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I was just wondering if maya shop is compatible with the new WP version wordpress 3.4.2?





Can I put product categories on home page instead of NEW ARRIVALS ON MAYA ’S SHOP or BEST SELLERS OF THE MONTH ?

Sure, enter the shortcode of the product categories in the editor of the page and remove the shortcodes we used for best sellers and new arrivals!

Hi! Awesome theme…. one last question before I purchase- does it come with psd files for the shopping card ribbon at the top, social icons, and other images found throughout the theme? My designer would like to customize some of those pieces.

Yes, there is the psd of the ribbon. The social icons are not in the psd, are just icons i downloaded for free online.


Just setting up my version of this site, I am trying to change the body background, there were loads of different patterns in the demo site, but now its on wordpress I can only find four!


the other backgrounds are in the folder you downloaded from themeforest. You can chose “custom” in the background select and upload the background you want to use.

Added this to support forum. Hope to get soon answers.


Can you tell me if I can remove the “shopping cart” ribbon at top right on this theme? My client doesn’t like this as part of the style and rather to put a “check out” button on side bar or something else. But love the theme otherwise. Can you let me know asap. So, I can purchase this theme and start creating the site. thx!

Yes, you can turn off the shopping cart ribbon or replace the ribbon image with another image.

Hello and thanks for a great theme. Please HELP ?

I am trying to install the gzip file provided in the Forums – in order to create the theme Demo, as seen on here on ThemeForest.

I joined the YIW Forums and downloaded the gzip file, as directed in the Forums. I did NOT extract it.

I tried to Import the file into the Wordpress database, using PHP MyAdmin. The gzip file would not import; database errors.

The gzip file will not Import into the Wordpress theme; only xml files will import into Wordpress themes. (Although, I did Import the xml file provided in the Forums; that added some photos but no Posts.)

So: how to re-create the theme demo as seen here on ThemeForest? What am i missing? Please help?

Thank you!

You have to use the Import/export tab in Appearance. Here you can upload the .gz file.

How to add captch in login page

Is not possible, i’m sorry.

Hi, thank you for the script for being able to change the font on the Title and the description. I copied and pasted the rules into the custom style area under General….but I still cant find the place where I can actually change the font. Im really sorry, I’ve looked everywhere, and am probably just missing it! Please advise, I really appreciate your help!

You can change the font in Appearance > Theme options > Typography > Typography > Logo font and Logo description font.

Never mind the post made earlier today re: import theme. found where to import: Appearance – Import/Export.

The site hosting being used would not support this theme. a test site loaded the Demo content and ran great on Hostmonster hosting.

Thanks!’re welcome!

Bought this theme and love it!

I really need my products to show up 3 items per row instead of 5, and that their icon would become larger instead of sticking to the left like in your demo “short code” because it is simply too small…

May I know if you could help me in this? Thanks

Please open a topic in the support forum and ask this to my developers. thanks!

I have activated my site on the support forum but I cannot find any way to post a topic. I can read endless forum topics but none address my specific concerns. Please tell me where to find the Post Topic button on the support forum.

In the left side of the forum there is a red button “new topic”.

I want the pictures in my online store to pop up in a new window when clicked instead of the page directing to the image link.

Try clicking on an image on this page to see what I mean:


Please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.


Hi, before purchasing the theme I have some questions. I am new and my questions may sound really simple but I would greatly appreciate your help and advice.. Can I add zoom functionality for the pictures? Is it possible to replace upper buttons with category buttons such as Home-Towels-Duvets-Pillows, etc? Also, can other things such as Contact US, privacy, and all other informational stuff be added to theme in the footer? Can this theme be a two column on the home page where the product categories are on the left? Thank you very much. Hakan

1- Yes, but you have to purchase this extension:

yes to all the others questions :)

Thank you for this great theme.

Just one question. Can we set options for the products? eg. an item have two colour, we can allow buyer to select the colour?

Sure, you can create product variations. See this videotutorial:

dc2 Purchased

Hello, How would I - change sidebar position (left / right) - change sidebar size (to 1/3)

you can change the sidebar position in the options of the page panel, in the page. But you can’t change sidebar size, i’m sorry.


dc2 Purchased

very poor documentation in part of customisation of sidebars, widget areas etc. Do you have a forum or a different knowledge base?


dc2 Purchased

how do I make a vertical tab like a frontpage in demo presented? only horisontal tab in documentation, but you say about vertical tabs in “features”

Watch the video “set the features tab”.


dc2 Purchased

Them doesn’t let to use custom widget areas. They simply does not appear. More of it, theme splits the space of the page out of the slider to rows in %, not in points. How to change that?

I simply could not make a row on the left in similar size to sidebar on the right, because [one_fourth] makes 1/4 not of full width, but of the width, left after sidebar.

Very poor Configuration Panel, excluding color settings sections.

First of all I want to say that the theme you designed is absolutely lovely!

But I have one question before I buy it, namely:

Is it possible to change the font and size of the font in the menu? Could not find it anywhere in the description. I really need that, so if you could tell me if it does, you’ll have a new buyer ;-)

Thanks in advance !