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Kram Purchased

We seem to have a similar problem, The thumbnails do not seem to be resizing down to what they were before?

I deactivated and reactivated each plugin but could see no changes. We are running 3.1 Thanking you Mark

Hi kram,

please write a ticket on our Support Desk as we can help you directly with your issue.

My home page category slider has suddenly stopped working. It was fine after the last update, but today it has stopped working for no reason. Very frustrating. I apparently no longer have support as I purchased the theme over a year ago so cannot issue a support ticket. Any ideas why the theme would suddenly stop working correctly? Thanks

Hi ShinyLauren,

usually when a slider stop to work could be caused by a javascript error generated by another plugin, take a look on the browser console if the are some errors and try to deactivate the plugins you activated since the slider was working.

Thanks Andrea. I haven’t activated any plugins at all, or even logged into the dashboard, since it stopped working, so rather confused as to why it suddenly stopped.

You can write here a link where prouct slider is not working as I see if there are some javascript errors? Otherwise you can only write a ticket on our Support Desk as we check directly what’ s wrong in your installation.


pogiii Purchased

Quick question: Is there a setting to change this… On mobile, it shows 1 product per row. Can I have 2 per row?

Hi pogii,

there is not a settings for this, you can try to put this code on your custom style:

@media screen and (max-width: 375px) {

.shop-ribbon .layout-sidebar-no .products li, .shop-traditional .layout-sidebar-no .products.ribbon li {
    float: left;
    width: 115px !important;


Will there be an update for wordpress 4.6?

Hi roosites,

we will send a theme update in semptembere anyway Maya was tested yet with WordPress 4.6 and you can use it without problems.


kcmojoe Purchased

Does this theme have a brand slider to cycle through the small logos of the various brands we carry? I can’t seem to find one?

Hi kcmokoe,

it’ s not a theme feature but you can realize it using our plugin

Hi ! In the product slider, how to order by “menu_order” ? [product_slider featured=”0” latest=”1” best_sellers=”0”] Thanks !

Hi Chasal,

take a look in this code sample:

[products_slider title="" per_page="12" featured="no" latest="no" best_sellers="no" on_sale="no" category="0" orderby="menu_order" order="desc" layout="default" ]

Sara, it been long with you guys. I am unable to download the latest version of Maya here. Is there anything need to done?

Hi Emacme,

yiou should do it from your download page of the ThemeForest account section, if you are not able to do it just contact the ThemeForest support.

I use this theme and now shows i am no longer supported. I cant get the newest update for Maya Shop or get support for the error I receive now when updating the footer: Call to undefined function esc_utl() in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas03_data01/75/2354875/html/wp-content/themes/maya/core/theme-options/functions-panel.php

When I purchased this it was under the impression it would keep working – regardless of wordpress updates. not professional to remove support and try to make someone repurchase the theme or pay for support.

Hi artedecoder,

of course you can download the last version of the theme, the limitation is just if you need to opena a ticket, for your issue(you should have a very old version) just update the theme to the last version.

I’m running version 2.7. if I update to 3.1 do I need to buy a copy of LayerSlider?

Hi rhazelrigg, no you have not to do it, the last version of the plugin is always included in the global package you can download from your account page on ThemeForest.

Ecommerce Theme:

1) Is This SSL ready?

2-1) Can I have a single product parallax on the home page? 2-2) Can I have a single product on the home page and then also other products below it between 2 to 4 number of columns with categories as headings for each row? 2-3) I want to control the size of product images and column widths in 2-2) is this possible?

3-1) Have a built-in unlimited product options w pricing? e.g.

Main product = Laptop = 1500 usd Option = titanium = 100 usd Option = SSD drive = 200 usd Option = etc. Auto calc the Total =

3-2)Also when any option above is clicked, the photo of that option appears?

4) does each product page have built-in social share = pinterest, instagram, facebook, twitter? 5) built in payments that’s ready to for paypal , ccard transactions? OR i need to install plugins? 6-1) Do you have a built in newsletter sign up? 6-2) Do you collect the emails inside the wordpress dashboard? I don’t want to integrate with any 3rd party, I want to collect the emails inside the dashboard.

7-1) built-in review ratings? 7-2) allows ONLY verified buyers to review? 7-3) Can I control the rating fields: add, delete, edit fields?

8-1) pages load within 2 seconds or less? 8-2) require special hosting for your theme to be fast (less than 2 seconds loading) ?

9-1) full order management system: 9-2) customer can add notes to orders during checkout? 9-3) customer can add to their wishlist? 9-3-2) if a sale on any wishlist item(s), will I be able to click on “notify wishlists” and it will email all customers automatically? 9-3-3) I can notify via email all subscribers when there’s a “store-wide sale” or “discount” ? 9-4) inventory control: quantity decreases only after I click on submit “tracking number” or “shipped” with tracking number. 9-5) tracking number box field in admin dashboard is avail, and once submitted, it will email customer with their “order number” + “tracking no.” , and the order will be marked as “shipped”? 9-6) returns for defective and “other reasons” requests avail inside customer order dashboard?

