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I can`t see the product catogories in the menu part. I want to create a menu with the product catogories, but oly Uncategorized is there. All my new catogories are gone or missing?

I deleted Uncategorized from the catogories… But htis is the only item in the menu add page.

Please help… Thanks in advance

Already slovbed it:) in the screensetting in the above menu I could selct 6 types of product catogories and one contains alle items:)

Problem solved

Now I have waited two days whit my ticket – the only thing they do is to mark the ticket solved whitout providing me any solution at all. I really need help – because I missed the update 2.1. of Maya. How can I get that? This update included a remove of “Gravitiform from woocoomerse”. How long do I need to wait to get this help?

Hi, can you give us the number of ticket?

EDIT: double posting

Thanks! 17443 – and this is not about seo – as I have tried to told you and your team a several times – i still ask about the update 2.1 – that I missed. Where you removed gravitiform from maja and some more… I missed this update, and now everything is messed up – NOT because of any seo. Please give me an answere to that. Please! I beg you. I really need some help…..

Thank you!!

You replied to the ticket 9hours ago, the same time in which you wrote here. Please wait the reply of our developers.

Is Maya Shop work with the WP EDD plugin?

Hello, unfortunately we don’t have experience with this plugin. I’m really sorry!

Hi! Congratulation for the theme i want to buy it but before i want to know just a little thing: I just wanted to know if the top paper ribbon visible in this site www. (made with your theme) is possible with a simple file upload or you have to know how to code it.

Thank you very much!

Hello, yes there’s an option to upload your image.

Hi Guys,

My cousin has a problem with this theme which, I assume, might be caused faulty installation or something, but when he/I try to change any settings from the theme it doesn’t take the changes.

You guys have a solution?

Cheers, Kenneth.

Hi, please submit a ticket to our support platform: and our developers will help you to figure out the issue.


Maya shop and Woocomerece

I get this error. Can you please help me? -> select item to basket (danisk: kurv) -> go to kurv

Result: Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_strtolower() in /home/cyber/public/ on line 603


Hi I realize that this is probably a support case, so I have now submitted the problem to support. /Kim

Problem is SOLVED :) (php on server problem..)

Get this? Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_strtolower() in /home/cyber/public/ on line 603 Do this: Install mbstring php on server

Hello, is there any way to show purchase counting on my product page?

Hi there, you should ask to WooCommerce team how to do that! :)

Hi morning, just to check with you. Is it possible for me to customize the product listing page as similar to ?

Hi, you can do that but you need to make many changes to templates.

Hi. Can I check if you guys have the .gz file for the support? Thanks

Hello, once you registered yourself at and activated the theme from you can get the sample datas from here:

Does this theme not work with the latest version of Jigoshop? It appears that CSS styles are missing, product layouts are broken on my site that previously had Jigoshop running.

Hi, please open a ticket to our developers and submit them the same question.

Hello Sara,

First of all I would like to complement you and your team. The support is exceptional. I logged in to submit a ticket and I saw the following message: “In the last few days we experienced some serious power failures, so the ticket queues are longer than usual. We are actively working to reply to all tickets in our backlog. Please have some patience. When will this be fixed?

Thank you!

Hello, in 1 or 2 days we will have the situation restored to 100%.

Halo :)

Is there any possibilities to choose pre-orders? Additional to “add to cart” for products in store…

Hi, take a look to this extension:

Maybe it can help with your needs.

Hi Sarah, How can I have more than 3 column mega menu?

Please take a look to the documentation, within the Menu section.

Hello, wanted to know if I could load a Bullet created by me. Thanks and sorry for my bad English.

Hi, I need to change the icon on a Bullet list, an icon created by me. Is it possible?

You can do that with some custom css code. Are you familiar with CSS? If not please open a ticket on our support forum ( and our developers will help you with your need.

OK! Thks!


I want to customize main menu style to be like this

Do you deliver such as assistance for free? Or perhaps you can tell me how much I should spend for this customization if free charge couldn’t be possible to do it.


Hi, I’m sorry but we cannot help you with this kind of customization. Our support is given for simple CSS changes but this requires too much work. I suggest you to contact an external developer that can help you.


having issues with the rest password section can you help ? for some reason when you reset the password once you have changed it, it does not let you login just keeps refreshing the page. I have disabled all plugins yet still no joy ?

any ideas ?

Hello, Could you please open a ticket at

Our staff will be glad to help you solve your issue.

Best regards

Hi, the Checkout button does not show on the Cart page… there seems to be some sort of bug… i have submitted this as a support ticket too but have not heard back.

Just found it. Please do not update the ticket unless it is really important. Every time you update it, the system moves the ticket at the end of the waiting list and you’ll lose your priority. This is why you didn’t get back from us.

Ok, it is extremely urgent now as i have lost thousands because of this glitch…

Hi, our team is working on your ticket right now. You will get back as soon as possible.

Can anyone share the documentation for Maya theme ?

Hi, documentation is available after you bought the theme and it is included within the theme.

How do I remove breadcrumbs from the product page? There is no option in Maya General Settings.

I did, no one’s replied yet.. and neither to my question below.

What’s your ticket number?

EDIT: I can’t found your username in our support desk

I see there is a green sale button on sale items, but do you have something similar for items you want to mark as “new”?

Hi, unfortunately this option is not available. You need to do that by yourself.