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Could you please provide the changelog for this last version update? Thanks.

Hi there,

---—VER 3.4.0 – Released May, 29 2018 -----
  • New: WordPress 4.9.6 support
  • New: WooCommerce 3.4 support
  • New: GDPR Support
  • Update: YIT Plugin Framework
  • Update: YIT Framework
  • Fix: Popup problem
  • Fix: Minor bugs
---—VER 3.3.0 – Released Feb, 23 2018 -----
  • New: WordPress 4.9.4 support
  • New: WooCommerce 3.3.3 support
  • Fix: Minor bugs

After updating to the latest version im receiving an error at cart.

Notice: Undefined variable: product_permalink in woocommerce cart.php

Hi there, have you updated also WooCommerce?

child theme stylesheet is before parent stylesheet. how can I reverse it so that child theme css overrides parent’s?

Hi there, can you send us the link of the website with child theme?


vibecy Purchased

Hi, how to I upgrade reCaptcha from v1 to v2? I tried Google’s suggestion to create a new key but it’s not working. Do you need to do something on the theme to enable this upgrade? Thanks!

Hello, we are working to add new recaptcha it on next theme update

Best Regards

hello does this new update add Pagination to portfolio filterable page?, because it can not show filterable items in each category if you set the number of items you want to show, but if you leave empty to shows all, it would slow down the page. thanks!

Hi there, I’m sorry, but the pagination is not available in this update. We will try to add it in future versions.

I try to download the latest update (3.4.0) and the link is one from 2017? Why cant I get the latest update?

Hi there, we have checked the download link and it seems to work fine. Have you solved the problem?

Hi Sara, is it okay to upgrade WP from 4.9.6 to 4.9.7? This is a necessary security update for WordPress. Thanks

Hi there, yes, you can update it :)

Haha, this was 3 months ago. How about woocomerce 3.5…can we upgrade to that yet?

Yes you can update theme and woocommerce :)

The add to cart button and compare are misaligned after last version (3.4.0). Please advise. Example: https://brainresearchlab.com/product/blue-slide-box-100-50x75mm/

Hello there, add this code in your custom style

.single-product .summary a.compare.button { margin: 2px }

Best Regards

Hi there,

i use the maya theme for a view years now but the shorcodes are not working anymore? i changed nothing to the site ..

hope to hear you



already solved.. Sorry ..

Hello there, no problem at all. Have a nice day

how can i access the sitemap created by the theme under theme option?

Hello, that is not a real sitemap, that are options for shortcode that print a sitemape in a page. The shortcode is this one [sitemap title=”“]

Best Regards

The changelog is not updated on the home page

Updated :)


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Hey, would be great if the Change log could be updated – thanks

Updated :)

A lot of the font changes are not reflecting with the latest update….for example the main navigation, the title on product page etc

How do I display the zoom function on product page? Will you be updating the documentation, since most links there no longer work, and a lot of the instructions don’t apply to the updated WooCommerce. Thanks!

Hello there, woocommerce just have a zoom function that apply by default

Best Regards

After updating to version 3.5.0 I get an error referring to line 94 of /inc/metaboxes.php

Manage to sort the problem out by 1st updating Woocommerce followed by the theme update.


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Hi, I got a notice from WooCommerce strongly advising to update to new version 3.5.1 before WordPress 5.0 is released on Nov 19th. Will it be safe with the lastet version of MayaShop to update to WooCommerce 3.5.1 and later to WordPress 5.0 or shall I wait for next MayaShop update? Thanks, Ingrid


beigsti Purchased

When updating from version 3.0.1 to 3.5 and woocommerce to 3.5 the products are no longer in rows – see https://aimssl.space/shop/new-items/ as an example. Changing values in customizer doesn’t work. Also, the borders around the products are missing as well as the buttons. It should look like this: https://quotethewalls.com/shop/new-items/ (live customer site using 3.0.1 and woocommerce 2.6.8) Am I missing something in theme options?


beigsti Purchased

Never mind. I found the issue.

Would you mind let me know where to change the text “select options” which shows on the cart ribbon? I looked in GENERAL SETTING, but could not find anywhere. Thanks so much!


Sadly is not possible to provide technical support here, our developers can help you only checking directly your site and so on.

So i have to ask you to open a ticket in our support desk on https://yithemes.com/my-account/support/submit-a-ticket/

Remember to active your theme in this page: http://yithemes.com/theme-activation

We suggest to include your url and if possible a temporary admin account on your site (only our developers can view this info, don’t worry) so we can review your setup and help you.

Best regards.

Dear Sara_p, I wonder if I am being overlooked? I have bought this same theme 3 times just to get your support and now for one little thing, I have to renew the support again?

I’m sorry, but these comments are not answered regularly. If you need quick help, we recommend our support system so that developers can answer you accurately. Thank you.

HI I want to ask quation this theme support Suadi Arabia language

Hi there, if you mean the RTL language support, I’m sorry, but it’s not available.