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Beautiful ecommerce theme for wordpress.

Couple of things I would like to know before I purchase it.

1. Would it be possible to put facebook “like” button, google+1, and tweet button on all product pages within the shop. 2. Sub categories in the shop items, and options like different sizes, colours etc

1- I’m sure you can do this adding a plugin because a lot of users that purchased my Sommerce theme have the socials buttons in the product detail page :)

2- Sure. You can create unlimited custom attributes for the products, for example here: http://yourinspirationweb.com/demo/maya/shop/maya-in-white-2/

in the “additional information” tab we added colors and size.


Beautiful theme… Question: the theme description says you can use Jigoshop or WooCommerce as your plugin. Is there a different version of this theme for each or does it work, right out of the box seamlessly with either plugin?

the only difference is the nice add to cart effect when you click on the ribbon “add to cart” of the products: Jigoshop has not a javascript effect, as you can see in this theme: http://yourinspirationweb.com/demo/sommerce/ (try to add to cart a button).

The plugins are really similar, but i have to say that Woo Commerce is more complete then Jigoshop.

Thank you for the information. I have one additional question for you. It may seem odd to state but it’s important. We are in need of an ecommerce based theme and bought one a couple of weeks ago and it was a disaster. The theme had bugs and the author was really uninterested in helping/supporting his theme. We are now two weeks behind. Can you tell me if there will be good support for this theme? Is there a support forum to register on should we purchase this or would we handle support from here (or email)? This is important because we simply can’t loose an additional two weeks trying to make a theme work. I’m only saying this because your theme was just released and honestly, it is “exactly” what we were looking for but just need to be sure its worth another purchase…

Thank you again for your assistance…

We have another theme for sale here, Sommerce. We already made 1500 sales, we have 5 stars and you can read some nice feedback in the theme profile (“testimonials”): http://themeforest.net/item/sommerce-shop-a-versatile-ecommerce-theme/542001

are all real comments that you can find in the comments. We have a support forum where we provide free support, videotutorials and the sample data so you can make your site like our demo with just one click. :)

I can provide my feedback: i already purchased Sommerce, is amazing, and the support in the forum is very quick and helpful. ...and yes, i already purchased MayaShop, i really love your design guys :inlove:

thank you so much for your nice words :)

Looks nice. Good luck with sales.

Thank You :)


Love this theme, looks really nice, congrats !

What about the downloadable products management? What about a prestashop version?


You can sell downlodable/digital products. We don’t provide a prestashop version, i’m sorry.

Hi, thanks for reply. What’s the best way with this theme to sell downlodable/digital products?


Meaning? You have to install Woo Commerce and upload your digital products.

Amazing… have you purchased a developer’s license for the parallax slider or are you the author?

We purchased the extended license of this great slider: http://codecanyon.net/item/layerslider-the-parallax-effect-slider/922100 :)

Can I use the sliders on different pages? or it is only available in the frontpage?

If we do not use Jingoshop or WooCommerce, can it be a blog theme and will the sliders still work?

Thanks, great theme.

You can use the sliders in all the pages (also blog pages) and yes, the blog works fine also without the e-commerce plugin if you want to use it for a corporate site or a blog theme. :)

You can use the sliders in all the pages (also blog pages) and yes, the blog works fine also without the e-commerce plugin if you want to use it for a corporate site or a blog theme. :)

awesome design, awesome over all.. good luck!

thank you guy :)

Bookmarked… love it. Would be good to see one product show variations so I can see the styling of this. Also I would like to see it show Product addons plugin so I can see this work seamless with variations styling… :)

the slide effect is not really nice with the ribbon design :) for the moment we will not add this. But you can replace the ribbon images directly in the admin panel, there is an upload form to upload another custom image if you want.

But you might consider adding it so it becomes an option? Then we can decide to use that function or not. :)

Is it possible to add links or menu items to the top menu next to the login/logout?

