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There’s this code for adding an email for ‘maya news’ in the footer settings: [newsletter_form email_label=”Enter email for Maya News”] Is that supposed to work? Or is it just a dummy placeholder?

How do I configure that to work as I want it to work? Can’t find guidance on that one.

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Hello, Could you please open a ticket at

Our staff will be glad to help you solve your issue.

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Hi, is there a way to make the sidebar be on the left hand side for product categories?

I’ve set up the whole site with a nav bar on the left, but when I go in through the category page it shows up on the right.

Great theme by the way, took me about 2 days to get it looking the way I want.

Hi Sara, I can’t seem to find it.. Can’t see a manager section anywhere in the sidebars section.

i’m running wp 3.6 if that makes any difference.

Hello, please submit a ticket in our support platform ( Our developers will help you with screenshots and step-by-step guide.

Hello -

How do go about setting the homepage up as: VI corporate no shop? I’m not ready to add my products yet…and I’d like it to look like the example option you show on the live preview page. Please advise! Thank you!



You can install the sample data to have the exact copy of our demo, or you could set up the single pages as it is written in the documentation.

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Dummy file Hi ~! I need a dummy file. I am a novice. Please help me And, I have to jigoshop in use.


you can find the sample data and the instructions on Maya forums

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Hi Sara,

How do you show more than 1 product in Related Products?

Hello, in the Theme Options -> General -> Shop you can choose the number of products:


I love this theme. I am actually thinking between your Bazar theme and this one. I had one question. Can I add custom tabs like showcased in bazar theme on products page here? I basically want to add product inquiry form for each product.


Hello, sure you can add the product enquiry form but you need to use an additional plugin.

Hello, in my admin panel I haven’t the seccion ” Maya Shop Features” , please, you can said me what I have to do for to have? Thanks.

Hello, you need to create a Features Tab from Theme Options in order to enabled this section.

great theme two questions

1) where do i add mailchimp details for newsletter as i used this for a while now with my previous theme and have a lot of signups

2) i notice some shortcodes are not listed such as sale items and wishlist shortcode


thank you,

in order to have the wishlist display on the wishlist page you need to put shortcode in the page, but I cant find the shortcode listed anywhere

also I was looking for the shortcode to show items on sale


the wishlist shortcode is the following: [yith_wcwl_wishlist]
Documentation about WooCommerce shortcode is available here:

Hi, I love this theme

I added WPML plug in to add another language but it’s right-to-lift how do I change the theme alignment for this language?


Could you please open a ticket at

Our staff will be glad to guide you on this.

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ok thanks

Demo is not working…? (DNS could not be found)

Hello, we are able to reach the demo. Are you already experiencing this issue?

Working now!, thanks…

Hello Sarah, I installed the theme but there are only 5 backgrounds. Where can I find the rest? I need the wooden backgrounds. Thank you!

Hello, please send us a mail to support[at] and we’ll provide you the package! :)


The theme is good! may I know how can I change “Add to cart” button to other word?

Thanks a lot!

Now I do not know what to do. I’ve never seen anything like it before. When I select a product – select “Edit product”, so the text will not be found on the product description. It is not possible to select as many features on the page before. Everything seems somehow as if not propperly downloaded on the page. “Standing” to any of the text inside the route where the product information, so you can see that it says something about white text – but it is somehow not active. It is impossible to change product etc – and yes – what is this? How can that be? Now I was very anxious – would add many new products in the store that would be published tomorrow. Istede I am sitting all night trying to figure this out. I hope and fingers crossed that someone out there can help me. Now I need you guys really! Thanks for the quick reply.

Can you please help med? It is urgent – sorry. I already plased a ticket #17443 but have not got answere there yet. Sorry for trouble you – ... :)

Can you give me your ticket number?

Sorry – 17443. But I need to have contact whit anyone. Today someone from your team removed my seo – who talk about seo? If you ask for my password – please do not do anything else than I ask you… I feel so helpless now…

Your problem is related to the plugin All in One Seo Pack and our guys disabled the plugin just to show you that without the plugin everything works fine. If you need the plugin, you just need to re-enable it.

I’ve made multiple attempts to activate my account so I can download the sample data and watch the video tutorials but nothing is happening. It keeps saying to try again in 5 minutes. Please help.

We just replied via mail! :)

Hello -

Everything works great on my computer, but when I view the theme on my mobile phone, the nivo slider on the homepage will not display. Is there any way to fix this? Thank you in advance.


Hello, please submit a ticket to our support platform:

Hi there,

I submitted a ticket to support 4 days ago, but still have no answer, either per mail or in forum. As time is money for me as well, I`ll try to get an answer to my question here:

On the single product pages I have the following error(occuring on both new products and sample products as well):

“Warning: uasort() [function.uasort]: The argument should be an array in /home3/arneth/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/woocommerce-template.php on line 795”.

For all I know, this could be a plug in error and I should contact Woocommerce. But I am not especially into the technical parts and have to start asking somewhere. Do you know if this is plug in or theme related, and what to do about it?

I am using theme version 2.3.0 and Woocommerce 2.0.13

regards, A.t. Wichne

In the last few days we experienced some serious power failures, so the ticket queues are longer than usual. We are actively working to reply to all tickets in our backlog. Please have some patience.

Hi, I was not aware of that, it is first time for me contact support, sorry. I got help from Nicola Mustone in forum. It was a woocommerce plugin causing the issue. Everything ok and thanks for a fantastic theme.

Glad to hear that :)

Hello, I want to use Features tab on my home screen. I red how to make it happened here – but I have a small problem. On my left side I don’t have a Features tab menu and i cant find it…. I know its sound stupid but I really don’t have it. Can you help me with this problem?

Hello, you need to activate the Features Tab from Appeareance -> Theme Options -> Features Tab.

Yes, I activated it and I have 2 test Features tab, but that is all… I dont have the Feature tab on my left panel.

Please, submit a ticket to our support platform so our developers can check your issue out.

I click on the link that says “You can install sample content by importing our live preview settings, that you can find in our support forum.” from your documentation index.html file and it keeps saying:

“Access Denied You do not have access to this page. Please contact the account owner of this Zendesk for further help.”

even though I’m logged in.

Hi, did you activate the theme from the page?


3tl Purchased

I have two short questions:

1. If I edit the CSS / PHP and update the theme will the new updates override my new settings? I currently have set up a child theme and am making custom edits this way.

2. If I change the prefix such as wp- would that break the theme in anyway?


1. If you are using child theme the update doesn’t override your changes.
2. What kind of prefix do you mean?


3tl Purchased

1. When I edit the header.php and footer.php via theme settings should I copy the new PHP files to the child theme so they are not overridden?

2. Prefix such as wp-includes/js/etc/etc or wp-content/uploads/etc/etc in the source code

1. Yes, you can
2. You cannot do that. Wordpress can’t work without those folders.


After updating to the latest Wordpress version and the latest version Maya theme my WooCommerce Add to Cart button in the shop is missing on Variations. Even if you make a selection, the add to cart button doesn’t appear. If you refresh the page afterwards, the add to cart button appears. However,when it’s pressed an error says that you have to make a selection, even though a selection has been made. Weird glitch for sure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Not sure what’s going on. I’ve just tried to recreate the problem one last time, and this time the add to cart button actually accepted the selection. However, the missing add to cart button problem is still present. The issue can be fixed by simply refreshing the page. The problem is the customer won’t know to refresh the page to make the button appear, nor do I think they will like having to deal with the extra work.

Upon further inspection, I’ve discovered a bit more information. Apparently this bug happens when viewing the site in Firefox. In Internet Explorer the cart button works fine. However, the flash slider doesn’t load in Internet Explorer.

Problem solved. It turned out to be Firefox itself. Updated the browser, everything works fine now.