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Theme is working great for me. Your links in the documentation however seem to be out of date. Could you please send me a link to the full list of shortcodes for Maya. Thanks. Geoff

Hello Geoff, the documentation is included within the package.

Hi, I have seen the documentation included in the package, however not all the shortcodes are displayed. There is a link in the shortcodes section that is supposed to lead to a full list of shortcodes but only leads to a 404 page instead.

Hello, I noticed that the site does not support the retina display …? What do you say?

Ciao Franco, ho visto che sei italiano quindi ti rispondiamo nella nostra lingua madre. E’ esatto quello che tu dici, Maya non è un tema retina ready.

Hi I’m wondering if you can help. I have the Mayashop theme on version 1.6.1 i firstly downloaded the Wordpress update and then the Woocommerce update and now have to update the Mayashop theme to version 2.3.0 in order for it all to work. I have downloaded the update, however if i replace the current theme that i have with the new files does this mean that I will loose all the customisations that I have made to make it my own site? In short will I be left with the Mayashop template again?

Thanks Heather

Hello Heather, once you upload a new version of the theme, you will loose all your customizations. Everywhere we highly suggest to make a backup before to update.

Hi Sara, Thanks for responding. I have uploaded the new theme however when i go to make changes in the Theme Options it is a completely different layout – no boxes or correct sliders etc as the original, it is just lines of writing in a jumbled order. I’m also not able to upload images and or change some of the settings. Please could you help! I have tried uploading the theme several times in case i made a mistake, but there are no changes. Thanks Heather

Hi Sara, I have solved the problem! I was changing the file name from Maya to Maya 2.3 so that i knew which file it was, (this was a recommendation from someone of how to upload an upgrade without overwriting your original file) this seemed to be throwing everything out of sync. I re-downloaded the file and uploaded as it was with no changes and everything seems to be working fine. I hope that helps for anyone else with the same problem :-)

Just wondering if this theme supports digital products? Also can there be multiple options to purchase a singe product such as, an HD, SD, or Fullscreen version of a digital video download?

Hello, yes you should mark the product as Virtual and, if you want to give the ability to download something once they buy the product, you need to mark it as Downloadable.

Thank You!

We have a mystery – since upgrading WP, we’ve lost the slider off of the front page of one of the sites I work on.

The rest of the site, including the thumbnail generation of product images, seems to be working fine – just the slider is missing. Image paths are still intact, and switching to static image does not help at all.

Any ideas?


Hello, Could you please open a ticket at

Our staff will be glad to help you solve your issue.

Best regards

Hey, Just run into a problem. On the front page the product image appears small, when i click on it and go to product page the image zooms in alot, how to keep the featured image same size? also i dont have magnifier activated. Thanks

Hello, Could you please open a ticket at

Our staff will be glad to help you solve your issue.

Best regards

Hi there,

how can I remove the “add to cart” button for a single product? I want to use mayashop as a catalogue at first and later as shop.

Thx for any help!

I guess, I found the solution: In theme options > general > header > Show ribbon cart (yes or no) In theme options > general > shop > Show button add to cart (yes or no)

I have installed Maya Shop successfully, but I want the sample content, . Does anyone know where I can find the sample content to upload? the “forum” is useless, nothing comes up when i search mayashop sample content???

please help!

Hello, I wanted to know before i purchase this theme, if i can change the shopping cart icon picture?

Please let me know Thanks.

Hello, you can change the Ribbon cart image from our Theme Options

Awesome! Thank you.


In the Product Page, how I can add the “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” tab near DESCRIPTION.

I my product page I have jut DESCRIPTION and REVIEWS.

Appreciate your help.

Hello, the additional information tab can be enabled automatically once you added product attributes.


thank you very much

On the About us page and also Contact page, how do you remove the “leave a comment” on the bottom of the page???

Hello, here it is an example of how to do that:

Hello thanks for your quick response but when I click the link you gave me for the sample data and after I login it says this- “You do not have access to this topic” “Please contact the account owner of this zendesk for futher help” that’s what happens when I click the link you gave me also I know how to put the sample data in I just cant find it anywhere when I follow the instructions to find it on the documentation, within the forum nothing comes up. please help! I want the website to look exactly like it did on the page when I bought it from you with all the features and I can change them for my needs. Also can you tell me why when I try to login to my dashboard a screen comes up that says “your logo” and “payoff payoff pay off” with a little duck instead of the WordPress login screen why is this? I can’t even get back in to my dashboard??? Thanks.

Hello, before to access to our support desk you need to register yourself at and activate the theme from

Best regards

Hi there In my search for a eCommerce theme I have narrowed down my final choice to two themes, one of them being the MayaShop theme.

I have a few pre-purchase question regarding this theme however:

1) Logo size – how much admin is it to have a bigger logo in the header of this theme, as my logo height will be at least 3 times that of the demo theme ?

2) Multiple Users – is it possible to have multiple users sell their items independantly with this theme?

3) Theme capacity – Could you give me an idea of how much content (i.e. products, imagry, etc) this theme is able to handle smoothly without it becomming “laggy”? Is there a limit?

4) Product thumbnails – what are the thumbnail/featured image ideal dimensions? Need to know how much items I can fit in a row and if they e.g. can be any height.

5) Possible Ad space – Is it possible to add a banner/imagry to a sidebar or even the header or having e.g. text widgets showing images on the left/right hand side?

6) Currency Converter – how easy is it to convert currency for users / display preferred currency for visitors.


1) The image can be uploaded within our Theme Options. There shouldn’t be issues with large images.

2) Nope you can’t. You should try to contact WooCommerce team and ask them if there is an extension that suites your needs

3) This depends from your server and your type of hosting, not from the theme

4) You can set the limit of products per row according to the size of the images

5) Yes you have text widgets in which add your banners

6) You should try an external plugin. We do not have experience in that

Best regards

Hi there – I have this theme and I cannot access your support forum – it seems all of your support websites are down? Can you help – I need some assistance with variable pricing etc. thanks!

Hello, our forum is now back. You are able to submit a ticket!

Hi Sara – nope still not working! goes to a blank white page e.g.

Hello, please send us a mail at support[at] and give us your username. We’ll reset the password for you

I want to ask 2 question :

1. how I can edit the size of a thumbnail? the default size of a thumbnail is too small, so my photo become cropped.

2. i forgot password the YIThemes, how can get the link to reset my password?


1. Hello, what thumbnail you need to edit?

2. You can reset the password from here:

I want to ask 2 question :

1. how I can edit the size of a thumbnail? the default size of a thumbnail is too small, so my photo become cropped.

2. i forgot password the YIThemes, how can get the link to reset my password?

Hi Sara, I’m looking for video tutorials for setting up the FAQ. I remember seeing it somewhere before, but somehow I just can’t trace my memory back to where I found it.


In our support forum. Once you logged in and activated the theme, you are able to access to Maya forum in which you will find a thread with the list of video tutorials! :)

got it, Thank you.

How can i put the FAQ questions in the order I want them to?

You need an external plugin, such as


Now I set the WPML and I do not find the mo files for english language. Where can I found this?. I think the default.po is in reality en_US.po !

Thanks a lot

Hello, why do you need English language if the theme is already in English? Anyway you could rename the default.po in en_US.po.

Hello! I just bought the theme I want to know what I have to do to install the exact mayashop theme as you show in the live demo. (with all the menus, photos…)

Thanks a lot! :) Anna

Hello Anna, once you installed the theme you need to register yourself at and then to activate the theme at .

Now you can login in our support forum ( and find sample datas within Maya forum. :)