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Before I purchase I wanted to know if this theme was compatible with all currencies and will it link to any bank account. I’m in Australia so it will be $AUD.


Hello Sonia, the support for currencies and payment method does not depend by themes but by WooCommerce plugins.

However yes for the currencies, $AUD is natively supported if i’m not wrong, anycase you can simply add it, we have a tutorial for this or also our support guys can help you with it.

For the payment methods, i suggest to check the extension from WooCommerce:

Hi, im from argentina, i want to buy this theme but i want to know if i can delete the shop and put a contact form. If that is possible i will buy it now, thank you.

Hello, i love Argentina :D

Yes, you can use the theme in catalog mode, but i do not understand what you exactly mean with “delete the shop”. Do you want to remove the shop page only (the list of products) or the single product page? The buttons to add the products to the cart?

Please let me know so i can give you a correct reply!

Thank you :)

Sara this is a pre purchase question, If I purchase the product will I be able to connect to my local banks payment gateway. Your earliest reply is appreciated. Regards.

Hello, i think yes, but we do not handle payment gateways. You should do this question to WooCommerce developers. If it support your bank, then yes, you can connect it also on Maya.


:smitten: Just to say THANK YOU for the support developer … after few days of several issues..


Many thanks katana! I’m glad to see this!

Hello there.

One quick question: I have created a Terms and Conditions page for our shop but I cant find a way to add a check box for the customer to check to accept before they pay.

Any ideas / suggestions will be HIGHLY appreciated! :-) Thanx in advance!


If you do like i said before, the tickbox will appear automatically near the Place order button. Don’t it?

It just did! Thank you so much! Z

You’re welcome ;)

Quick question, is this theme BBPress compatible?

Hello, i’m sorry but we did not test this theme with BBPress.

You can try it yourself if you want, also you can ask in our forum ( if somebody already did it.


Hey guys this theme is really superb. I love it! Quick question though… How do I get rid of page titles, and how do I get rid of bread crumbs?

wow. nevermind. face slap.

Ok, great :)

Have a good day!

Hello, Before purchasing, I’d like to make sure that I can translate the theme into Asian languages, especially Chinese and Korean.

Thank you for your confirmation.

Hello, yes you can! We also have some tutorials to help you in this!


Hello, Before purchasing, I want to know, it is integrated with woo commerce ? and its already include in the package. ? so We didn’t need to buy more woocommerce separately .


So we can make exactly like the demo, without purchase any apps or paid plugin. How about the document – a guideline. Coz i’m a newbie ;)

Is zoom feature already include innpackage, or buy separately ?

Hello, yes you can have all this for free.

The magnifier is a free plugin from us, you can find it here:

But on Maya shop it’s already built in.

There’s also a documentation on/offline.


Hello, I’m from Indonesia. I was wondering in the theme description is written : “Compatible Browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome.” But when I opened it with IE8 all of the script and shortcode seems didn’t work. Is there any solution?

Thanks in advance

hmm i found that it still didn’t work properly as we can’t save the layer slider in the back and, also some animation is gone.. please help for this solution..

Hello yaski, can you please open a ticket in our support desk at http://support.yithemes/com?

Thank you! Our guys will reply asap!


Sorry, wrong link. It’s

Hello Sara_P,

great theme ;-) Also one question before the purchase: is this theme compatible with jigoshop 1.8?

Thx and Bye

Hello, yes it is, but we suggest to use WooCommerce. WE have a lot of features that are only compatible with WooCommerce, like some shortcodes.


I checked out the demo and the theme looks so amazing! This is a pre-sale question. Is this theme developer friendly?

Hello, yes, you have some files where you can put your own code and a lot of options too!

The code is not hard to understand if you need! You can also obiviously install a child theme to improve your website if you need!


Hello Nicola,

Yeah, that’s good to hear! Yeah, it’s true that one can use a child theme just in case if you update this theme.

From the item specs, it doesn’t look like this is a retina-ready theme. Is it possible to update this aspect ourselves, or are there any futures plans of making this retina-ready?

This isn’t a deal breaker, as I’m likely purchasing the theme for my client’s shop regardless, but I am curious.

Thanks, Chris

Do you have a comparable theme that is retina ready?

Thanks, Chris

Hello Chris, Maya is not retina-ready. We still do not know if it will have an update for this.

You can check Sistina:

This one is reatina ready (logo and products).


Hi Sara,

Great Theme :) One quick question can we use this theme for Digital Goods Selling. Who ever buys will get download link like that.

Hhm… :) i do not understand what you mean, i’m sorry!

can you share me your mail id plz. I will send you in detail

You can write at support[at]!


On the shop base page is there any way in which textual content can be displayed as well as either the product or categories?

I have tried adding content by editing the page itself however this does not show on the front-end.

Thanks and regards,


Hello Peter, not on the Shop page, but for the categories you can do it simply adding the description to them. YOu can do this in Products > Categories (edit).


Hello, my actual Wordpress installation is based on WP 3.7.

Does your theme already support it or do I have to wait for a future release?

Hello Titi1506, you can find the compatibility list here:

However we are just testing the themes with WP 3.7.


I can’t seem to find the Mayashop Sample Content online. Does anyone know where I can get it?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Hi Nicola. Thanks for the quick response. When I click on that I see a webpage saying that the server cannot be found. The whole seems to be down. Any ideas?

Hi Nicola. Appears it was a firewall at my office stopping me from getting to it. Can access it fine now. Thank you so much for your help. Much appreciated and very pleased indeed with my new Mayashop theme!

You’re welcome :D

I recently bought Mayashop and just want to say that the technical support has been great. I’d never worked with Wordpress or a WP theme before (I built our old website using HTML and CSS), so a few times now I’ve had to contact Your Inspiration Themes when I couldn’t find an online solution or figure something out otherwise.

Nicola Mustone has been a great help in solving problems. He’s polite and professional, and he’s really worked very hard to get my problems solved. Samantha, too, was helpful in trying to resolve an account issue.

I’m really glad to know that when I find myself against the wall, this polite and knowledgeable support team are there, willing and ready to help me out.

Great Robert!

We are glad to see this! Have a great week end :D


Your Layer-Slider doesn’t work properly, so i made a ticket at your support forum 3 weeks ago, made u an admin-account, got to second-level support and there is still no answer..

What do u want me to do?

Hello, can you please let me know your ticket number?

I do not find any user with the same username you are using here.

Thank you!


the ticket number is: 20158


HI, i just reported the support to reply asap! Thank you!