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Hi, would the demo files come along together when I purchase this theme? I like how your current demo site looks and would like to work on my website from there. Cheers,

Hello, yes we have sample datas that reproduces your website like our demo!

Thanks! I’ve purchased the theme and downloaded the zip file. I didn’t see any sample data. Am I supposed to request for it separately?

The sample data can be downloaded from our support forum ( You need to register your self at, activate the theme and then you can download sample data.

I am looking at changing over to your theme and already have an wp e-commerce site. I haven’t changed from one theme to another before so not sure, is all the database that I’ve made for my existing site usable ie will it just fill in your theme? It is more a question of how much time it would take to transition over to the new theme to determine when I should make the transition. Thanks

Hello, if you’re using wp e-commerce keep in mind that our theme is developed for jigoshop and woocommerce. Of course it will work with wp-ecommerce but you need to add custom style for this plugin.

I’m sorry it is a woocommerce site, I didn’t really know that WP could be e-commerce without it. sorry. What I’m wondering is changing a theme for an ecommerce site works like it does when you change a theme for a blog all the data for the products fits into the new theme? thanks

Hello, yes it works like a theme switch. No data will be lost.

hi. I do not speak English well. Please understand.

i Have a question one.

at Cart or login window.

<-Return to shop (button) or login(button )

(This button’s text color and background color) How do I change it? Where do I change? All of the text and the background is white . So, I can’t see. All white

i want change. Please help me. thank you.

Hi, please open a ticket in the support area and ask this to our developers. I can’t help you with tecnichal requests. Register yourself in our site: Then active your theme here: And then in the “Get support” page open a ticket and explain your issues.

whats the correct size for the images for the elegant slider?

960×338 would be the best!

Hi. where do i paste the code for [product_slider category=”” orderby=”date” order=”desc” featured=”0|1” latest=”0|1” best_sellers=”0|1”] in editor? Thank you!

Yes, you need to paste the code in the content of the page.

Thanks for the reply. If it’s for the main page, which .php shall it be added to?

Hello, no php files. You just need to put the code within the content editor of the page in which you need it. You can do that from Wordpress Admin Area.

Hi Sara! Where I can find file sample data? Thank you :)

Hello Giulia, sample data ara available in our support forum ( Register yourself at, activate the theme from and then you will be able to download sample data. :)

Hi Sara. I have posted a couple of questions on the support site and have never received an answer

Hi, you have 2 tickets opened in February and they are both closed with your repliy “Thanks, solved”.

Hi! I posted one earlier this week on the maya shop forum. Wasn’t this the right way of doing it?

Nope. You need to submit a ticket in order to receive assistance.

I would like to know is maya admin different than woo admin.I am interested in purchasing the new Maya version. I watched the demo and was great instructions. Thank You

Maya and Woo admin areas are different but we have a documentation and above all video tutorials of how to manage the website.

Is this compatible with WordPress 3.6 ?

Hi, Keen to use this theme+WooCommerce for a new project. Need to sell products that are booking based (buyer needs to select a product, make a booking, then make payment).

The product, shopping cart, and payments can be handled by Woocommerce—-which is compatible with Mayashop. Any suggestions for booking systems/plugins that will play well with Mayashop (and Woocommerce)?

Thx heaps!

Hello, unfortunately we have no experience with booking systems. I can’t help you :(

Hi, i have purchased your theme but i don’t understand how the settings of the newsletter works. I saw the short code and i tried everything but it didn’t work. Could you please help me. Thank you.

Thanks :)

You’re welcome ;)

Hello. I am about to purchase MayaShop. In the live demo it does not show the Screenshot 5 layout. Before i purchase mayashop (this is the first time i would have used theme forest) can i confirm that it will allow me to configure the site so that it looks like Screenshot 5 (stupid question i know) and that it is easy to set up in wordpress (never having tried this sort of thing before, its not a silly question). Also, what else will i need to make the template live, for example do i need secure hosting etc….

Hello, I’m not sure what you mean. If you want to set the Home Page V as your homepage, sure you can do that in an easy way. If I misunderstood your question please advice! :)

Does a WooCommerce plugin need to be purchased to use this website as seen in the demo? What is included with the theme as far as WooCommerce?

Hello, No, there aren’t paid extensions in MayaShop, only WooCommerce.

Thank you

I have my footer set for: Big Footer + Two Columns Big Footer Widget Areas: 1 Number of widget in each footer Widget Area: 4

However, it will allow only “3” columns…. the 4th gets kicked down to the next row.

I had this same problem with the category listing (I have a 3 column layout).... I fixed my category problem by pasting this in my functions.php folder: add_filter( ‘loop_shop_columns’, create_function( ’’, ‘return 3;’ ) );

Is there something similar I can do to fix the footer issue?

I solved it. The column widths were too narrow for there container(#footer).

Hello, I’m glad you figured it out!


Is there an easy way to remove the header and nav menu from some pages? I want to create landing pages that don’t have any distractions, but I’m nervous about going into the CSS editor. Is there a special code I can use on each page that I want to hide the header and nav menu?

I also need to remove the “comments” section at the bottom of the page.


I’m sorry there’s no easy way to do this.

You could create a custom template or do this through CSS, but you should be experienced with coding.


Can I turn off the cart function so that it becomes a catalogue? Would the hover over zoom image function still be retained?


Yes, you can have the catalogue version and retain the zoom.



You say 960×338 would be the best for the Elegant slider in a previous comment.

For this theme can I change sliders into say 960×500 without a coding change? I need bigger than 338.

Thank you. :)

Hello, I’m sorry but that is not possible.

Thank you for your interest in our themes.


Hi. Love the the theme. Is there a dark theme option? Looking for item listings and navigation that is black or dark with content on a dark background. This that a theme options setting or would it require major CSS edits?


I’m sorry there isn’t a dark theme option. You should do it using CSS, as you said.

Best regards


at my Dash board – versionupgrade mark one.

Where do I find upgrade files? What file must download one ?

oh fast .!thank you. one more .. the difference between the two files?


the former has the theme and documentation files, while the latter has only the theme files.


thank you. friend :)

“The sample data can be downloaded from our support forum ( You need to register your self at, activate the theme and then you can download sample data.”

I have activated my theme Maya Shop on but it is unclear where to download the sample content now. Please direct me to specifically where it can be found. When I click on my account I see nothing in regards to the Theme I just activated. Please help me. Thanks.


you can find sample data and instructions in this topic on Maya Forums.

Thank you for purchasing our themes!