Maybe :)


A few quick tips please.

When ordering a product that has more than one custom attributes like color, size etc where do you put the desired selections?

And when a product comes in more than two variations, like a book with hard cover, soft cover or in digital file, that will increase or decrease the product’s final prise, is it something that the e-commerce plugin can handle?

Can you show us with examples?

Thank you

Here you can see how the theme works with the product variations: http://yourinspirationweb.com/demo/maya/shop/grey-basket-2/

We created the variations “colors” and “size” but you can create unlmited variations. You can see that if i select the black color, the price (and also the product image, if you want) changes.

The stuff you guys produce always hits home with me. I have nothing to use this theme for right now, but just gonna have to buy it anyways just because you guys deserve it. Congrats!

thank you so much! :bashfulcute:

I just saw this theme and I’m blown away how clean and nicely its designed. I am interested in purchasing this theme (hopefully soon if I receive a refund from a faulty theme), but I have a few specific questions to ask.

1) Is there an image resize script within the e-commerce section? I would not like the images to be square but rather a tall rectangle (I’m selling clothing, to help make more sense). The last theme I had always resized the images and I could not find the file to change the proportions of the images being uploaded and used. If I upload a 200px wide x 400px tall image, will I see the same proportions when I go into the catalog and single product view?

2) Since I am selling clothing, is there an option that can be added along with the quantity? Such as size, or color. I do not want to post 4 of the same item and labeling them different sizes.

If you can help me with these questions, that would be great.

Thank you for your time.

1) That is fine by me. I plan to use a very formal and constant proportion of images. When I go to view it in the category view (example – http://yourinspirationweb.com/demo/maya/product-category/categories/accessories/) will it have the same proportions but scaled down?

That was the problem I had with my last theme, it would allow me to customize the single product page images, but not the category page sizes.

2) Great, that was one of the only things I was worried about within the theme. You may have me sold :)

The thumbnails of the category page (as you can see in the page you linked me) have the same size of the thumbnails of the other pages. Btw, Woo Commerce allow to customize the size of: Catalog Images, Product Image and Product Thumbnails :)

Great! Thank you so much. Now for some money to come in so I can buy this wonderful theme!

@we have some issues with our server, my apologies if the live preview load so slow :(

Are you planning to make the theme compatible with the WP e-commerce plugin?

Thank you…

No, i’m sorry. We think that wp e-commerce has too much issues and bugs, and the support is inesistent, so is too hard to provide a quality work with this plugin.

I just want to say : I LOVE YOU GUYS ! by Alessandro Papa :)

thank you my friend :)

Before i purchase, can you confirm what payment gateway’s this supports? Thanks

The Woo commerce plugin include this payment gateways: Direct Bank Transfer, Cheque Payment, PayPal and Cash on Delivery. If you want you can also purchase additional payment gateways :)

Hi Sara,

Another question for you. Will you possibly look at adding megamenu support? Some of my sites I build like this one http://adelaidekitesurfing.com.au/ has a huge amount of product categories. This one has 160+ menu categories. ;)


We already have a megamenu (see “shop by”) you can create max 5 columns (we are using only 3 columns) and use the megamenu feature in each navigation link :)

Ahh fantastic… very nice.

Buongiorno sara sono italiano ma malgrado alcune segnalazioni su un bug di visualizzazione su Sommerce non ho ricevuto nessuna risposta per cui non ho acquistato proprio per lo scarso supporto. per questo prodotto (spero vada meglio) il carattere della pulsantiera è poco visibile si può modificare font e colore??

Non hai ricevuto supporto? puoi per favore mandarmi l’url del topic del forum dove non hai ricevuto risposta? mi sembra molto strano perchè abbiamo 3 persone a gestire i ticket di supporto, ma se così è ti chiedo scusa. Cosa intendi con “carattere della pulsantiera”?

scusa un altra domanda il tema è compatibile WPML per localizzazione in italiano?

si, certo :)