10-1) filters for searches and search results?

Hi hnrocket,

1) yes it is

2-1) no is not possible 2-2) Wordpress doesn’ t let you to set single product page as home page but you can set a redirect 2-3) You can set the product image size in the WoOCommerce Settings page

3-1) You can do it with our plugin YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons(if the options are not product) or with YITH WooCommerce Composite Products(if the options are product) anyway this feature is not incuded in the theme 3-2) yes appear 4) Yes as you can see in the live demo 5) It’ s related to WooCommerce tha included yet paypal as payment methoid, you have to install an other plugin for credit card payment 6-1) yes we have newsletter 6-2) no we don’ t 7-1) yes it’ s a feature of WooCommerce 7-2) You can decide if allows verified user/buyers or not in the WooCommerce Settings page 7-3) no you can’ t 8-1) Nobody can’ t says depend of many many things 8-2) This is not related to Maya theme, you should choose a good or less good hosting as how many products you have to insert and how many people you think will visit in the same time and in a day 9-2) Yes it’ s possible 9.3) Yes with our plugi YITH WooCommerce Wishlist(Free or Premium) 9-3-2) No properly, With the premium version of Wishlist you can send an email to all the users that have a specific product with a promotional code 9.3-3) No is not possible 9-4) this is related to WooCommerce not to theme 9-5) not with the theme, you to use our plugin YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking 9.6) is not related to the theme, ayway you will be able to write note to the order after it was created 10-1) yes you can do it with our plugin YITH WooCommerce Ajax Navigation(Free or Premium)

Hello, I’m restyling an ecommerce website. It had an old theme and now we are testing mayashop as new theme. With the old theme, every string-text of woocommerce elements were in italian. Now, with Maya, we have several strings not translated, expecially in the cart page. How can I do to solve this issue? I didn’t know if it would be better to open a ticket for that. Thanks a lot.


yith-andrea Author Team

Hi Ylenia,

could be that some string was moved from original WooCommerce template, updating the WooCommerce translations you should solve, anyway if you don’ t just write a ticket on our Support Desk as we help you to trabslate your theme without any problems.

It seems as if there is a problem with the theme and Wordpress 4.6.1. When updated, the “Visual Editor” is not clickable and only the “Text Editor” can be used. When switching to a default theme, everything works fine. When will there be an theme update? Or am I the only one facing this problem?


yith-andrea Author Team

Ho Olaf,

we are sorry for your issue anyway MayaShop doesn’ t support any visual editor.


menkom Purchased

How do i update the address of the Google map on the contact us page, for the life of me i cannot find this option ???


yith-andrea Author Team

you can modify on the field inside the tab named “Tab with map”, if you doesn’ t see it, check the options with the same name in the “Screen Option” section.

ever since the update my logo looks tiny


yith-andrea Author Team

Provide a link or if you can write a ticket on our Support Desk as we can check directly the issue on your installation.

hello, we are interested on this theme, but can the menu be set in a vertical left way? many thanks.


yith-andrea Author Team

Hi Carlos,

we are sorry but Maya have not this feature.

ive installed the newest download via ftp twice and still shows 2.8.3 instead of 3.0.1 – still shows i need to update Maya. Need to make sure the update is going through in order to make sure WooCommerce is properly working.


yith-andrea Author Team

Hi artdecoder,

be sure where you are downloading the Maya theme, if you do it from your ThemeForest account the last version is for sure 3.0.1.

Hi, I need to add reviews(star rating and comment system) and a stock quantity message on each individual product page. Is this possible and how? Do I need to buy additional plugins?


yith-andrea Author Team

Hi Miketica.,

you can do it this things with WooCommerce, anyway I can suggest you two plugins that extend functionalities to reviews and stock messages:

So I like to buy this theme, but there has been no development since june and is this still compatible with WooCommerce 2.6.6

Hi dthiry,

an update of Maya will be release this or next week and you should be able to use WooCommerce 2.6.6 with the current version too.


menkom Purchased

Hi there, not sure if anyone else is aware, but the shortcodes in Mayashop do not support YouTube links.

When you add a youtube link video inside a column it will not render the video correct as it should.

Please advise if this is actually a bug or a missing feature or it needs to be done a specific way ?

Hi menkom,

I will turn feedback to the developer and if there is some bug we will fix in the next release.

Hi there. Probably a really daft but quick question someone may be able to help me with. What is the image size to use for the Elastic slider? I tried 1100×428 and it was too long. I then loaded some pictures with reduced sizes 1000×325 and they are still too long plus when I view them on a mobile device they don’t re-size to fit. Website is if you want an example. Thanks Derrick