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I think about buying the theme but have one question. You say your theme supports German language out of the box. But how will I change it? Is that hard work? Can I change it without touching the FTP?


Hello, yes you can without FTP. We have some tutorials about translation in our forum too.


Interested in the maya theme.

My site currently has 24-28 product gallery photos per item.

How will these render on this theme? I have bought themes before only to have no support for a high number if product gallery photos.

I should mention that I did see you show some items with 3 or 4 product gallery photos, but this isn’t enough to see.

Hello, if you will use the magnifier plugin, then it will use a slider with all your photos. By default, without the magnifier, it will show them one below the other in rows with columns (i do not know exactly the number of images for each row, it depends by the image size).


One quick question about fonts. I see Bebas is included in the cufon fonts list, however it does not recognise some of the German characters. Bebas Neue does work perfect with German however not currently present in the font list. Since we have already purchased the Bebas Neue font family, is there any chance I can use them with the Mayashop? CSS customisation maybe? Any ideas more than welcome since that’s our main font in all our branding guidelines and print communications.

Many many thanks!! :-) Z

Hello, it’s possible to add it in the font list with some code in functions.php, please search in our forum, we already did it for other users.

If you do not find anything (but please, search :) ), open a ticket in the support desk and our developers will help you!

Remember to add a link to this comment in your ticket!

Thank you!


Thank you Nicola! Heading straight to the forum :-)


Great! :) Thank you!

can i use greek language with this theme?

Hi, yes, obiviously!


HI I wish to change the number of products in a row, at the moment its autoset to 5, please let me know how I can change this, I have searched in the forum but could not find.

Add this code to your functions.php file located in maya/, at the end of the file

add_filter( 'loop_shop_columns', create_function( '', 'return 3;' ) );

Remember when you will update the theme, you can leave the code inside this file.

Is the fresh maya install totally empty ? No demo products/sliders etc. I just installed the file

Forum was a bit confusing for me

I bought the theme. I don’t want any sidebar(widget) showing on the side on the page, so I have removed all the widgets in the default tab. But there are still this search bar, archives, categories, blogroll,(on the right) and leave a reply box (down the bottom of the page). Please advise how I would be able to remove it. Thank you.

You guys are awesome!! Many thanks!!

You’re welcome! :)

Hi Sara_p,

any troubles with MayaShop, WP 3.7 and WooCommerce 2.0.18?

Thanks, Guillaume

Hello Guillaume, here is the compatibility list:

Seems not, we did not find anything! :)

Cool! Let’s go to update and upgrade my eshop… See you tomorrow morning with a wonderfull new shop (I hope…)!

Yeah! :D


All was perfect but after I install WPML, the Product Categories give 404 error. I was in touch with WPML and get latest updates but not solved.

Do you had similar issue ?

Best regards,

Hello, no i did not.

Can you please open a ticket in our support desk at

In the ticket, please link the URL of the support topic on WPML forum if you have one and add the link to this comment too please!

Thank you! Have a scary halloween! :)


Can anyone recommend a social sharing plugin which shows the sharing and the number of likes in the footer which works with maya ?


First I just wanted to say awesome plugin! I have not purchased it for myself, but I’ve worked with several clients now who run their website with Maya Shop and it’s been great to work with.

I just wanted to point out a small item I ran into when using the child theme you provided. I noticed the shop page didn’t quite have all of the styling methods there after switching to the child theme and it took me a little while to figure out why. In the child theme I was given, there was the woocommerce directory with all of the template files. There was also a stylesheet and inside were a few lines like this:
background:url('../images/products-shadow.png') no-repeat top center;
Because this is a child theme, that file path no longer works. The images are technically stored in the parent theme now. I altered them for my own use, but it might be a good idea to store these images within the woocommerce folder instead of the theme images folder to avoid confusion.

I appreciate your time. Keep up the great work! Hopefully this will help anyone else who ran into the same issue :)

Hello, we really appreciate your feedback! :)

Hi Sara!!! I love Mayashop – I purchased it back in February. I just went to update it (it’s been a while) and it has gone from my downloads in Themeforest. How can I update it please??? Thanks!

Hello, what do you mean with “has gone”? I cannot able to see the PURCHASED label on your account. Maybe you bought the theme with another account?

I bought it with this account I’m using it on my website. I also have an account with YIThemes. I have the proof of purchase from Themeforest. I’m stuck – I don’t know what to do – I can’t update as the theme is no longer in “My Downloads”.

