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Also where can i find out how to add products on the front page.. I’m not sure what the #4 means in the manual.. and where can i add a little image where the lines are between the words in the menu

You can find everything in our documentation at

Hi Sara, great template! Thank you very much.

Also, thanks for your quick support regarding inserting customized logos. It helped a lot.

Another problem I´m facing: I know where to change the colours, but I can´t find the option to change the center body background colour. Is it possible to change it or fix? If possible, where to find?

Kind regards, Holger

Hello, no it’s not possible. You have to add some custom CSS for that.


I’ve opened a ticket 10 days ago regarding speed issues and provided you with all the site/ftp login details.

Still no updates? At the very least a message with an update?!

Hello, i reported to the developers to check your ticket!

Hello Sarra

I am trying to go to “My Account” or the “Login/Register” page on my website and I can’t.

Can you tell me what to do please? Also, Can I use a different pluging for my software downloads? Can you suggest me a better one?

Thank you,

Please disable the SSL on your website. You do not have a valid certificate and it breaks the website.

There’s not a better plugin than WooCommerce.

Hello Sara,

I need to make this logo on the footer much smaller I have tried your support team, the forum, youtube and with no success. please help my launch date is 11/24/13 and I need your assistance.

Thank you and GOD BLESS!

Hello, i’m sorry but we can’t make this customizations. We have too much tickets in our help desk and there’s no time for customizations. You can try to write in WordPress support forum or in our Community Forum to get help with this request.

Thank you!

Hi Sara, I’ve just purchased a web hosting from godaddy. They use WordPress 3.7.1. This theme “Software Version” doesn’t include version 3.7.1. Could you please confirm if this theme works fine with WordPress version 3.7.1 ?

Thanks, Sam

Hello Sam, yes, it support WP 3.7.1. We have a topic with compatibility list on our forum!

Is there away to add the TM symbol in categories?

TM? Do you mean TradeMark? In categories where exactly?

Whats the size for the cycle slider? And is there away to turn off the sidebar feature on the homepage and make it full??

Hello, the maximum width and height is 960×330px, but you can use also smaller size if you need some text on the side.

To remove the sidebar on the home, it’s exactly like any other page. Open the page in Pages > All pages, in the right column you will find the Layout dropdown. Choose “No Sidebar”

First of all great theme!! I have a question though. I am now working on the woocommerce shop. I would like to change the image layout in the catalogue. When i go over an image with my mouse you see that a small line with shadow appears (just like in your demo shop), now i would like to change this in a different style, although i have no idea how to change the (standard) design of the image. Any suggestions? is there a plugin? Let me know thanks!!

Hello, no there’s not one, i’m sorry.

Let me know exactly how it should looks so i can let you know if we can do it for you or not.

Thank you!

Thanks for the quick reply. Hereby a link of how i would like to have it.. ofcourse i can send you the PSD file if necessary.. Hopefully you can make it work!

Hello, i’m sorry but it need too much time for us to get it working. You can hire a developer at:

Freelancer: Elance: Tweaky:

Where do you adjust the size for menu? I know to adjust the size for sub menus.. I did that in the editor.. I just need to know where the font size is for the like home, blog etc..

Hello, all the typography options are in Theme Options > Typography. If you need something specific, please open a ticket in our support desk at asking for this.

Thank you!

How to make the parralax slider like in your demo?

It says I “do not have access to this page. Please contact the account owner of this Zendesk for further help.”

Hello, i see the theme active on your account, you should have access to that topic. Can you please check again?

How do you add the sidebar on the front page?

I figured it out.. but i did say no sidebar and when it still show like gap on the page for products.. if i didn’t want a sidebar on front and just full of products.. on screen how would get rid of gap?

It should disappear automatically.

Please post your website URL.

Hi Sara, I updated Wordpress to 3.7.1 and the theme seems to have a problem; when I click on the item to see its detail, page shows 404 error. I tried all problem solving that was provide by wordpress but isn’t working. Any idea? Thanks!

It’s somehow working now.. No need to reply. Thanks!

Ok, good!

Hello I’m using your template and is excellent. But I have clients who have trouble buying it does not work the payment gateway in IE. The site is Thank you!

Hello, please submit a ticket in our support desk at Our support guys will reply you as soon as possible! Thank you for writing us!

Hello, I know you guys are very proud of your support system, but I’ve been waiting 12 days for my first simple question to be solved an that only half. I submitted a follow up ticket 4 days ago and no answer yet. I submitted an urgent ticket today and I hope it gets solved faster, because I am really stuck.

Thank you!

Hello, the tickets are closed automatically in 5 days if the requester do not update it.

We are working on your other tickets. Thank you!

I watched the video.. but i’m still not sure how to add the slider to front page.. i added widget in the testimonial section but still won’t appear

Hello, please submit a ticket in our support desk at Our support guys will reply you as soon as possible! Thank you for writing us!

I’m trying to add more products to the ‘shop’ page, but the slider rule isn’t working on the ‘Shop’ tab in >theme options. I’d like to have all of my products (12) listed on this one page so customers can easily see them, however it’s only allowing me to show 8. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Link below will show you my page.

Hello, please submit a ticket in our support desk at Our support guys will reply you as soon as possible! Thank you for writing us!

  • Pre sales question *

Hi i would like to know if it is possible to have more products show in the home page, like in new arrivals instead of 4 have 8 (2 rows or maybe even 3)??


Hello, yes it’s possible!

TNX. Just one more thing… i am guessing that testimonials and free shipping in home page are widgets which means they can really be anything else right? thanks again for the promt reply.

Yes, you can change them!

I am thinking of buying this theme, I also have a pre-sales question:

“Translation ready, Turkish, Polish…etc” – is it only for WPML plug-in or can you switch the language inside the theme options? Or do you mean .mo and .po files for these languages?

Thank you, waiting for response.

Hello, we mean both WPML and .mo/po. You can’t change it from the theme options if you do not have WPML.