank you!

The theme doesn’t work, alla sample data uploaded come from properdo.com that is not online… WHY??? It is a scam!!!! I want you refund me!!

New website. After installing wordpress and your theme, blog is empty. I have uploaded new sample data xml, but option-settings.txt refers to properdo.com that doesn’t work. In Settings -> Reading I can’t see options to set home as home and blog as blog. Too many troubles with this template…

Ok, solved!!! :-)

Does this theme allow for any contact form customization?

HI, you can use contact form 7 ;)

Hi, just wondering if I would be able to create a “thank you” page for the contact form so that I can track track conversions of the form itself.

Hi, you can use contact form 7 plugin, and just google “thank you page contact form 7” for the trick ;)

Hi, I can’t find anymore the blog… where is it? I set a static page as home page, but I think I deleted the blog page, for mistake. What is the path of the blog? or how can I replace it?

Soooorry! Solveeeeed!!! :-)

Sounds great! ;)


ever since updating woocommerce is having problems. for registering for courses it no longer has an “Add to Cart” option when an option is selected. please help ASAP. Example: http://www.veritasseminary.com/shop/th580-historical-theology/

seems to be a problem with every item in woocommerce with variations in choices to select from.

I briefly installed an earlier version of this theme and WooCommerce had no problems. Why did it break WooCommerce?


Is it possibile to give a different color to only one menu item? Menu with the title of pages.

I mean sidebar menu

Hey, you can create new menu and use Menu Widget,

Next, add custom class to every menu item and start styling one by one via custom css.


how I can create different portfolio? I need two portfolio in the same website. The portfolio must be different category and then different image.


Hello, you can’t but you can ask for the customization, send us an email!


On my website the sub menu won’t drop down from the main menu. Please advise asap!



Hey friend, could you open a new ticket in our support forum?


I use your theme in mysite but slider is not working into multilanguage so please help how to remove this conflict i added the wpml .

What i want is different images for different languages like english ,spanish ,chinese

how to remove the title between the menu horizontal bar and the breadcrumb?