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I am having problems with the “Testimonials” widget. I have several testimonials but when I display it in my default sidebar it will show the first testimonial then goes blank after the 8000ms timeout.

I didn’t make any changes to the testimonials and it worked before the last time that I updated the theme.

Any help?

Hi ender,

first be sure to runa the last version of the theme, than you should write a ticke t on our Support Desk as we check directly what’ s wrong with your installation.

Hello, I seem to have a problem with the meta tags on my home page as they are using the H1 and H2 text. Where can I set the meta tags for content and description so it looks good in google?

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Hi chicky,

have you try to install the plugin YOAST SEO ?

Hello, yes I have tried Yoast SEO too but im still getting poor text on my listings in google, so neither option seem to be working

Hi all, I am having trouble with the meta tags as I am getting this on every page on google Logo Watches Bay. The Online Specialist Watchfinder. Search… HOME … ·

How can I fix this, for example, so the word “logo” and “HOME” does not appear?

Many thanks

Hello, I was using the Maya Shop for a while. I just downloaded and updated my website to the newest version.

In the Dashboard page, I see the following note “From this Maya version, ” Layer Slider” will be used as premium plugin, so please from now on if you want to update LayerSlider, remove “maya/inc/LayerSlider” .

What does that mean? Can I not use the Layer Slider anymore? I already pressed the remove option, and my sliders are gone . Also the Layer Slider menu option is disappeared as well.

Thank you in advance. Regards…

Hi turkishbazar,

if you are able to do it just remove via ftp the directory “wp-content/themes/maya/inc/LayerSlider” and install the plugin “LayerSlider” that you can find in the maya main package(inside the directory “plugins”) that you download from your ThemeForest account.

Is this theme compatible with wordpress 2.6.x? Any theme update?

Hi eches83,.

yes it’ s compatible with WooCommerce 2.6.x and we will release an update for WordPress 4.7 asap.

I don´t know if i´m missing something , but there is not a a version compatible with wordpress 4.6 . That´s right ?

Last maya shop version is 3.0.1 works with wp up to 4.5.x version . Right now wp 4.6 is not been supported by maya shop.

There is gonna be a maya that´s supports wp 4.6 ?

Hi oker,

probably was missed in the changelog anyway the 3.0.0 version Released Apr, 29 of 2016 was released for WordPress 4.5.x, the last version(3.0.1) released in June is fully compatible with WordPress 4.6.x.

Hello, Please can you let me know if there is a way to increase the number of letters shown for a product title in the product listing pages? (the page before you click through to the product description)

Hi chicky, there is not a limit fro the title, you probably have the title hided by css overflow property.

Hello, I tried your code suggestion to show 2 product columns on a mobile device, but on my windows phone I ended up with one narrow column on the left and blank space on the right. any suggestions?

@media screen and (max-width: 375px) {

.shop-ribbon .layout-sidebar-no .products li, .shop-traditional .layout-sidebar-no .products.ribbon li { float: left; width: 115px !important; }


Hi Chicky,

can you provide a link where you have this issue or better write a ticket on our Support Desk as we check directly what’ s wrong in your installation.

Hello, when I try and use the default contact form to send a test message, i get the following error. please can you help?

An error has been encountered. Please try again.

Hi chicky,

you should contact your hosting and asking if there is some trouble with your server mail configuration.

Hi, I’m having problems with my thema MayaShop. On the homepage I put the shortcode to show 10 products in 4 or 5 columns, but only 2 columns appear. What is going on ? Thanks

Hi Flodrummer,

probably you are using a childe theme, so you have to update the property “version” inside “wp-content/themes/maya-child/style.css” file. About the column yo should write a ticket on our Support Desk as we can see what’ wrong directly on your installation.

About the update I checkup the file wp-content/themes/maya/maya-child/style.css” file but the file is the same. It shows me that. Theme name: Maya Shop Child Description: The start base for easy theme wordpress development. Version: 3.0.1 Author: Your Inspiration Themes Author URI: License: GNU General Public License version 3.0. But something is diferent the file style.css has 586 bytes and when I copy and paste the file on FTP it has 574 bytes and the. Is it a problem ? And about the ticket do I need to sign again ? Thanks

Hi Flavio,

no is not a problem, to write a ticket you have to renew the license.


paladijn Purchased

I I was checking Gtmetrix for a few sites with Maya and they all came back with his message:

The following images served from [my-website] should be combined into as few images as possible using CSS sprites.


Where does this come from? As for now it prevents me from buying the theme again.


yith-andrea Author Team

Hi paladjin,

this is related to the struct of our file/css, anyway we should help you to fix this problem writing a ticket on our Support Desk.


IngridU Purchased

Hi, I just updated wordpress to the latest version and now I’m experiencing a strange issue: the slider that is assigned just on the homepage is also showing up on one of the product categorie pages (just on one, not on the others). I was searching the theme options for an option to remove the slider from the product category page, but couldn’t find any solution.

Here is the link to the page, where I do not want the slider:

I’m using the newest version of Maya Shop, wordpress and plugins. Please help!

Thanks, Ingrid


yith-andrea Author Team

HI Ingrid,

you should write a ticket on our Support Desk as we help you directly with your issue.


verav Purchased

Is you theme compatible with Wordpress 4.7 and Woo 2.6.9? Can I safely update?


yith-andrea Author Team

Hi verav,

it’ s better you wait the update we officially release for WordPress 4.7

Hi, I have some problems with my theme. I Upgrade my worpress for 4.7 version and my woocommerce to 2.6.11 is it a problem to run my website ? How do I make the downgrade ?


yith-andrea Author Team

Hi Flavio,

if you doesn’ t have support, it’ s better you wait the update we will release within the end of january or if you can first test the update in a staging installation.

Hello - I am having issues with YITH Maintenance Mode - although the plugin is deactivated and deleted the “Under Maintenance” page still pops up. Any advice? It’s an urgent matter…

Hi, I have other problem when I use the filter in my website it shows me this error on the top Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, class ‘WC_Query’ does not have a method ‘price_filter’ in /home/corradoythemes/ on line 298. What should I do to fix this error ?


I have a problem on product page, show 2 image why? you can see here

I need help! 5 days left!


chicky365 Purchased

Hello Is there a way to ensure the product listing images/box are all the same default size? (i.e. they all need to be square) If the original imported product image is not square, then the product listing rows become out of alignment and looks messy.

Hi Sara, the photos on my website template made with Maya are really low quality, despite being shot in high quality. It could be a template problem?