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Hi there Sara,

could you please let me know how to turn opacity: 0.7: for just the content background? I need to do this so I can use this project to rebuild this website that I built quite some time ago:

As you can see the content background I have opacity set to let the background image come through. I would love to use this theme on this project as it gets a huge amount of traffic each day. I want to show it off better using this theme.


Please, open a new topic in the support forum:

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A simple question: when I upload the as a new theme, then activate it, it previews correctly. But my wordpress admin vanishes and I have to delete the maya folders that are installed to get the admin back and function. Any thoughts on this? Thanks

Please, open a new topic in the support forum:

so we can check your issue (that is a very strange issue, never seen) and help you. Thanks.

Hi Sara, The theme looks amazing and I love how much it can be customized. It looks to be the best ecommerce theme for WP available on ThemeForest. Before I purchase, could you possibly provide a short list of working sites that have been built using this theme? Many thanks in advance.

This theme is for sales only for 2 weeks so we don’t know yet working sites that are using MayaShop (and for privacy reasons i have to ask the permission to the authors before to put the urls here), i’m sorry…

Hi Sara,

This may be a silly question, but do customers have to register to buy product? Can I turn this function off?

I will be setting up a site that sells digital downloads, I don’t require shipping information and asking them to register might deter some people.

Very nice theme by the way!

Cheers Kahren

It seems that you can turn on/off the register feature. Btw i suggest you to install Woo Commerce before to purchase my theme and check yourself the features of this powerful plugin :)

Hi Sara, Very good theme, congratulations. If I want to use the “LayerSlider slideshow”, I must pay 15$ extra for the plugin ? thanks

No, the plugin is already included in the theme. If you want to use the plugin in another wordpress theme, yes, you have to purchase it :)


I just bought your theme but when I upload the theme all I get is a message saying “Are you sure you want to do this” and a please try again link.

Clean database, clean WP 3 .3.2 install, no other plugins or themes.

I’ve checked the Themeforest d/l folders and this is the only zip I see.

This is an urgent project soooo….help please? :)

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so we can check your issue and help you. Thanks. :)

It’s OK, I manually uploaded it and it’s worked fine. Weird. Not sure if that’s a bug or not but might be worth noting!

Cheers. :)

Great :)


great theme

Before I buy, can the homepage be set out like this:

1. Homepage slider on the top 2. And then a block of text underneath


a pre-sales question here: How many pictures can I display for a product?

Ah. it’s a Woocommerce Feature?

Yes :) this theme use Woo Commerce.

Yes :) this theme use Woo Commerce.

Hey Sara,

Just letting you know that I rated your theme 5 stars! I’m not anywhere near to being complete with my website and its already looking phenomenal. The cleanliness and organization of the theme is beyond perfect. There are only a few things that I would like to give feedback on. I cannot text align the navigation bar if there are not enough items to fill it. It looks a bit odd with the left aligned text and a center aligned logo. Also, the newsletter integration is a bit difficult for me to understand at first. Possibly add a plug-in that is compatible with 3rd party programs (mailchimp, etc)

Otherwise, this theme is the best theme I’ve ever seen/used so far. Keep up the good work :)

thank you so much for your great feedback :)

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Salve Sara! Ho visto il lavoro ottimo che hai fatto con Sheeva. Mi piacciono entrambi teme! Complimenti!

I want Maya but is it possible to configure and/or modify Maya’s header to look like the header of the minimal (minimalist) advanced skin of Sheeva? I like it very much.

This is the link: (

Grazie mille! A dopo!

You can upload the header image, but to move the menu navigation on the left you need to edit the code. I can help you to do this :)

Hello! I like this theme very much. But unfortunately the menu-font is not fitting to the products I’d like to offer. So is the menu font adjustable? Is it also possible to add more payment methods (like google checkout) later via plugins or so? Thank you very much! Racker

Yes, you can edit the fonts of all the sections like navigation, slogans, titles, and so on. For the payment gateways, Woo commerce has this additional plugins (but are not free):

(you wll find also Google Checkout in the list)

Hi Sara, great theme! Are there tutorial videos? How do we acess them?


Pati Vasconcelos

Hi Sara, one last question: does it work with Wordpress 3.1? Thanks!

Hello there I love this theme… I have a pre-sale question: does Mayashop includes a Gift Registry feature? For example: a couple who want wedding gifts at a particular online shop can register all the gifts they want and invite their friends to look up their name and found what this couple have registered for gifts. it’s a sort of wish-list but available to a registered user, but this wish-list is made available for the public to access. If not can you custom develop this for me? Let me know.

At the moment Woo Commerse doesn’t support gift registry, i’m sorry.

Dear Sara, I just purchased the theme. However, when I install it on my fatcow server, it says: “You don’t have permission to access /wp-admin/update.php on this server.” I was afraid that it is fatcow’s issue, so I installed another purchased theme, which it worked fine. Are there alternatives for installing the theme? or is there any way I play around with to avoid this? Best, Daniel

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Ciao Sara, sono italiano ed ho appena acquistato il template e ci sto lavorando adesso. Complimenti per il template, davvero molto ricco di funzionalità come l’ottimo “megamenu”. Proprio di questo volevo parlarti: perché non riesco a crearlo? se nelle opzioni menu, mi vado a creare un menu a tendina non mi appare il tab “css classes” ma soltanto “url”, navigation label” e “title attribute”? Grazie mille!

Come spiegato nella documentazone, apri la tab in alto a destra (in inglese si chiama screen options, non so in italiano) e spunta “CSS Classes”. Dopo vedrai nelle opzioni delle voci del menu la css classes :)

Quick question, does this template support users and registering new users?

Hi Sara

Question, is it possible to use this theme as a webshop, but without the possibility of actually buying any of the products and therefor no shoppingcart.

All the products need to be displayed with all the product information and price, but without the possibility of putting the product in a shoppingcart and buying.

Yes, you can use the theme like a catalogue :)


What are the technical requirements of this WP theme/Woo Commerce setup with regard to webhotel/server e.g. memory, php, MySql and so on.

The standard requirements for a WordPress theme, PHP , mysql, domani + hosting and so on :)

If you upload a video to the blog page, what does the page look like, as all the other blog posts have rounded edges.

I’m sorry, you can’t have a video instead the image in the blog post. You can add videos only inside the article.


This theme works with woocommerce and Jigoshop plugins.

Do you know if it will work with plugin? I am interested in this plugin because his extensions are better for my project.


No, i’m sorry.

Beautiful theme! However, it’s making my product galleries look weird.

Any help?

I can’t see the page in this url. Btw, please open a new topic in the support forum:

so we can check and help you. thanks :)