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Great theme, i have been looking for an easy to edit theme but still be able to add, edit and fit in all my existing branding without too many constraints that seem to come with others. Well done!

One quick question, please could you tell me how i can change the ‘cart’ to a ‘basket’?


Please open a topic in the support forum and ask this to my developers.



Browsing hundreds of Wrodpress/WooCommerce templates and I’ve narrowed it down to a few…

I want to make my site easy to navigate as I will be carrying hundreds of products.

1) How customizable is your filter? Can it hold more categories such as price, color, brand, etc.?

2) I’d also like to use product sliders on the homepage as a navigation tool. When it comes to titles, links, pictures – Are they easily customizable or would I have to dig into the css and html?

Thank you ahead of time. Regards, Daniel

1) Yes

2) Which changes you want to use to the product sliders, exactly?


I have searched here gone through thousands of themes, finally I’ve decided to buy this theme but I really need to ask several prior-sale questions, shall I post here or can I mail you?

You can post here your questions, thanks :)

Can I install this theme initially without shop Button option “Buy” but with productviews and later change it into a shop?

Sure! You can turn off the buy button and the cart ribbon and use the theme like a catalog! :)


This theme seems very promising! I have gone through almost all the themes and nominated 3 themes!

So after some consideration I’m gonna by one, could you please answer my pre-sale questions?

1- How easy is to setup the sliders & homepage and other pages? 2- How good is theme documentation, written or video help? 3- How much customization is available and how (without any coding)? 4- How good is after sales help or service? 5- Can I turn on or off Cart, Custom favicon & customize to sell my own brand products? 6- I’m targeting to sell IT related products only, can that be easily achieved?

Thank you a Lot :)

1-2 Set up the theme is easy (read the testimonials!) we have a lot of videotutorials and you can also import the demo files of our live preview with just 2 clicks

3- A lot of customization on colors, images and options.

4- Read the testimonials about our support :)

5- Sure!

6- Sure!

Thank you for the nice response, I just bought the theme. :)

I want to buy the mayaShop theme. But I want to download any version of this theme is 1.2, 1.3, 1.3.1, 1.3.2, 1.4, 1.5, 1.5.1, 1.6, 1.6.1. and version in the future.

No, i’m sorry, if you purchase the theme today you have only the last version available for download. Why you want also the older versions?

I had purchased some themes. The latest version. Cut out many features, not perform as advertised. Sush as the number of “body baground Image” and “Pattern”

Which, I want to complete.

We removed the backgrounds from the theme because a lot of customers have issues to upload 5mb+ of theme. You can find all the backgrounds and pattern in the “background” folder inside the archive you downloaded. In theme options > color, in the select chose “custom” and upload the background image you want to use.

Pretty sure to buy your theme: I didn’t find a hint if you include GERMAN language files with your theme. 1. Do you include the GERMAN translation? 2. If so are they in “Sie” or “Du” (meaning are people adressed in the second or third person.) ?

Thanks for helping with my buying decision.

No, i’m sorry, we don’t have a german translation ready for this theme. You have to translate the theme yourself. But it’s easy, is a single file that you can translate with the free PoEdit software. :)

This theme is so gorgeous! It has lots of features that other themes don´t have, and the design is beautiful: elegant but modern and dynamic at the same time. Also I must say the support is simply superb, specially Nicola, who has helped me a lot with some issues and changes I wanted to do on my site. I expected the support to be good, but is simply excellent! I´m glad I bought it because the Maya Shop theme and the support are worth every penny :)

thank you so much!!!!! :)


I have installed this fine and am getting to set up products, but i need customers to be able to select colour, sizes and add a personalisation message (text). Apparantly i can do this with a sidebar and product attributes which i have set up and tried, but it doesn’t show on the product pages?

How can i edit the product pages to have different sidebar widgets?

please help! also where can i download a full documentation/manual?

Thanks, Sophie

You can find a lot of videotutorials in the support forum. Also, open a topic to ask help to our developers.


where can i see the tutorial movies ? I’ve just downloaded the theme..

Videotutorials are availables in the support forum.


Is it possible to easily substitute fonts rather than using google fonts?


I had purchased some themes. The latest version. Cut out many features, not perform as advertised. Sush as the number of “body baground Image” and “Pattern”

Which, I want to complete.

I think in this way you don’t need to upload 5mb of images, you can upload only the background you want to use and not all the images. It’s better, i suppose.

Oh, dear Just only 5mb+. Today the Internet hi speed, just a few minutes to upload. It’s Just an excuse.

Is not a speed issue. A lot of users have an upload limit in WordPress, for their hosting plans. So if you read the comments here you can find a lot of users that when try to install maya have this message: “are you sure you want this?”.

We fixed this issue removing the images in the theme archive.

By the way, where is the issue? You are the first customer that ask us to have all the images inside the theme.

Hi! I just bought the Maya theme, and the next message appears when I try to install it in wordpress 3.4.2 : “the package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet” Theme install failed… What do I do? Thanks!

Please read the documentation, you are installing the wrong file. Install

Sara_p, thanks!

One more question: how do i upload the sample data?

In the forum i explain how to import it. You have to go in Appearance > Import/Export and upload the .gz file you downloaded.

Hi, Great looking theme. Is it possible to set up the site with this theme so it reveals a few basic pages upon arrival, but the entire commerce section is private for login membership? Maybe a plugin is needed, however I just want to know if this would be possible.


I don’t know…i suggest you to check if Woo Commerce has an extension with this feature. thanks

Once someone fills out the email newsletter down below on the homepage, where does that email address go and how is it accessible?

You have to use some newsletter service like mailchimp or another service to use this form. Please open a topic in the support forum and ask to my developer how to use the newsletter form.



And thanks for this wonderful theme. It’s seems perfect for my project :delicious:.

Just some questions : > is it translated in french ? > could you give some information about “SEO Optimized” ? For exemple, does it manage automatically redirections, have a robot files written to avoid duplicate content ? Can we manage meta (title, description…) for each product, page, post… > WooCommerce allows to edit HTML for each product page. I need to know if that function is still available with Mayashop theme.

Thank you !

1- No, you have to translate yourself the theme 2- No, i’m sorry 3- Yes

I’m just about to buy this theme. It looks great and all the testimonials are good.

Just one question. How often do you update it? I see here at themeforest that last update was on july. I can’t rememeber if woocommerce has made an update since then, but if so do them in the future, would it be included in future updates of your theme?

Thank you!

Yes. We update the theme when the woo commerce updates change something and the theme need some work on the compatibility. Sometimes we update the theme to fix some issues or add features.


Why don’t I have an answer ? Is there a problem with my question ?

where is your support forum?

Here :)