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Hi, I have just purchased this theme and i am trying to put my custom made header in. I have uploaded the image at 960×338 as it suggests and I can see my created header upload and I save changes. But . . when I refresh my shop the header is not there???

Please help … totally lost.

Hi Sara,

Someone did get in touch with me but it hasn’t helped. I gave them access but they have put it in place as a static slider on my front page, which is not what I was asking for. I have seen a few of the example pages and they have their logo’s up the top above the menu which looks great, but I can’t work out how to get it up there. When I try to upload it nothing happens. I’m so totally lost with it. Your help would be great.

Please cancel that for now . . . all of a sudden it has moved into position.

Hello, i requested Corrado to check your ticket again because he understood it wrongly. Is it ok now?

Hi Sara, thank you great template!

I have a quick question: Instead of having the slogan “Maya Shop” in the top part I´d like to insert my logo. How am I going to do that?

Best, Holger

Hi Sara, I don´t have access to the videotutorials on that homepage (even when I´m logged in). I´ve also double checked the documentation, but I can´t find the section describing how to do it. Can you help me with this particular issue, please?

Hello, which is your username on our forum?

Did you enable your theme? If not, do it here:

Then you will be able to check the videotutorials.

You can upload your logo enabling the custom logo in Theme Options > General > Header

Hi Sara / Nicola,

a quick one: how can I add an additional tab on the product page? Instead of having the two existing ones (description, reviews) I would like to add a third one called tips.

Also, I have added the best seller widget to my shop sidebar but cant seem the be able to change the font on the widget. Could you please advise?

Many many many thanks!! Z

Hi, you have to use Product Tabs Lite plugin to add tabs.

For the font, please open a ticket in our support desk. Thank you!

Hi not sure why the flash slider not working also how do I change the front page BG ? Please HELP !!!

Hi, please open a ticket in our support desk at

Thank you!

do you take feature requests for theme updates ? If you do I have a couple of feature ideas

1) on checkout a pulldown list of “how did you find us”

2) a partial orders section for only partially completed orders

3) website logo size in pixels as gtmetrix says size attributes are missing

4) the ability to upload all theme images to amazon cloud and have the cloud serve them to website

5) what would be amazing is a plugin built into theme to have all website and product images serve from amazon cloud

I would really love to see these features in future updates :)


Hello, you can add your feature requests here:

Please open a topic for each request.

Thank you!

Is there a plugin or a function within WooCommerce that will display separate pricing for customers versus wholesalers?

We do not want “regular” customers to see the pricing we have for wholesalers.

Look forward to your reply.

Hello, there’s a WooCommerce extension for this. I do not remember its name exactly, but you will find it on WooCommerce website.


may I please ask if your theme will allow sidebar/menu and slider on the single product page?

Your demo site only shows product page with product only. No example of product with sidebar or slider.

Any information appreciated.

Thank you.

Hello, the sidebar can be used, for the slider, it can also be used, but only via shortcodes, not like the other pages.

I have just downloaded this theme and am having some trouble with the header. I have seen a few other finished mayashop’s and they have great headers with their logo. I have been trying to put my logo in as a image header but it won’t go in. I asked support and they put it into the slider area but that’s not where i want it to go. They don’t seem to understand what im asking for.

The example websites have them. Can someone please help me with how to put my logo up the top of my site??

Hello, we already replied to your ticket!


I just wanted to add Gulim as a font for the theme. Is this possible?



Hi Greg, it’s possible if you have a web kit for the font.

You will find some tutorials and resolved tickets on the forum at


I get this message when I click on the link -

No help desk at

There is no help desk configured at this address. This means that the address is available and that you can claim it at

Is there any other links that can help me?


There’s an extra dot at the end of the link.

The correct one is

Hello, I couldn’t get child theme working, would you have some link which has information of child theme ? Thanks

Hello, we have something on sistina documentation:

It’s the same for Maya.

nice thanks :)

You’re welcome ;)

I purchased this theme because it provided excellent support, specially for someone like me that is not a developer. However, I find that questions that I am submitting are not being fulfilled. In the past I had asked questions as these and I ALWAYS had assistance. I have contacted woothemes and they told me that because the theme is not by them, that they can’t assist me. So where do I turn now. Lately every other question I ask I get the same response. Question: I would like to change “save 32.01!” to read % for example save 15% instead of $32.01! Answer: I’m sorry but i can’t make this customization for you. Please, write in our Community Forum to get help from other users. Also, you can hire a developer at:

Freelancer: Elance: Tweaky: What good is having an in house team support since you are going to refer your customers to the Community Forum for that have a community forum, so we can help one another and safe that money that you are paying the support team. Not satisfied at all!

