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I have recently updated my theme and the shipping is not calculated correctly when the purchaser buys in PayPal, the shipping seems to default to £0.00 GBP in PayPal – which is costing me money as I have to ship for free! I have set up all the shipping classes and zones so not sure what the problem is?

Hi badly,

sorry for the late response, anyway you should contact our Suport Desk as we take a look what’ s wrong directly in your installation.

Hello, is there any way to pay per question in support? I have one issue with the theme which I think you can fix in minutes but my only option is to pay $45 for support, which I cannot justify for fixing one problem?

Hi chicky,

we are sorry but the only way to have support is extend the license.

Is mayashop compatible with WordPress 4.7.2? Our website is now vulnerable to attacks and have been waiting for weeks now for the update. Can you please give us a firm date on when the theme upgrade becomes available please?

Hi forest,

yes you can install WordPress 4.7.2 without problem.

When will you release an update for Wordpress 4.72?

Hi lixation,

we are working to a version for WooCommerce 2.7(come out in February), the current version should works yet with WordPress 4.7.2

amazing work… good luck

thanks ;)


sitesme Purchased

Hi, I was trying to get access to the documentation and videos for this theme, to find out that this is only available for users with a valid support subscription? Documentation only? How come?

I find $45 for 6 months support extremely steep mostly when compared with other themes and this is about 70% of a new license. It’s prohibitive, sorry.

Like another user here asked, paying this amount just for a question is quite silly. Mine is as simple as “how to change the products per column”? and there is nowhere to find this answer.

Nevertheless, it’s time to move on into a new theme. I can not support your business strategy here. Sorry!

Hi Sitesme, you can change the number of product in Theme options -> Shop -> Number of products to show

Best regards.

Wow! 24 days to answer this short question! I had to switch theme for the reasons mentioned above and also for the delay on support which is not acceptable.

The new theme provider, one of the best-sellers here in envato has already answered us 5 times and always in less than 12h each.

Hi Sitesme, This is not our support platform, I’m sorry for the late reply, but if you opened a ticket to our support, you would have a solution within 12 hours;) Greetings.

Hello, How many gateways (woocommerce) in your theme?

Hi, payment gateways are not included in the theme, but you could use in addition to Paypal provided by WooCommerce, even “Yith WooCommerce Stripe” or “Yith Woocommerce” Best regards.

Hello How do I add the footer1 widget (or any footer widget) to the bottom of my homepage, as currently I am only seeing what is on my home page template with no footer other than the copyright text?

Hi, Please, try to deactivate all plugins and see if the problem disappear. If so, try to activate them again one by one and see which one produces the issue. Let me know. Regards

I disabled them all and the footer widget still is not showing? I think something has gone wrong with the homepage template I am using , so I need to know how to insert the widget back into the template?


khphoon Purchased

Homepage not display correctly on after update the maya version. May kindly advice what happen? Earlier was ok but after update, the homepage left only the slider part. Thanks

Hi, Please, try to deactivate all plugins and see if the problem disappear. If so, try to activate them again one by one and see which one produces the issue. Let me know. Regards.

Hello, how can i reduce the space between menú and slider??? Also i would like to know if i can make the theme wider!!!

Hi Prixelgt, you can insert this rule in you custom css #slider { margin-top: -10px; }

Unfortunately you can not widen the theme.


hello does your theme has Tags for Portfolio post ? or just Categories?.............thanks

Hi, theme has just Categories. I’m sorry. Regards.

Hi There, I recently made a huge upgrade for my jigoshop plugin and was wondering if this theme is compatible with Jigoshop eCommerce version I’m running into some issues like the shopping cart disappearing, I can’t edit my widgets and short codes not working properly. If you have any feedback for me, i would appreciate it! Thank you.


lixation Purchased

Is the theme compatible with Wordpress 4.7.3, and WooCommerce 2.6.14? I want to upgrade :)


lixation Purchased

Hello, Anyone there?


lixation Purchased

Is this theme still supported?


lixation Purchased

Still waiting….

please see the error at the bottom of this page:

the error goes away when i activate the 2016 wordpress theme so it is related to the maya shop theme not working with the plugin.

all of the themes and plugins are up to date. please advise asap.


johntett Purchased

As a newbie to WP, after purchasing this theme I had to ask just (what I now realise were) 3 simple questions. Now that I am out of the support period you want $45 for 6 months support; almost the same as another license.

I have a simple question; how do I disable calls to Facebook resources which are having a negative impact on page speed? There are 2 JS files and one php file on 3 Facebook subdomains which are slow to load. I do not use FB functionality so wish to exclude them from the site.

If you are not prepared to answer, please advise if there is a user forum where I can ask the same question. Thank you

Hello! Will it still work if I use Woocomerce 3.0.3 without updating the core files in the theme’s (latest version} template folder? Thank you :)


ND81 Purchased

Does anyone know what the updates are that were made in the most recent version?