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I have a question.

I installed sample content. but there is a difference compared with your live preview.Could you check bellow links?

This is my site address.

Hi, please open a ticket in the support area and ask this to our developers. I can’t help you with tecnichal requests. Register yourself in our site: Then active your theme here: And then in the “Get support” page open a ticket and explain your issues.

How can I make the main menu all lowercase instead of all caps?

PLease, add this custom CSS: [code] #nav ul li a { text-transform: lowecase; } [/code]


Could I configure my site with help of Your theme like navigation in this site?

Regards, Valentyn Zubenko

Hello, the navigation can be easily reproduced with Maya but the search bar in the right side needs some additional css and php work.

Best regards

Hey there,

Pre-Purchase Question.

is there a way to incorporate a wedding registry of sorts?



Hi, I’m really sorry but we haven’t experience with wedding registry!


Is it a safe to use WordPress 3.5.2?

Hello, yes of course! :)


Hi there, another question…

I see that the PSD to the theme was included with the download, is this just for our information, or does it serve some sort of purpose to help edit the theme?

Hello, PSD are useful if you need to make changes to the theme. :)

Hi, i want to use banner images on the products.. like “special” how can i do this?

Hello, you could add a slider within the page by using the shortcode.

How can I edit the sliders? I wish their was a tab on the dashboard for sliders!

Sliders are contained within the Theme Options. From admin dashboard, on left-side menu: Appeareance -> Theme Options.

I bought this theme seeing that it was compatible with jigoshop 1.5.x Yet all the documentation refers to WooCommerce…

Can this theme be used with jigoshop?

I have asked this question in the support forum but as yet have received NO reply…

Hi, you can use Jigoshop too with MayaShop!

How do i remove the sidebar for all the pages?

Hi, please open a ticket in the support area and ask this to our developers. I can’t help you with tecnichal requests. Register yourself in our site: Then active your theme here: And then in the “Get support” page open a ticket and explain your issues.

Hello. I do not know how to update the theme Maya Shop. I receive an email telling you I have an update, but when I enter the web address that follows:, and I downloaded the file, he has the same name that the file that I got a while: ThemeForest-2189918-mayashop.

What is the latest update, and how I get to download it?


Hello, of course the file has the same name. The 2189918 string is related to the ID of the theme on ThemeForest and not to the version of the theme.

The latest version is the 2.2.2. This is a tutorial for upgrade the theme:

Hello, is it possible to make the wp admin/login the homepage? I want to make a webshop for business to business and only give the retailers acces to the shop. Thanx! Karin

Hello, you should set the My Account page created from WooCommerce as Home Page in Wordpress settings.


I want to use shop feature only on a section i.e. on services offered by us but products will not have this feature therefore products will have no shop…like corporate look. Is it possible?

Thanks Deepi

Hello, you can’t activate catalog mode only on a specific section. A possibile solution should be to use the portfolio as a catalog.

Hello, I would like to use this theme, but my client want to use it only like a catalogue and in Hungarian. Is it possible to translate it? Can we use it like a catalogue? Thank you so much! Bye, Daniel

Hello, you can use the theme as catalogue by selecting the option on Theme Options -> General -> Shop.

Yes you can download it. This is a simple tutorial:

Hi. I have a quick presale question.

Upon checkout is it possible to offer donating $1 to a charity to the buyer?


Hello, I don’t know if you can do that. The checkout is managed by WooCommerce so you should submit the question to their staff!


How do you add the “testimonials” sidebars?


Hello, in the Wordpress Widgets section you can add the widget Testimonials to your sidebar! If you need further assistance, please open a ticket to our support platform (

How do you get the cool Category slider shown here

This code isn’t working – [product_categories number=”4” orderby=”name” order=”ASC” columns=”4” hide_empty=”0|1”]

Please use only 0 or 1 in hide_empty section. If you have further issues, please open a ticket in our support platform:

Hi…what r the new updates? thx!

Hello, this is the ChangeLog:

Added: support with Wordpress 3.6
Updated: LayerSlider plugin to version 4.6.0
Fixed: Increased the limit of the drodpwon menu on mobiles to fix
an error with Samsung Galaxy S3
Fixed: Last tweets widget, error on multiple lines
Fixed: Popup text wrongly handled if there’s HTML
Fixed: Theme lightbox does not replace WooCommerce lightbox on products
Fixed: Notifier cache
Fixed: “Reviews” string now translatable with ‘yiw’ language files
Fixed: Images generated correctly also on SSL
Fixed: [image] shortcode size small

Is it safe to upgrade to WordPress 3.6??

Hello, yes it is!

I’m thinking of buying Maya, yet I’m curious first if I can make it display “Out of Stock” on an item without it showing the original Product Price. While the Products that are still in stock will continue to show their Product Price.

Hello, actually you can’t do that. You need to contact an external developer in order to do that.