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I bought your theme Maya in the past, and I have updated to the last version.

I have activated the “responsive” but dont work well.

My header shows very small into Iphone 4, and Images inside the productos (single product) don’t show well. The images are more biggest than screen.

¿How Can I solve this?

Sorry, I can,’t. When I try to register my theme for support team I get every this error:

“ERROR: There was a problem in the activation. ” I put well activation code following your instructions of webpage.

¿How Can I solve this please?

Hello, could you send us a mail to support[ay] with your username and purchase code?

I send you now one email. ¿Did you recibed?

Maya for Woocommerce is a theme that works exactly like you want an ecommerce theme to work. I’ve just finished building lady’s fashion site a-la-mode-kiki and it was a pleasure to work with. When I needed support it was prompt and helpful. I’m already on to building my next Maya site.

Hello, as already replied to your email: thanks! :)

I bought this theme,when I use this theme my website is broken. (WordPress 3.6.1 + WooCommerce 2.0.14)


please open a ticket at

Our staff will be glad to help you :)

Best regards

Hi there, I am very interested in your themes, I want to use one of them (Maya, Cheope or Room09) for a furniture store but they DO NOT want to have ecommerce functions such as shopping cart / add to cart / checkout, etc., It should only work as a catalogue with already built in features such as related products, categories, brands, etc… So the question is if this is something that can be easily turned off or with little code or it would have to be a major tweak. Thank you (by the way I really need to know this soon…)

Hello, our themes already contain a setting called Catalog Mode. This option allows you to disable the shopping behavior.

How do I set the background images? In the demo preview I see more examples than the one listed in the body by image. I only see body background image of 8, 15, 19 and 32 under the settings. Please kindly advise me.

Hello, please send us a mail to support[at] and we will send you the package.

HI not sure if this is just me, but I have a small issue with the images, when products are shown as thumbnails of 150px x 150px it should link to the image of the cropped size, but it is linking to the full size image and changing the size using the styling, so effectively it is loading a full size file image and slowing site down

any idea ?


hi found issue it appears to be a problem with S3 plugin

I’d like to buy this theme, but first I need to know few things:
1. Can I add “Sale” to pictures from CMS or do I have to upload different photo for it?
3. Is it possible to distinguish products from many sellers?
4. What happens to products that have been sold? Can I add “Order similar” to them?

Hello, 1. Nope, you can’t do that
3. What do you mean with “distinguish”?
4. This feature should be asked to WooCommerce team.

just wondering it this theme has the email pop up box function? Im only seeing it appear on other yit themes

How do i add the newsletter sign up in the footer. I don’t see the command in the widget section. Thank you!

Hello, you can add the shortcode newsletter form within a text widget.

Hello Sara,

I have a problem with the visibility of the photo’s at the homepage in Explorer. When you open in Explorer the homepage, some photo’s (connected to a category) aren’t visible. How can I fixe this ( thanks in advance, Karin

Hello Karin, Could you please open a ticket at

Our staff will be glad to help you solve your issue.

Best regards

I consider to buy the template but I can’t find if the template is translatable for the Dutch language?

Hello, sure you can translate it. We also have a tutorial for translate it an easy way.

Hi, a client of mine is interested in purchasing this theme. Is it possible to create a custom home page without a menu? I am a developer and am capable of creating the page template. Would that work with this theme? Thank you.

Hello, you should disable the menu from the main-navigation template of your theme. You could check the id of the page and hide it from specific page.

Best regards

Purchased earlier today the Mayashop theme. How do I log in to the support area? I have not received any credentials (username+password) and their website does not seem to offer registration for new member. Thank you.

Hello, you can register yourself from here:

Once you registered yourself, you need also to activate the theme from this page:

Is catalog mode will work for theme?

Hello, sure! :)

I bought and installed the theme but my custom logo does not show, how do I solve this?

Hello, please submit a ticket to our developers on and ask them your question! :)

oke, I did, thx!

Ciao Sara! Dove posso trovare i file riguardanti le features tab?? Ho perso dei grossi contenuti dentro esse e facendo il backup del database non non vengono ripristinate… (ho dei back up completi ma non sò che file devo prendere)

Ciao, il contenuto delle features tab non è tra i file ma nel database, più precisamente dentro le tabelle wp_post e wp_postmeta. Non so perchè nel database non ti vengono ripristinate ma sicuramente non viene salvato nulla su file!

Quick question…

If I install this in a folder in my root directory using it as a test site before I move it into my root directory, will my license still work considering it is still the same domain?


Hello, do not worry the license is valid for test purposes! :)


I want to purchase this theme but firstly i want to know this theme have product comparision

Hello, yes we have the Comparison feature!


Is there a feature in this theme to turn off cart functionality? I need a site with only a catalog/product listings.


Hello, sure we have the Catalog Mode :)


How to set up the callback url ? I need this when clients try to login with social login wizard.


Hello, what is the callback url?