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Ive just bought the theme and the version i get when downloading is v.1.1? This is what comes up after activation “There is a new version of the Maya theme available. You have version 1.1 installed. Update to version 2.8.9.”

The problem is that the link leads to 1.1 so where is the link to version 2.8.9?

Thank you!

Maybe we have some issues with the notification, you have the right version, the 1.1 :) my apologies for this.

i cant see where it says anything about the ecommerce plugin, is this theme including ecommerce plugin? or do i need to download the ecommerce plugin?

Warm regards Birken

In the description of the theme you can read that MayaShop is compatible both with WooCommerce and with Jigoshop :)

Hi Sara,

i understand that is compitable with jigi and woo, but what ecommerce do you use on your demo? here


Woo Commerce (i think is better then Jigoshop) :)

Hi Sara, sent you a pm yesterday but haven’t heard back. :) appreciate if you could revert to me with the details. tnx

Sorry, maybe i missed your pm. Can you send me again the message? thanks :)

Have sent you another PM :)

where you send the pm? because i can’t find your messages. Send me an email to support[at], and in the message say me “i’m 3antz” please :)

Ciao Sara e complimenti per il tema che credo sia attualmente uno dei più completi su TF. Se ora, come leggo, integrerete anche le gallerie e il portafolio ( spero filtrabile ) sarà davvero super !

Vorrei avere cortesemente dei chiarimenti se possibile: - il tema è HTML5 ? - Risulta compatibile con Qtranslate o WPML , eventualmente quale useresti ? - Quali ottimizzazioni SEO sono state applicate ? - E’ possibile disabilitare la modalità ” responsive” ? - E’ possibile avere un menù a fondo pagina ? - Sono integrate le funzionalità “breadcrumbs”, pagina 404, Sitemap ? - E’ possibile vedere da qualche parte il pannello amministratore ?

Grazie 1000 per le risposte. Ciao Nicola

Ciao cphone, Il tema non è HTML5 , per il resto:

- E’ compatibile with WPML ; - Per il seo, oltre alle breadcrumps, in ogni pagina puoi avere h1, h2,h3 e anche slogan e subslogan (che sono altri tag h). WordPress è già ottimizzato per i motori di ricerca, nel caso puoi anche aggiungere un altro plugin veramente ottimo e gratuito,All In One Seo Pack. - Si, puoi disabilitare il responsive - E’ possibile avere un menu nel footer - Abbiamo integrato le breadcrumps e la pagina 404, ma non la sitemap. Presumo di poterla inserire in qualche update futuro, se serve. - Qua puoi vedere un piccolo video che mostra il pannello di amministrazione di Maya:

spero di esserti stata utile :)

Ciao e grazie per il tempo dedicato. Molto utile anche il video. Grazie ancora.

Question, before I purchase… Can you put a woo commerce search at the top area, maybe near the cart icon? This is a really important feature for my upcoming project.

at the moment in the header we don’t have a widget area, i don’t know if we can add this feature in the next update, maybe :)

wow! i wish would be for opencart

i’m sorry, at the moment is compatible only with Woo Commerce and Jigoshop..

Have a quick question before i purchase it. How you calculate shipping when you hit “calculate shipping” ? Which shipping module are you using and which carriers you support? Is it possible to use 3rd party shipping plugin and integrate with your shopping cart? Thanks

I suggest you to install Woo Commerce in your WordPress before to purchase the theme, so you can check yourself the shipping features and if is possible to add another shipping plugin to woo commerce. :)

would it be possible to hard code the woo commerce product search into the header somehow? I mean the widget are there would be awesome, but maybe just putting some code in may work?

Is possible, but is a changes in the header.php file, and you will have to remember don’t change this file when update the theme..

If I purchase the theme, could you help me place the code in there? and I will be sure to have record of it for future updates.

Open a topic in the support forum:

so our developer can help you to add the code in your header. :)

Is it possible to have more than one photo on an individual product page? I need to have several photos for each item.

Sure. In this page you can see an example:

under the big picture you can see 2 thumbnails (we are using images of a different product, only to show that is possible to have more images). You can use unlimited images for each product and chose the “featured” image (the first big image).

great to hear!

Have you released the new theme that includes a photo gallery? I really want this theme but I must have a photo gallery. Thanks in advance :-)

I already sent the update to ThemeForest. Here you can see an example of filterable gallery:

(you can turn on/off the filterable feature)

FANTASTIC !!!!! So excited, THANK YOU ! I will be following you :-) I appreciate your super quick reply’s also.

Now MayaShop has portfolio and gallery pages :)

Dear Sara I think you forget to include in archive a file (infinity-portfolio.php). I am getting error when I am trying to active the theme.

Failed opening ‘infinity-portfolio.php’ for inclusion in /wp-content/themes/maya/inc/functions-theme.php on line 10

You’re right, thank you so much for reporting me this issue. I already sent the update to TF, please, have patience.

Okay, the update is available, please download again the theme to fix the bug :)

Hi Sara,

I just purchased yout theme, but am having trouble uploading it in WordPress. I am uploading the ZIP file in the section: Appearance/Themes/Install Theme After waiting a while to upload, I get an error message ‘Server 500’ Is this something to do with my hosting provider (GoDaddy)?


strange issue. Please, open a topic in the support forum:

so we can check better and help you. thanks

How can i translate: 1.”Related Products” 2.When buy a product -> “Added”


Please, open a topic in the support forum:

with your questions, we will reply you monday :)

Hi Sara,

do you have a user manual or documentation to help set up the home page?

Kind Regards, Tira

In the documentation folder open the index.html file in your browser. In the tab “set up pages” i explain how i did the pages. Also, in the support forum you will find a lot of videotutorials that explain how to set the theme:


Hi there,

Love the look. I have bought the Sheeva theme and is amazing to work with. Want to get Maya but possible to have fullscreen slider like Sheeva? Also, how hard would it be to add slider images in widget area (just sponsors ads that rotate)? Also, is it hard to change some of the formatting to make pages a little different than Sheeva like you did for blog?

Cheers, P


i want to ask a question .how to setup this section on right section of the slider

Welcome to Maya Shop A new and fresh e-commerce theme based on WordPress. You can create your shop with unlimited combinations, colors and with a lot of great features. This is the first of the 8 sliders available, and here you can put some widgets (i’m using a text widget to add this content! :) Unlimited colors, 200+ Cufon/Google fonts, 60 custom background…Maya is a theme designed by yourself. Is really fun to set up your e-commerce site with this wonderful theme.


This text is settable in appearance > theme options, if you chose to configure the Mini Layer or the Nivo slider. :)

Salve Sara! Ho visto il lavoro ottimo che hai fatto con Sheeva. Mi piacciono entrambi teme! Complimenti!

I want Maya but is it possible to configure and/or modify Maya’s header to look like the header of the minimal (minimalist) advanced skin of Sheeva? I like it very much.

This is the link: (

Grazie mille! A dopo!