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intendo il “font” della pulsantiera principale

continuo a non capire cosa intendi con pulsantiera.

mandami una tue email diretta che ti invio la schermata del bug di Sommerce

I bug e il supporto vengono gestiti dai nostri sviluppatori tramite il forum, come spiegato anche nella documentazione. Se hai aperto un topic e, come dici, non hai avuto una risposta, mi piacerebbe capire il perchè. E’ inutile che mi mandi schermate o richieste di supporto per e-mail, il supporto non viene gestito cosi, le email non arrivano agli sviluppatori e perciò non vengono prese in considerazione.

Hi, yes it’s lovely theme. I would also like to know whether we can resize the product images to portrait and landscape? I sell vintage clothes.

You can set the size of the product images in the panel, so you can set vertical, square, horizontal images, as you want :)

Scusami :-) per pulsantiera intendo la navigazione principale quella nella demo sotto il logo (home, sliders. shop by, etc etc ) il menù di navigazione. Per Sommerce recupero e ti mando tutto

Oh :) si, puoi cambiare font e dimensioni del menu di navigazione, ma anche di titoli, paragrafi, slogan e cosi via.

Grazie Sara….finalmente….:) per SOMMERCE ho capito di aver fatto un errore in quanto ti ho inviato una email diretta dal tuo FORM come autore. comunque il bug di visualizzazione ce :) vuoi farci la cortesia di segnalarlo nel forum di Sommerce provvediamo a correggere :)

Sidebars.. I see that there are unlimited sidebars… fantastic. does the theme have option for left side bar and right sidebar and content on same page?

Purchased ;)

two sidebar in the same page?

Hi Sara, nice theme! I have few questions:1) once I create a new account and login, the wordpress howdy XXX displays on the top, can it be switched off? 2) can I move the logo to top-left? 3)more detail to change the ribbon. Thanks

Sure! We missed to activate the option “Prevent customers from accessing WordPress admin”. Now you we turned off the wordpress bar :)

This look so good.

My one question also concerns the ribbon.

I want to start using Maya as business blog only and in a few months moving to ecommerce. I notice in the demo site it is still turned on in the home corporate page.

Can it be turned off until I decide to start selling online?

You can turn on/off the cart ribbon on the top, so if you don’t install the e-commerce plugin you can use the theme as a corporate site, and when you will install the woo commerce plugin turn on also the cart feature :)

Thank you for your quick reply. Now I’m off to buy!

thank you :)

Awesome theme! It looks great.

1. I can’t find an option to turn comments off on pages. Could you tell me how to do that?

2. On contact page: I selected google maps to display OPEN when page opens, yet it is still closed. Any ideas how to fix this?

Thank you! Best theme I have worked with yet.

WordPress is so boring with this “leave a reply” in all the pages :)

btw, in the page open the screen options tab (top right) and tick “discussion”. Then, under the editor, remove the tick from “allow comments” and “allow trackback and pingback”

2- Congrats, you found the first bug of MayaShop :) now we will fix it. If you can open a topic in the support forum, tomorrow we will let you know how to fix the bug, thank you!

Hi Sara, I’m planning on purchasing your theme but want to make sure I can disable the ecommerce & review component. It it possible? Thanks, Greg

You can turn on/off the cart on the top, the add to cart ribbon, the add to cart button, the review tab and so on, and use the theme like a catalogue :)

How do I do that Sara? My website is I need the Products plugin but not the eCommerce component. It also shows all the eCommerce links on the nav bar and I don’t want them to show. Thanks, Greg

The products plugin IS the eCommerce, you can’t display products without the woo commerce plugin. But if you have the last version of maya, you can turn off the cart feature and the add to cart button in the product detail page. Also, in Appearance > Menu did you already create your custom menu navigation, as explained in the documentation? so you can chose which navigation links have in your menu. ( and remove the ecommerce links)

I’m interested in buying this, I’m very new to this so wil the theme work straight out of the box? And i can start selling right away? I use PayPal so can I use this to receive payments on my products? If you can let me know how easy this is to set up I will buy

Sure, you only need to install the free woo commerce plugin, set your paypal address in the admin panel and you are ready to sell your products. I think is very easy to set up this theme, and in the support forum you will find also the videotutorials and our sample data to import our demo content (that you van easily customize) with just one click. :)

Hi Sara,

Congratulations on a great theme. Very slick and very classy!

Best wishes


Thank you so much :)


Great Theme!

Please is it possible changing the size and the font of menu titles?

Thank you!

Yes, if course. In the “typography” panel you can set the font-size if all the section of the site :)

Hi there,

Just purchased Sheeva theme and is amazing.

Curious how this site would look like with without ecommerce? Do you have a demo of that coming? Want to use this for a clothing store but without selling online.

Design is beatiful.

Cheers, P

You can see the corporate home page. If you turn off the e-commerce you will not have the cart ribbon on the top righ side of the header, but the design and the features are the same :)

OMG ! This theme is AMAZING !!! Are you going to the skins for this one too like the Sommerce Premium Skins you did? WOW I am just so impressed with this theme!

Hi and thanks :) Maybe in the future we will add the skins also for this theme, for the moment i’m not sure.

this theme is great

just started using it

i have a few problems:

on my top bar, i only have My Account and Track My Order as links

but it has automatically added a “login” link

when a user clicks on this and loggs in my top bar then says

“my Account, track my order, logout, logout” i get logout twice?

also my theme wont let me chance the menus font, ive tried several fonts and it just kkeeps it on the default?

thanks for all support

a few other errors

i cannot rename “shop” to “store” without getting a php error?

on my products page it seems to keep the side bar, but puts it under the product?

i want to remove “product” from the permalink to and preferbly replace it with store?

when looking at categories id like to remove “product-category” from the permalink

thanks all support appreciated

Please, open a topic in the support forum with this issues:

so we can check each issue :)

Holie molie, this is a good looking theme. Is it compatible with WP-commerce and the Gold Cart plugin? If so, I’d be in heaven.

No, i’m sorry. Is compatible only with Woo Commerce or Jigoshop. :(

I bought it anyway. Switched to Woo. Very happy so far.

Good choise. I think Woo Commerce is better then Wp e-commerce. thank you :)

Can the logo be moved from center to left? or is it stuck in center?

Sure, you can remove the text-align:center so the logo will be on the left side :)

Hi, this is such a pretty looking theme! Congratulations. Quick question: the layerslider you used is the html-version, not the wp-version right?

Is the WP plugin version. :)

You guys are doing some really cool stuff lately.
One to watch.

thank you :)