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How do I get the most current version (ver 1.8.0)? The only version available through Themeforest is 1.6.1.

The last version of the theme is the 1.6.1., not the 1.8.0!

Hi Sara, I have been wanting your template for months now but I am a complete beginner, confident that I can probably work out most things with your tutorials and the forum, but just wondering if there is a developer you recommend who I can go to to help me out with some work for your theme if I need it? Which I probably will, because somethings it is just going to be eaiser to pay someone rather than the hours it would take me to work out. Thanks a lot. It is such a gorgeous theme and just want to know I can find someone to help if my own efforts with all resources get me no where :)

Hi, i don’t know, maybe you can open a topic in the forum here on themeforest and to hire a developer that can help you to set the theme.


I have a difficulty installing the theme – it says that css is missing!

“Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed”

I’ve used winace but no luck.

Can you please help me? I am not sure what to do.

Thanks, Jane

Please read the documentation, you are installing the wrong file. Install, not the zip you downloaded from themeforest.

come posso fare per cambiare dimensione alle thumbnail dei prodotti dentro il carrello?

Aggiungi questa regola alla textarea custom style che trovi in theme options > general:

table.shop_table td.product-thumbnail img {width: 66px;}

cambia il valore 66 a tuo piacimento.

le immagini rimangono a 90px X 90px come prima….(parlando sempre delle thumbnail dentro la pagina “Carrello”)...ho provato diversi valori in px ma non cambia…

E’ strano, nella nostra demo i valori cambiano. Prova ad aprire un topic nel nostro forum di supporto.



Must start by saying that I love your theme! I’m thinking strong on buying it!

I did not want it to an online shop more an information page.

I have some questions.

- Can you have “full width tab” on the right side instead of the left as it is on the demo.

- Is it possible to resize the “slider”? How many pixels is it now?

- Then I wonder if it comes with a demo content.xml file? There are already almost everything is installed, templates and more.

There are questions I have right now.

Best regads



I mean on the page “Features tab” in the Demo version (Full width tab).

“Can you have “full width tab” on the right side instead of the left as it is on the demo."



What do you mean exactly?

Hello I’m sorry for my English :)

What I mean is: On your demo version, there is a tab is called “FEATURES” there is a section called the “FEATURES TAB ” as an example page. I wonder if I can change the full-width tab so that it is on the right side instead of the left side as it is now?

Best regads Freddie

Come si fà a impostare il full width tab?? nella pagina degli short code l’ho trovato e funziona ma non è come il freatures tab della demo…uno è orizzontale…e a me servirebbe verticale per problemi di spazio…ho letto che si deve fare come dice nella demo aggiungendo custom post types…ma dove?? non capisco come si fa?? grazie per la continua disponibilità…

Quella verticale non è la tab che trovi negli shortcode. In theme options trovi la tab “features tab”. Una volta creata la tab la troverai a sinistra nel pannello e potrai aggiungere le schede (ogni post è una scheda, il titolo del post sarà il titolo della scheda, l’immagine caricata come featured image l’icona e il contenuto nell’editor sarà il contenuto della tab)


This is a gorgeous theme. Do you have a support forum where buyers can ask questions/ get assistance with issues? I can’t seem to find a link on this page.


This is the url of the support forum, but is available only for buyers.


é possibile togliere quelle barrette a sinistra dove ci andrebbero le skills e date??? anche lasciando i campi vuoti rimangono… danno fastidio per la galleria…. ho guardato nell’ editor ma ci capisco poco…

Aggiungi questa regola alla textarea custom style che trovi in theme options > general:

.portfolio-post .work-skillsdate {display:none;}

Grazie mille sempre disponibile. scusa per le mille domande!

You are the same designer who created the Sheeva theme. If I buy this theme will I be able to convert my Sheeva site to this theme without many problems?

Hello, I am going to purchase this theme, and I have a few questions:

1. Is it possible to make the images in the homepage slider bigger? I was hoping to have a larger banner.

2. In the pages for the products, is it possible to adjust the size of the photo of the item to take up the entire width of the body page, and have the item description go under the picture instead?

3. Is there a plug-in that can allow the user to hover over product photos, and it will magnify/zoom in automatically without having to click?

4. I want to be able to use this theme like a shop with prices showing and everything, BUT I do not want to have a shopping cart/check out option. More like an online catalogue with prices. Do I still need to install WooCommerce?

Beautiful theme, you have. Looking forward to your reply!

Im a complete beginner, had no clue about what I was doing or even where to start, but my passion for this theme made me buy it and I have no regrets. It comes with a detailed step-by-step from begining to end and the support is so fast and so good. I have no complaints at all, extremely satisfied, couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend this theme! :D

Wow thanks :)

Last two questions:

1. Is it possible to add html in a product page after the product photos? An example of what I’m talking about can be viewed here:

2. How many WP blogs can this theme be used on a regular license?

1- Yes, in the product editor you can add html 2- With the regular license you can use the theme only in 1 domain.

Hey, Is the navigation background able to be uploaded? or is it counted as part of the header background?

I assume the dividers can be changed, along with colours, etc

? thanks

Is a part fo the header background. You can change colors, borders and so on, and upload a different image for your header.

Ciao Sara, mi piacerebbe prendere il tuo tema ma ho bisogno di personalizzarlo un po’, in particolare l’header, mi piacerebbe caricare una immagine nella barra del top menu, cambiare l’immagine della la “linguetta” del carrello e poche altre cose. Conoscendo HTML e CSS ma pochissimo PHP pensi che sia possibile? Grazie e scusa la strana domanda

Puoi cambiare la linguetta del carrello direttamente dal pannello del tema, senza toccare html e css. Per le altre modifiche, dipende…i nostri sviluppatori possono comunque darti una mano, se le modifiche sono veloci :)

Sara how can you custom order the products on a product page. This is very important to a client. Is there a plugin that will allow this to happen? Thanks Mark

I don’t know, i’m sorry. I suggest you to check if Woo Commerce has an extension for this feature.

I am trying to find out how I can change the subject line of the “order completed” email. Can’t figure out which file that is in. Thanks!

Please open a topic in the support forum and ask this to my developer so we can check and help you.


hello, just purchased this theme but having much difficulty getting it installed or uploaded to Word Press. Does it have to be uploaded a certain way? I tried the WP instructions, but am unable to locate the file on my computer in the “browse”....does it have to be converted to another type of file before it’s found in Browse? Is there directions somewhere on how to get this theme applied to the Word Press admin page? Already tried contacting WP, they sent me to the “theme directions” and that is what I tried to follow and it’s not working. Any help is MUCH appreciated! Thanks!

To add to the above posting….I was able to find Maya Shop in the “browse” function on my PC, but when trying to upload, Im getting the message that “the uploaded file exceeds the upload max filesize directive in php.ini”....can someone tell me if I am just not uploading the zip file correctly?

you are uploading be sure you don’t upload the zip you downloaded from themeforest, you have to install only the theme archive, called “”.

So sorry to keep bothering you….I just wanted to let you know that I got it installed! Turns out my hosting site needed to give me “more PHP space” or something like that….so Im good to go! Thanks so much, I love this theme and am anxious to get my site up and running!

....Great :)