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Does this theme support WP 3.7?

Hi, yes it’s supported!

what size is the images for the front slider

Hello, it’s generic. Depends by which slider you want to use.

Can you be more specific please?

Nicola on this my clients site you can’t see the whole pic… what size is that suppose to be.

The Elegant slider is 960×338px!

Is there a way to disable the Cufon in the theme? It’s not working for any of my custom fonts. I’m using the All-in-one Cufon plugin but it causes my site to lag when loading the fonts because it’s calling the default Cufon font from the settings before it loads mine. Real pain in the butt. I don’t want to use your Cufon.


I did all this and it still didn’t work even on a child theme, the culprit was having this “font-family:”Rokkitt”,”Georgia”, “Times New Roman”, serif;” in the style.css (which was overriding my custom cufon fonts) once I removed that I was able to use whatever fonts I wanted in the Admin section.

Please open a ticket in our support desk so we can check into this.

You can find it at

Thank you!



This theme looks AMAZING! Before I make the purchase, I’d like to ask a few questions.

I’m making an ecommerce site for my printable designs. Will there be an option where customers can download a digital file after payment and checkout is made?

As well, is the Woocommerce plugin a secure payment option?

Thank you!

Hello, yes it’s possible!

WooCommerce is not a payment gateway. It’s a plugin for e-commerce. It uses paypal for payments!


Hi Nicola,

Thanks for the prompt response! So is it possible to have other payment options on your theme such as credit cards or money transfer? Thanks!

Hello, yes but you need to install external extensions. You can find all of them here:

I just bought this theme may I know where I can download the sample data please :)

thx but I can’t download it “You do not have access to this topic” ? How do I do ?

This means that your theme is not active on our website yet. Please follow this link and activate your theme!

Thank you!


I have purchased maya theme with other account, I use version 2.20 i think. I was wondering why the shop shortcode in responsive mode didn’t work at mobile device? I mean it’s just show all the item without the sliding animation.


Hello, it’s because the products slider is not responsive and will not work on mobiles so we show it just without the slider.

Thank you!


I see, thanks for your response. Actually we turn of the responsive mode to show the product slider on mobile device. One other thing, it seems that layer slider doesn’t work smoothly on IE8 browser. But it running well on IE9. So I think this theme browser compatibility should starts from IE9 not IE8. Thanks again.

Hello, please open a ticket in our support desk at for this issue. We will reply asap!

Thank you!

Hello, My friend and I have purchased two of your themes – we love them!! I have Room 09 and she has Maya Shop. We’re having a problem with the footer staying at the bottom of the page. I’ve tried a few CSS fixes but the footer floats to the middle. Any suggestions on how we can fix this? Thank you for creating such fabulous themes!

Hello dear!

Please can you post your website URL? Maya has a script that move the footer always on the bottom of the page. If you see it in the middle, you probably have a Javascript error.

I suggest to open a ticket in our support desk at

Thank you very much :)


Great, thank you, Nicola!

You’re welcome!

Decided to change a store from prestashop to maya.

The old and new sites are on the same host. I consider myself semi-experienced and I am able to check and rectify most site issues.

The old prestashop site is still live and is super fast. The new site with the latest wordpress/woocommerce/maya is SUPER SLOW. The only to make it usable is by using some kind of cache system.

Without a cache system I reckon on average pages take around 20+ seconds to load. For example using the admin side of the site is PAINFUL to use.

Really disappointed. Never had such slowness with any other woocommerce sites/themes. At the moment only have 4 products for testing. I checked and double checked all the obvious. i.e. hosting speeds, plugins, browsers, etc, etc. With some speed tests 40% of loading time is taken by the Maya theme and another 40% by Woocommerce.

You should really investigate these speed issues further as I’ve seen similar comments from other customers.

Hello, please open a ticket in our support desk at and explain your issues so we can check into them and fix the problems if possible.

Thank you!


Hello! Inside my product picture is right pixileret. I can not get it so it’s clearer? What should px be? The picture currently is 300×300 .. example: and

Is it possible to get the actual picture-box a little smaller? – Hope you answer soon mail:

I’m sorry but it’s not possible. The maximum width is 960px on Maya Shop.

I tryed to find out how i can get the shortcodes om my site. Its about this shortcodes: How go i place it on my site?

Simply write the shortcodes in your pages, where you want them to appear.

Here is a tutorial:

Please help how to hide post comment :(

hello all.

I recently launched a site with wordpress woocommerce and this theme.

I have a very long load time for admin-ajax.php as you can see here: pingdom

I search around the web and i cant find any solution. Does anyone here have any idea what I can do about it?

Thanks a lot in advance

Greetings from the Netherlands Ronnie

Hi, i just replied to your other comment!

hello all.

I recently launched a site with wordpress woocommerce. I have a very long load time for admin-ajax.php as you can see here: pingdom

I search around the web and i cant find any solution. Does anyone here have any idea what I can do about it?

Thanks a lot in advance

Greetings from the Netherlands Ronnie

Hi, honestly i do not see so much problems:

It loads in 3.65 seconds. You can improve it using a CDN and/or a cache plugin like W3 Total Cache.

Thank you!

How i can add this ADD TO CART, ribbon to appear on my products. is there instructions somewhere, i dont want to read official forum. whole site is a bit confusing and hard to use :(

Be sure that “Enable WooCommerce CSS Styles” is ticked in WooCommerce > Settings > General

oh nice that worked ^^ thanks !

Great :) You’re welcome!

I’m desperately looking for a theme that will:

1. Allow a custom image for the header 2. Allow a BOXED layout 3. Allow a custom color for the BOXED layout portion: with option of changing this boxed layout color on each individual page 4. Allow a custom image background (behind the boxed layout)

Will this theme do all of this? I can’t tell from sample of your description. I appreciate your reply. THANKS! Sharon

Hello Sharon, he can do everything. The background different on each page is achiveable only via custom fields.

Silly little question – I can’t upload the theme into Wordpress using Install Theme. I’ve tried the workarounds and I’m still having problems. Can you help?

Hello, do you receive any error?

Please open a ticket in the support desk at

Thank you!


I am interested in buying your theme. Do you know if it works with the PayPal Advanced Extension for woocommerce?

Thanks in advance

Hello, it should work. I never tested it personally. You can try to ask to the users on our forum at!

what size are the images suppose to be for the gallery?

HI, they are 208×168px!

Hi just noticing the blog sidebar always shows up on the right, even when using the search, how can I set the default layout to be sidebar left instead? Thanks!

Hello, please open a ticket in our support desk at for this request.

Thank you very much!

i created a ticket about 24 hours ago, #22773 please respond soon! thanks in advance

Yes, we will reply today. Thank you.

hi, i’ve sent a ticket 23 hours ago no one has replied me yet. ticket #22695 thank you.

HEllo, i replied some minutes ago to your ticket. However our support times are usually between 24/48h.