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Sweet Pink and Purple! Good Luck Up! :D

I love it! Nice job Up!

Great gob :) Looks very nice !!!

I love this!!! can I incorporate a shopping cart?

um im not sure how you would go about doing this, it’s not supported in the theme itself.

where is the social media integration option?

I’m sorry I was unaware it was my destiny to incorporate such a feature?

no support. emailed the designer no response.

please submit the question here, I don’t have time to check every email I get.

Well thought out, awesome theme and I cannot find fault with this theme at all.

Just wondering what would be the best way to remove the two tone background if possible.

.... look forward to more of your designs


Need some help on disabling the random effect in the featured slider. Want to set one effect, such as “fade.”


UPDATE : Just found it in customfunctions.php. Thanks!

What is the role of this code in timthumb.php (line 238)?

        // give 666 permissions so that the developer 
        // can overwrite web server user
        chmod($cache_file_name, 0666);
        $is_writable = 1;

Header bar isn’t resizing to height of image logo, as you say in the documentation. Ideas?

Transparency for the background of does not work in IE… it’s just black. Please post a fix for this, as it really detracts from the look of the slider.

“Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description maxxed-portfolio-and-blog-theme Stylesheet is missing.”

.... This is what I got when trying to install the theme…. Please help me.

Hey, how are you installing it? are you uploading it through an ftp client?

if so make sure you’re uploading the file inside “themefiles” so you will be placing “maxxed” into “wp-content/themes” so it will be “wp-content/themes/maxxed” and not “wp-content/themes/maxxed/themefiles/maxxed”.

If you’re uploading through a zip file in wp admin panel, try unzipping maxxed and going into themefiles and zipping maxxed inside that, then install that zip.

Thank you so much :) It works :)

This is a beautiful theme! I just have one question..

For the main page, at the top (not the sliding showcase), there is one big featured post then three small ones at the bottom. By default, it seems that the first of the three small post is a repeat of the big post on top. Is it possible to make it so that it doesn’t repeat?

In other words, at the top would be post #1. Currently, the bottom three articles are posts #1, 2, 3. Is it possible for the bottom three to be posts #2, 3, 4 instead so there’s no repeat?

Thanks so much!

Or is it possible to replace the bottom three posts with whatever content I want? (Other text or featured posts of my choosing)

Thanks again :)

I don’t recommend purchasing. The creator doesn’t respond to email and only responds to random posts on here. It takes a while to figure out why the style sheet is missing – you have to upload the themes folder by itself after unzipping the main folder. Plus I cannot find a way to change his logo to mine.

Waste of $30.

Hi, no I don’t respond to all my emails nor does anybody else on here, I do try to keep up with every comment on here though. but I can’t go into this specific theme comments every day so I use the author page for all my comments, that is why some get missed. How can I help you? a lot of themes on here are set up that way ( folder inside zip so you have to unzip before uploading ) If I didn’t you would be uploading the .psd’s onto the web for everyone to access.

What about the logo issue then?

There’s a section that says “add logo” and you can choose between a photo or text, so you choose it and then what?...I see nothing that allows me to actually upload a logo. Same with the advertisements: you have to use a url link as the “photo”....

If you can answer those, I’ll reconsider my opinion on your template.

Hi, sorry, as stated in the documentation, save your image as logo.gif and place in the images folder. Yes with the advertisement you simply put the link to the image you want for the advertisement.

Hi, I am concetta@mogulsincorporaterd.com

I am having a problem getting the slider to work, where do I upload the images for the slider? Where am I able to control the speed and other effects of the slider?

Greetings: I have purchased your theme and it’s awesome. Held up on one area, the slider. Was hoping you would have some tips. My site is ginasendef.com and I have slider set to pages, but cannot get images on the slider to appear :-) Thanks for your help in advance