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Can a sidebar be added to the single product page?

Hello, you can add the Shop sidebar from:

Theme Options -> General -> Shop

Hi. After the update, I am now seeing what I believe is a class or an ID name when I am choosing attributes. Is there a fix to this? I am using firefox.

website is

Hi, my variations are not working. I need this fixed!

Hello, please submit a ticket to our developers ( and they will help you with your issue.

Pre-sales question, is there a simple way to change the attributes so that if you have many the first 5 are shown and a more… is shown to expand the rest. We have many values per attribute, for example 100 brands and only want to show the first 5 otherwise the page becomes too long.

Hello, unfortunately you need to make this change by yourself. The theme doesn’t come out with this feature.

I’m getting the following error when trying to add product categories:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 41943040 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 30720 bytes) in /home/celestia/public_html/wp-admin/includes/ajax-actions.php on line 1961

figured it out… I added this to the .htaccess file with the following line: php_value memory_limit 256M

Is it true that we MUST buy Premium Plug-Ins to use this theme?

Hello, nope you do not need to buy any premium plugin. All plugins needed are released for free from our team and they are already included within the theme.

I cant seem to get your features tabs working like your demo, do you have any examples for me to download?

How do i do that? and what is a ticket?

Hello, sorry I thought you know how our support platform works.

Please register yourself at and activate the theme from Once you did, you can submit a ticket on our support platform at

Best regards

Thank you for your help I’ll try it out right away

Your website is down.

Hello, now it is online! :)

Hi there! Great theme. Before I buy it I needed a few questions answered. I appreciate you taking the time to help.

1. Does this work with WooCommerce Email Inquiry & Cart Options, Woocommerce Product CSV Import Suite and Catalog Visibility Options

2. Is the demo using WooCommerce or Jigo Shop? Can you provide examples of each?



1. Woocommerce Product CSV Import works fine with our theme. For the other themes we do not have experience, I’m sorry

2. You can use both plugins but the demo is available only for Jigoshop.

Best regards


May i have support in Maya ? Request since 3 days, no news… Some help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

Hello, the username you’re using here doesn’t exist on our support platform. Could you please give me your username here or email it at support[at] In this way I can take a look to your tickets.

Best regards

Does the WooCommerce plugin come bundled with your themes? If so do you offer support for it since the WooThemes support policy states:

We cannot help provide support for our products sold from or bundled in third party themes.


Hello, we do not include plugins developed by WooCommerce team. All WooCommece plugins included within our theme are developed by us and are released for free on

Wanna ask few questions:

1. If i want to remove the add to cart options and make it dissapear (the one on the upper right corner) can that be possible?

2. Can i add a page where i can create my on customized order form?


1. Yes you can do that. From Theme Options -> General -> Header

2. Sure you can. We have a contact form builder within our theme options


Since the update I can’t change the language. It’s been defined in wp-config. The WP section is now in swedish but the woocommerce parts are in english. Ideas?

Hello, could you please submit a ticket to our developers with your issue and your admin credentials? We’d like to check the issue out

Best regards


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately my theme was activated by a freelancer that I no longer have contact with and I don’t have the login details.

I tried to get help from you guys before to no avail, even though I’ve paid for the theme!

What do I do?

Ok, do you have a purchase code? Do you know the username used on by your freelancer?

Please write the reply to our mail I’ll handle it here, thank you!


Hey there,

Love the theme, is it possible to have it function without the ‘add to cart function’? I’m looking to possibly use this for a jewelry site, but they don’t want people to add the rings to cart.


Hello, yes you can hide the add to cart button!

NO SUPPORT AT ALL IN MAYASHOP… during the last week many people said in the forum , what’s happens there ? ..

Sara, you have always been very courteous in our exchanges in the comments, it is very pity..

I am sorry, definitely my last template with you

Dear katana9, I apologize for your problems but as you probably noticed we experienced some issues in our servers. From Wednesday to Friday we had several down on our servers and this slowed the replies.

Anyway I saw you got a reply Saturday morning (GMT+2) and now you are waiting for a new reply. Keep in mind we do not provide support in the weekend so, today you will get a new reply to your ticket.

Best regards

Thank you for your reply… Waiting your news…

Hello, Corrado is just checking your ticket now again.

Hope you understood how the support desk works, you did not get any reply for days just because you continuily updated the ticket. IT’s not a good idea if you need urgent help :)

Thank you for being patient. Hope you will review your last comment :)

I apologize again, have a good day!


I just active theme on yithemes but why my account can not submit ticket please check for me account: hyauns

Hello, could you send us at support[at] your Purchase Code?

Dear, How many pixel size ideally for Product Image and Featured Image i have to upload on the Shop?


Hello, the screenshot below shows the sizes we are using in our demo:

Hi Sara, I cannot get into the support area of your site, I am logged in but being sent to the support area where I am no longer logged in, I choose to log in again and go back to the area where I am logged in and round and round I go, also the address is not working? I have being using this theme for ages, very very happily, just need to ask about a couple of things. I love the portfolio functions of this theme! Beautiful, can’t match it.

Problem solved and I think I was doing something wrong. Sorry!!

trying to figure this problem, when i upload a new product image it only loads original size and 2 other sizes, it seems to be missing the image variations for thumbnails etc anyone got any ideas ?


Hello markpr17, could you please submit a ticket with your admin credentials at Our developers will check the issue out.

hi thanks, the developer of a plugin says there is a hook stopping the smaller images uploading and converting when using his plugin, the hook is in the theme , I am lost on that lol

Do not worry, write a ticket in our support desk at explaining exactly your problem and what the plugin developer said. Be clearer so our guys can quickly help you better then thay can!

Thank you!


I want to use your sample data and I firstly try to activate theme. I enter activate cod and select theme (maya shop) and click the activate button. When I click the button, 505 internal server nginx problem is appering. Is there any problem?

Hello, we had some issues with our server. Could you try again please?

Hello I asked this question to support but they can’t do anything for me …

Can you please add an option in the products-attribute that we can choose the order of the attribute categories.(like drag and drop) Because in the single product page the attributes appears in a certain order and I want to organize them in the order I need … Can you add this option with this theme please?

Let me know … thank you MJ

Hello, if you already wrote on the support desk, it’s not needed to write it also here.

Unfurtunely the feature you are asking for should be provided by WooCommerce plugin, like it’s already done in the product categories.

We do not handle it in the theme.

Thank you!