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Good afternoon. I have 2 questions: 1) How can I change the size of the logo on the main page? I upload a big picture, but it shrinks and does not look nice. I can somewhere explicitly specify the size in pixels? 2) Some cooks display similar products under the description. And this happens arbitrarily. I disable this option, but it continues to be displayed. What to do? Thank you

Hi, I see similar products always under the product description, in all 3 pages.

Hi, Sara On the first two links you see the products with pictures, and a little higher right under the description of the link to the goods. The last link is not there.

How to remove unnecessary links with the goods?

Hello. The Top Bar Countdown displays on my site but it does not actively countdown. It sits at all zeros, can you help me with that please?

Hi, the topbar problem can be related to a js error on your page, can you give me the url of your website?

About the Layer Slider, you no need active it, we will send you a new version inside the next Maya update.

The url to my site is www.naturallyspeakingfoods.com ~Just an FYI, I had to deactivate it since my site needed to go live immediately.

Okay, thank you. I will wait for the next update.

The url to my site is www.naturallyspeakingfoods.com ~Just an FYI, I had to deactivate it since my site needed to go live immediately.

Okay, thank you. I will wait for the next update.

Hi, my site is using theme 3.1.1 with layerslider 6.5.8, however the minilayer options seemed not working well, the image position is off the place, full width slider. It did not happen before. Please see the screenshot. Please update layerslider or advise. Thank you. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VzIF4mtj8TlSLYWkIjfWa4jbglMZmhOJ/view?usp=sharing

Hi, can you send me the url of the page? Probably I can fix it with a simple css code. Best regards.

Again the same problem. Again I am incapable to see in Chrome, or Firefox the Guest/Registered payment options, I try 3 differents computers, Macs and PC that never had this page previously on cache and Nothing, Only works in PRIVATE MODE on Firefox, and that of course is completely useless. I erased cache from all the Browsers, erase the cache from Magento and nothing works. Any ideas?

Hi there, when you are not logged in, you can see the “Create an account?” checkbox at the checkout form. What you mean with “Guest/Registered payment options”? AND ABOUT “erase the cache from Magento”, did you mean WooCommerce?

Best regards.

When I say Magento I mean Magento, Magento 1. This template is for Magento too.

When you go to checkout, this options to pay as registered or Guest are only visible in Browser in Private Mode,


When you go with normal browser, disappear.


So, I erase the browser cache as the support said, but nothing. I also erase the Magento cache (that is a thing with Magento System) and also nothing.


[youtube width=”640” height=”385” video_id=”wSBIcNmCAX0”]

your youtube embed is not responsive

Hi there, we will fix it for the next theme update. Thank you.

Hi Sara, Can you please help us since a recent MayaShop theme update, the official WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin no longer works. We tried disabling all plugins with only WooCommerce and the WooCommerce Points and Rewards active and it didn’t work, changing the theme to storefront or 2017 works perfectly.

It did work up until a recent MayaShop update. Can you please tell us is this intentional as YITH have your own Points and Rewards extension.

We would like to know if its worth renewing support or this change was intentional or if its likely to be addressed in a future update.

Many Thanks

Hi Sara, We never received any acknowledgment of the email being received, as the end client is chasing us can you please confirm the issue is being looked into?

Many Thanks


Hi there, do you have the same problem after updating the theme and plugins to the latest versions?

Hi Sara, thank you for your message the layout issues were resolved. however the points and rewards still do not show on the cart page so there is no way for customers to redeem reward points with the official WooCommerce extension.

Hi Sara, Any news on this? The client is chasing us..

Hi there, do you have the same problem after updating the theme and plugin version?

Very very very very very easy to use this theme. 2 thumbs up and 10 stars! I really love it. It just after updating to woocommerce 3.3 everything messed up. Hope you can try to fix the theme with latest woocommerce patch.

Hi there, yes, we are working to the new Maya update with the WooCommerce 3.3 support. We will release it probably in next week.

Best regards.

Hi Sara,

We also have layout issues and pages being messed up with latest version of WooCommerce can you please help? Our orders have taken a nose dive!

Please help urgently!

Hi there, you have the same problem also with the latest Maya update? Are you using a cache plugin?

Thank you the layout issues were resolved.

Any updates to theme with WooCommerce 3.3.1? My site is not working with verbiage showing on every item on the drop down menus. niftylabels.com

Hi there, the new Maya update (with WooCommerce 3.3.x support) will be released next week ;)

Hello, there seems to be a compatibility issue with this theme (3.2) and the latest version of Woocommerce. I have two websites www.watchesbay.co.uk and www.jewellerybay.co.uk which are not displaying any products after the recent woocommerce update. If I change to another theme to test then all my products appear. Both sites are behaving the same way

Hello, is there any updates with this theme as its currently costing me a lot of sales? I have tried 3-4 different themes and they work so I am sure the issue is with your MayaShop theme

Any idea when the new update will be available? Is it still this week?

Hi there, the update was released on friday :)

Please provide a date when the MayaShop theme will be updated and support Woocommerce 3.3.X. I need to communicate whatever information you provide to my customers. Thank you for your prompt response.

Hi there, the update was released on friday :)

Hello, I currently have this error showing on my wordpress/woocommerce website

-maya/woocommerce/cart/cart-empty.php version 2.0.0 is out of date. The core version is 3.1.0

Hi there, you have updated the theme files manually or replaced all the folder? Probably there is an old template in your installation.

I have a big problem. If I browse my website with mobile phone does not work. Why? http://www.barefootenduranceshop.com/

Hi there, have you solved it? I don’t see problems now.

The latest theme has a conflict with Woocommerce 3.3.3. When you go to checkout and enter card details, it gives the following error: Please enter your card details to make a payment. Developers: Please make sure that you are including jQuery and there are no JavaScript errors on the page. I am having to rollback my version to fix it.

Hi there, can you try to install the latest theme version?

Hi Sara_p,

i’m web developer (both wordpress and frontend) having experience of 7 years – i have done lots of projects for themeforest – if you need an web developer please mail me at this themezane@outlook.com

“I’m sorry if this comment distrubs you”

Thank you :)

Is it possible to stop the scroll to top, when the user clicks ADD TO CART? I have enabled Ajax in WooCommerce settings. I want the page to remain in its location after ADD TO CART.

Hello there, you should edit this file wp-content\themes\maya\js\jquery.custom.js

and remove the line from 329-331

$('body').on( 'added_to_cart', function(){
    $('html, body').delay(500).animate({scrollTop:0}, 'slow');
} );

Have a nice day


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hello, we are using latest version of Mayashop theme, but the default pop-up in themes option seems to be broken. It was working before. Now when turning on pop-up (only text) the frontend of site is not working. Please fix it in the next update.

Hello there, Thank you for advise us, I will inform the developers

Have a nice day

Hi there, previously I had purchased Tyrion. I wanted to download the latest version of Tyrion and found that is no longer available. How can download now ?? My existing Tyrion version is 1.6.8 and I like to update to 1.8.0 to support woocommerce 3.x. What should I do now ??

Hi there, I’m sorry, but it’s not possible request a theme update (for removed themes) if the support license has already expired.