Thank you Sara, and I do understand truly. However, you have added these features into the theme and they are great. It would be nice that if you included into the theme with your updates to at least get some kind of assistance in customizing it to our desire. I could only imagine the load of work that your support team has, but also understand that I do need help and that I have searched in the community forum for all my questions and there are no answers there, I have searched youtube and also with no help. So at this point I am left out dry and I have an launch day of 11/24/13 and my site looks out of wack. At this point I just want to remove all this mess. Please take a look and let me know how I can get rid of it.

What do you want to remove exactly?

If you mean the sale badge, add this code to your custom style

.onsale { display: none; }

I do not know how to change the “Save up to XXX” because that is a custom code and i do not know how you added it.

Thank you for your help. Looking forward to the previous support. Happy Holidays!

Please help I’ve a problem. this is my website

I need 2 language slider how can I do that :(

Hi, you have to use WPML plugin on your website.

Then install it and its extension WPML String Translation. You will find the strings of the slider ready for translation in WPML > String Translation.

I just buy a few days ago, now I try to put a product. and its show “This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled.”

Why ?

Have u the guideline to make a store like the demo ?


Hello, follow this URL please:

For the products, you have simply to disable the add to cart button in Theme Options > General > Shop.

why we got this warning “You do not have access to this topic” when i follow the link ?

Because you have to activate your theme on

Follow suppot > theme activation

Would you ask from theme technical person how i can modifyi mini-layers, i get this error You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page. or you have any direct email for the support ?

Tried to post in the maya forums but didnt success. too complicated for me. This is my last problem for this theme :)

Oh nothing now all is working, i found the info from yours website, its quite easy to use now :D im was too impatient :D

great :D


Great theme, and VERY customizable, love it! Just a question, in my product sliders I want to show the default (“add to cart”) ribbons. The option is on, but it only shows when I upload a custom image. Is there someplace I can get the defaults back on? I’m using a child theme.


Ok,nevermind… teh ribbons somehow re-appeared!

Hello, open a ticket in our support desk at

Thank you!

Hi, guys! I wanna ask you: can I make my shop not only by brands and categories, but also by sizes? And another question: does your theme contain only one template for footer? I mean, I want to have footer columns. Something like this:, (these sites use you Maya Theme)

Hello, yes you can do it by sizes, but it will not be fast like doing them by categories obiviously.

Yes, Maya has 4 footer layouts!

Two with widgets (also columns), two without them.

Sara, thank you very much for quick answer. I don’t know, maybe this question should be asked to WooCommerce, but really this question is important for me too. Can categories be in “tree”style, for e.g.: categories --> women > dresses, t-shirt, wedding dresses ect.?

Yes, you can have one parent category and infinite subcategories.

Hi, I have a question about the theme. I narrowed down my selection between Maya and Gothica. My question is on the product pricing, you have a selection drop down box (size), that when a selection is made the price for the product can change. I’ve been told this is in WooCommerce, I can not find any such attribute. So is this actually part of your theme and how would it be set up

Hello, yes it’s from WooCommerce. You will be able to create your own attributes in Products > Attributes and then set them for your products with Variations.

Can you give me a link on how to set up and organize sidebar navigation menus? The link below shows the sidebar navigation (categories) on the left that i’m talking about. thanks!

Hello, you can find a lot of resolved issues on this matter on our forum at

Check the forum of Maya Shop please!

Thank you!

Hey Sara, I purchased Maya theme recently. I need your suggestion, if I should hire someone to work on Maya or is it easy enough to get on my head? I am non tech with little or knowledge or codes.

Hello, it’s very easy to use, but if you need customizations, i suggest to hire somebody.

where is the code to take off the line that is under the sub categories in the menu..

There’s not.

Please, write in our Community Forum to get help from other users. Also, you can hire a developer at: