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Just updated Maya and it hasn’t resolved any of the obvious issues. I’ve waited a week for this update and I’m very disappointed not to have my site up and running this morning.

I’ll open a ticket but at this rate it’ll probably be another week before I can open my online store again. Seriously thinking of paying for another theme from elsewhere.

Just asked to my developer to check today and tomorrow ALL the Mayashop ticket. So please open a ticket, we will check the issue as soon is possible.

Just did the new update! Everything is gone!!!!!!!!! My Homepage is blank….. Please Yith what is going one here, this joke cost me allready serieus money!!!!!!!!!!!! Please contact me asap!

please open a ticket in the support area and ask this to our developers. I can’t help you with technical requests.

Register yourself in our site: Then active your theme here:

And then in the “Get support” page open a ticket and explain your issues.


Are you people seriously going to keep blaming a theme developer for your mistakes on updating? If you don’t have the sense to create a development site for your e-commerce website or have backups, then it’s your own fault for updating blindly.

I know YITH can’t speak out of tone or show bad PR with replying to each compliant but luckily i’m here to tell you to learn from “YOUR” mistakes or ask nicely and be patient for the update.

Anyways, just to give any others thinking of blaming the theme developers – it was woocommerce that did the major update to 2.1 which caused “alot” of themes and extensions to break. How is this YITH fault when there was no notification from woocommerce till after the fact?

“2.1 is a major update. Test extensions and your theme prior to updating and ensure that you keep backups. See our release post for more information. Developers should catch up with to see what has been happening.” – This notification was provided 3 days after 2.1 was released from WooThemes.

BTW, love your theme YITH (been using for about 4 months) and all my customers only have good things to say about our website. So keep up the good work!

I have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for this great feedback :)

Guys, this works i suggest you do it soon

If you want download the previous version of Woocommerce, this is the link. Woocommerce 2.0.20:

Rename your current woocommerce folder to woocommerce_new and upload this folder.

We already released a new version of Maya, compatible with the new Woo Commerce :)

^^ Vermino is correct. The folks at WooCommerce clearly said in their release that this was a major update and NOT to update until testing was fully complete. I’m perplexed at anybody who blames the author of this theme for their own site going down. The fact that sara_p is doing everything she can to get the theme compatible is all we can ask.

Keep backups or sandbox versions for major upgrades. I’ve had to learn this the hard way in the past.

This is not a YITH mistake. If your site is broken, it is a webmaster mistake. If you don’t know how to fix it, hire a professional or wait for YITH. For anybody who’s light on funds, this site has helped me in the past get through some tough code.

Thank you so much. Glad to read that someone understand we are working very hard for our customers. :)

Thanks YITH,

After updating all and some minor tweaks all working again perfectly.

Keep up the good work!!

Glad to read this :)

NEW UPDATE AVAILABLE, download the 2.5.1 version to fix the issues!



I have a prepurchase question for you. Are you going to update your menu anytime soon so it looks better in cellphones? Now it’s not so mobile friendly. Otherwise your theme looks superb.

I will ask to my developers if is a quick and easy change we can do in the next update. thanks

Hi lovely theme, is it possible to make the site look like with the added benefit of an online shop? so to change the menu bar colour to purple and to add the black footer? thanks

Is your current update just to fix WooCommerce or does it address any part of your theme?

Just fix the woo commerce issues.

Do you know how much I lost because of your WRONG!!!!! SUCKS!!! UPDATE?

When customer wants to check out they see below When they want to login they see below

What a bad support….

My wrong? You updated the plugin without to check the compatibility and I wrong?.

The search text overlay’s the text inserted.

please provide me the number without the #

sry 30332

Just checked. I really don’t understand why Guido made this mistakes with your ticket. Just asked him to check tomorrow (now we are 10pm) and help you to fix your issue.

First of all thanks for the woo commerce update we have all been anxiously waiting for this. However I am still having issues since the 2.5.0 update. I am now running 2.5.1 and 2.1 woo, but since the 2.5.0 update my ‘shop’ page has disappeared and it is not in the thrash or in all pages tab and more annoyingly it is not on the WORDPRESS DASHBOARD tab with the ‘pin icon’. Can’t find it, the link on my website has disappeared and I can’t add any widgets to the side bar, it is just blank even after activating. Please how can I fix this, this is a main feature of the website and its the one that doesn’t work.

I will be waiting for your reply, thank you.

please open a ticket in the support area and ask this to our developers. I can’t help you with tecnichal requests. Register yourself in our site: Then active your theme here:

And then in the “Get support” page open a ticket and explain your issues.


drbotts comment is Ditto from me! It is an excellent theme and i look forward to seeing your upgraded version! patience in all things

We already released another update for Maya, thanks :)

Hello! I just wanted to give you some positive feedback and say thank you for your hard work on the fixes for the new versions, I was in panic as well when I updated WooCommerce but after downloading and upgrading Maya Shop theme it got all back in place and my site is running smoothly, keep the good work!

thank you so much :)

I can confirm that the latest 2.5.1 of Maya is 100% working with 3.8.1 WP and 2.1.2 of WooCommerce.

“From my testing”

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Thank you so much :) Glad to read this.

ok just a quick question

I am in no hurry to update woo, so will the theme updates still work with woo 2.0.20


thx :)

Maya Shop Version: 2.5.2 works fine! @Sara_p Thank you!

Glad to read this :) thanks!

My host is suggesting I upgrade PHP. I’m now on 5.2. What PHP versions are compatible? I have not installed the latest upgrades from woo or Maya.

Adding on to question: I’m using woo 2.0.20, Maya 2.4.0 and WP 3.8.1

You can update to the 5.2.4 or greater :)