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Hello, I just updated to 3.1.0. It seems that the “add to cart” button is not working properly. After clicking on “add to cart”, it keeps spinning and spinning. The “added” label does not show up. Is this a known bug? Thanks a lot


Can you send me a link where I can check it?

Thank you.

This theme doesn’t work with WPML plugins? I bougt the plugin but when I activate it, the site goes off completly.


Probably the problem is related to a php error. Can you enable the WP_DEBUG constant of your installation and let me know what errors you see? Thank you.

Hi, when I activate the WPML plugins it shows “HTTP ERROR 500”.

Hi, if you enable the WP_DEBUG of your wp-config.php file, the server will show you the error details.

Hi, best theme ever – robust and customizable – I love it! One thing though, on the shop page there are weird gaps showing – – what do we need to do to fix this. Thanks!

Hi Simone, you mean the space between the menu and the content or the space between the various products?

Thanks, all fixed last week :)

Great! :D

Hi, love the theme; however just noticed an issue with the recent update. On the final checkout page after entering the billing details. The check box that usually says “Ship to different address” is there but the text does not show. I located this message in the woo commerce template file (form-shipping.php) and the text is there it must be conflicting with Maya Shop as it displays properly with other themes enabled.

Hi, can you give me the url of your website where I can check this problem? Thank you.

The button cart Checkout, does not working in your demo

Hi, thank you for the report, it seems a frame problem. Try to visit the live from this url:

Hello, I chose not to show “related products”, but in product page shows the title anyway, how can I hemove it? And remove the “Product Description” title too? Thanks!

Isn’t it possible to make the products bigger on the shop page?

Hi, can you give me the url of your website? Thank you.

Hello, let me ask you something else, the theme is responsive, right? But I put a fixed image on top of each page and the image don’t get smaller when we look at the website from a phone. How can I fix this? Thanks!

is it possible to add Pagination to portfolio filterable page?, because it can not show filterable items in each category if you set the number of items you want to show, but if you leave empty to shows all, it would slow down the page. thanks!

Hi, I’m sorry, but the pagination is not available for this type of portfolio. I will report it to developers and ask if they can add it to next theme updates.

Hi, Mayashop 3.1 includes LayerSlider 5.6, which shows some vulnerability to website running. As I read, we should update to LayerSLider 6. Could you include an update of LayerSlider as soon as possible for better security? Thank you.

Sure, we will add the latest version of the LayerSlider in the next Maya update. Anyway if you need it now, send an email to


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If you plan to launch the next update soon, then I can wait. Just worry add new version now could break anything from theme. Thank you.

Theme has been working well for quite some time now, but lately when someone tries to add a Grouped item to their cart they get this error: “Please choose the quantity of items you wish to add to your cart…” Switching to different theme fixes the issue. Any thoughts? Are you aware or any issues?

Hi, we need check this problem and I will let you know asap.

Any progress on this? Thanks!


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Hello, if I add a new product it won’t show up in the shop, why is that? I am using the following code on the page: [items per_page=”8” orderby=”menu_order” order=”asc”] – Link: Glad for any kind of advice, Thanks


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Is the current Mayashop compatible with woocommerce 3.1.1 ?

Hi, we will release a new update soon with WC 3.1.1 support.


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Hello, excuse me, what image size sould i use for the blog? (using big image blog setting) cause i saw two sizes, one in the post name and other (smaller) when you acces the post.


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I tried to upload Theme to WordPress Version Version 4.8.1, and got an error “The connection was reset”. I got the same from multiple browsers. Is this theme compatible with the version 4.8.1


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So it looks like the last verion of woocommerce, I cannot seem to add any new products to the slider. Simple Products will not show and also variable products will not show!

The link of my site is :