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hi. congratulation on the great theme. it’s beautiful and exactly what i’m looking for. just a question.. if I buy the theme, does it include JigoShop and Woo Commerce plugins already? because i noticed that Woo Commerce is not free. or I need to buy it separatey.


You have to install Woocommerce, but is a free plugin! :)

Wow!!! make me feel like opening a store! great job indeed.

Im surprised it hasnt sold more copys yet..I think envato should just raise prices across the board, instead of making it look like the author wants more. To newbies its kinda confusing…there is prolly a bunch of peeps waiting for this theme to go back to 35 (if it ever was) before purchasing. Personaly I have no probs with the price increases…especially for work like this! :) this theme would cost multi thousands to have made.

Hi and thank you for your feedback :) Usually the e-commerce theme for WordPress are sold for 40$ but for MayaShop the reviewer has increased the price, i don’t know why. Maybe he loves my theme :)

@CanCars I totally agree a theme like this should run at $100 or more… anyone… and I mean anyone who is looking to sell goods online can and should be able to afford to spend $100 on a well developed theme… to build something like this from scratch you’re looking at $5000+ EASILY …. it’s what’s been hold me back from developing themes for this marketplace as the’re prices so cheaply…

On Themeforest authors earn with the amount, so if i sell 200 Mayashop themes, i earn $6000+, and with only 1 work :)

Hi Sara,

Bought the theme and loving its elegance.

Any chance of letting me know how to put social icons in the header or if you could include this feature in an update

So many thanks.

For the moment is not possible to have the social icons on the header. Maybe we will add this feature in some next update, thank you for the suggestion :)

Thank you for getting back to me on this. Would love it if you could include this feature in your next update. I think a lot of other customers would like this option too.

I bought this theme, but the ribbon animation below the products ain’t showing… can you help?

Strange issue, maybe you have some js conflict? please, open a new topic in the support forum:

so we will check better, thanks! :)

I bought this theme and whenever I try adding my custom logo (.png file) in the Theme Options->General tab, the WHOLE website refreshes and I lose everything I’ve done. All my customizations are gone.

How do I insert my logo into the website?

(EDIT)In fact whenever i hit the “Save” button on General page everything refreshes. I’ve lost the whole site :[

Please, open a new topic in the support forum:

so we will check better the issues you are reporting, thanks! :)

metalkid<....I believe you need the “e commerce” plug in for that to function. I might buy this tonight and play with it, but I would want that ribbon shut off until things were ready….by the sounds of what you are saying, it can be optionaly disabled.

The template looks very good – but let me make sure I can use if for my purpose (our company provides services):

  • once members sign in into their account, can I provide them with anything else besides the orders? I would like to offer them exclusive access to presentations, video clips etc
  • can I review comments to the blog before allowing them
  • is there any plugin for allowing Google ads, if I ever get to that point
  • can I include Twitter feeds on the blog page?

Thanks a lot, Dan

1- With the free version of Woo Commerce this is not possible. Maybe there are some premium addons of the plugin that allow you to do this. 2- Yes, you can moderate the comments in the blog 3- I think you can install some Google ads plugin in the theme without any issues. 4- We have a twitter widget that you can use in the blog sidebar to display your latest twitter messages.

Hi Sara I like your work. Just having the same thing occur as ericfantich above and any indication when you may have the import sample data ready? Thanks

I’m just uploading the sample data files in the support forum:

Download the update: MayaShop 1.1 and in the support forum get the sample data :)

I’m looking to buy this theme but I’ve already purchased Cart66. Is this theme compatible with it?

No, i’m sorry, is compatible only with Woo Commerce or Jigoshop.

I found a small bug in the inc/fonts.php file concerning the “Navigation font”. On line 24, there is an extra comma (,) after font_navigation which needs to be removed:

Replace 'id_option' => 'font_navigation,', with 'id_option' => 'font_navigation',

thank you so much for reporting this. We will fix this bug in the next update :)

Huge compliments for Mayashop. You’ve created a very flexible shop theme. I also like the great slider variety. :bigsmile:

thank you :)

is possible translate woo ecommerce backend to spanish?

thanks, great job!

Woo commerce has already the spanish translation ready:


I have a couple of pre-purchase questions. I am setting up a shop centered around digital file downloads. I have two stores already which I have used Woocommerce for and I am totally happy with WOO and I know it supports integration with paypal fdigital delivery and amazon s3 storage and all that. The problem is I am having trouble finding a theme compatible with woocomerce that is beautiful (like this one) and that will support video previews. MAny of my products will have video previews and it would be necessary for me to have videos instead of images on each product page. I never thought that would be difficult but I have tried with several themes only to be told its not possible. Would Maya shop work in this manner? They will be video previews (with a watermark) and then the person can purchase the video (via paypal, link served up from amazon) but I need video product previews not images. THanks!

When tested on my iPhone 4, Homepage versions 3 and 4 are the only ones that the slider works on… Is that the way it is supposed to be?

Yes, because only the sliders of this home pages are “responsive”. The others sliders are not responsive, so are replaced with a static header in IPhone e others phone devices. :)

So would I be able to have videos in the product page? Product videos instead of product images?

No, i’m sorry. I asked this to my developers, but this is not possible.

good day. this looks like a brilliant theme. does it have multiple currencies to choose from. does it have South African Rands?

I just checked, for the moment South African Rands is not an available currency. Btw, you can add it! Is possible to add custom currency editing a single php file of the plugin, as explained here:

hope is useful for you :)

where can i get that sample data ?

i can’t see the demo….??? it’s down.

Yes, we are changing the server so we have some issues in this moment, please, try again later :)