Hello svech61, i’m really sorry but we can’t help on this problem. It seems to be an issue on Theme Forest. We do not handle theme purchases and downloads on Theme Forest.

You should contact TF support and ask for info about your issue!

Thank you for writing us!

hey we want to start Maya Shop on our country. However we have no proper gateways, because we are from developing country. So Cash On Delivery and Paypal seems to be the only option and also the price needs to be in our currency that is Nepali Rupees(NRs), hope such functions are embedded.

Hello, yes they are embedded within WooCommerce.

Hey I am installing the theme on WordPress but after the upload of maya is 100% it says, ‘Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.’

and keeps on repeating the same. Please help me sort out

Hello, it probably is a problem of your server. That error usually appear when there’s an upload size limit.

Contact your hosting provider please. Report them what i said.

Thank you!


Hey It was all right when uploaded from FTP. However it was not working from Wordpress dashboard. Also, send me some beginners link to help me make maya perfect.

How to I change number of products displayed on product category pages? Right now it is set to “3” columns, but some columns only display “1” product. Here is the link:

Finally got it to work. Thanks!

Hello, probably you copied something wrong from the code.

However you already fix! Good :)

Have a good day!


I have received very poor support for this product on the their support pages. My ticket has been open for over a week and I am only having a small issue. I’d advise you to keep this in mind when purchasing.


your ticket was not about a problem, but about a customization. We do not provide support for customizations, this is why you need a designer for your request.

Also, the thing you are asking for is also available in the theme, but not with the style you want. The style is the customization, the feature is already in the theme, like in any other WP theme since this is a feature from WordPress and not Maya Shop.

Thank you for writing us.


I guess I am just dense because enabling a sidebar and the slider you included in your theme broke the homepage and I don’t see why I would need a designer to work things in your theme. I had made no changes that I am aware that would have caused the issues I was having. Instead it took over a week to get a detailed your just out of luck response. Thankfully I found some different solutions during my 1 week wait that fixed band-aid fixed the problem I was having. I just want potential purchasers to know there will be very little support offered as the author has a very hands off approach. That’s not meant to be a directly negative comment either though I understand it may come off that way.

But you did not explained that. In your ticket i read that you want a customization for the sidebar, not that it break with the slider + sidebar.

However do not worry, i replied yesterday to your ticket, i need an URL. I’m waiting for your reply.


After enabling ratings, add to cart button not showing on variation items

Hello, please open a ticket in our support desk at for this issue. Thank you!


Sara, What happened to your program Socute? Was it removed because there were problems with it?

I really liked the design and the features it included.

Hello, no we do not have any problem with it.

We simply wanted to remove it from TF. I already explained you in details via email.

Thank you!


A very quick question about the available fonts under Typography: is there a way to add cufon fonts on the drop down list for ‘paragraphs’? Currently I only see google and web fonts.

Many many thanks! Z

Hello, yes it’s possible. You will find tutorials in our forum at


Ciao Sara / Nicola. Scrivo in italiano poichè penso di aver capito che siamo compatrioti :D Ho scritto anche su facebook ma forse questo è il luogo giusto per formulare delle domande. Sono interessato all’acquisto di Mayashop, vorrei chiedere: 1)Che differenza c’e’ fra la versione da 60 $ e quella extended da 3000? 2) Che differenza c’e’ tra i vostri temi mayashop e cheope? 3) Per avere un sito multilanguage i vostri temi sono adeguati? (principalmente italiano e inglese) E’ necessario il WPML? 4) Come commentate questo post che vi riguarda?

Grazie mille Luca

Grazie mille per le pronte risposte. Per keliweb non lo conoscevo ma mi fido a occhi chiusi del tuo consiglio :) Complimenti ancora, mi fa molto piacere vedere eccellenze italiane che si distinguono in giro per il mondo. Ciao Luca

p.s.= sono andato su keliweb, un operatore in chat mi ha consigliato di prendere keliCMS ma il costo rispetto alle altre scelte mi ha un pò fermato. Volevo chiedere a te, oltre la possibilità di installare il CMS in 1 click (altrimenti è cosi ostico?) non vedo tanto altro che mi spinga verso quell’offerta (a parte i 3 GB in più). Cosa mi consigli?

Io ho quello base e comunque ho a disposizone Softaculus per installare WP in un click.

Comunque anche se fossi obbligato a farlo manualmente, é estremamente semplice, roba da 5 minuti.