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where is your support forum?

Here :)


Hi, Quick question, I was done with my homepage when I decided to add a Blog page. I setup the Blog page with different settings, sidebar…etc. But then when I went to my site, that Blog page had changed everything on my homepage. And when choosing the “blog” tab at the top, it didnt go anywhere and stayed on my homepage. When I go to edit the actual “Home” page, it also doesnt show any of the current settings like the slider, that is actually on the homepage of my site. Do you know what I might be doing wrong? Appreciate your help, and really love this theme! Thanks.

Please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.


How can I use filters so that users can select size, color, price range or other options without leaving the desired category while browsing?

Please watch this videotutorial:

:) thanks

My designer is asking for something called “sample data”. Where can this be found?

Is available for download in the support forum.


How do I change the link color in my blog post? The link color works when I go to mysite/blog but then when I click to view the post itself (where you can leave a comment), the link colors change back to the default. I have changed every possible color in the theme options and the link color on the individual blog posts still doesn’t change.

Bug? Will there be a new version soon??

Thank you

Please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.



ofk Purchased

Is there a way to customize the slider with thumbnails inline styles? Basically I need the showcased image to have a height greater than the height that gets produced. see here for what I mean:

No, i’m sorry, is not possible.

:nerdy: After buying it, I can use 2 premium slider, yes or no. or do I have to buy an additional 2 premium slider. And must pay $110. :(

the 2 premium sliders are already included in the theme, you don’t have to buy them. But are availables only for this theme, you can’t use this plugins in another theme.

Paying for it, Should be used with another theme.

You have to purchase the plugins on Code canyon and integrate them in another theme. I don’t provide the plugins in the zip, are already installed in the theme because i purchased the extended license but i can use this plugins only in 1 theme and i can’t redistribuite the plugins.

Hi. I need to know what is the image size for this theme. Can you tell me please? Thank you very much. ;·Diana.

Which images? sliders images?

Yes, slider images…

Hello, Can you please tell me how to upload mutliple images for each product? Im looking to have a featured image as the main image and then thumnails beneath of more images? I know that in the details this theme supports that, but I cannot figure out how to do this? Thanks.

Hello again, nevermind about the above previous question….I figured it out! Thanks.

Great :)


I am trying to start with the theme, congratulations its looks great!!

1.- how can I introduce my image in the slider? 2.- how can I introduce my social media icons like the demo? in the footer? 3.- How can I get the NEW ARRIVALS in the home (as in the demo)? 4.- and the BEST SELLERS ?


I suggest you to watch our videotutorials, that can help you to set the theme!


Hi Sara,

Just a suggestion because I have been trying to install this theme and import the demo ever since I got it. See, I am not a developer and I have no clue of what I am doing other than setting up the website in WP. I found a tutorial on you tube but to unzip is totally different. I want my website to look just like the demo and its been a nightmare. Perhaps, one of your developers can take out the time and make a tutorial showing step by step how to install and import this theme. I don’t know how to insert the theme into the wp.content file. So if someone can perhaps walk me through each step from the download all the way to unzipping the theme and then importing it; that will be great. However, we can skip through all that and have someone do it for me. I just need the theme to be installed properly.

Thank you!

Ask it in the support forum, our developers will explain you how to do.

Btw, is easy:

1- Open the archive you downloaded from themeforest. It contains a “” archive. Go in Appearance > Themes and upload this archive.

2- Install Woo Commerce plugin

3- In the forum download the .gz file (demo files) and in Appearance > Import/Export upload it.

That’s all! :)

Hello, I would like to as on how to add the paypal payment option as well as adding payment options for the common credit cards (how do I integrate them to the Website)

Did you already installed Woo Commerce?

yes I did install it and went to the payment gateaways and put my paypal info, though no payment optoin is there witht the products neither products go to the cart when I add them to check out it says that product added to the cart successfuly but then the cart is empty

Please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.


Hi, I was just wondering if the Layer Parallax Slider is updated to the newest version ( currently 3.0) along with the theme updates?


Not yet. We will update the slider in this week and we will send a new update of the theme.

Hi, just wondering if you had updated that slider in the latest theme version yet. Thanks.

Not yet. This week we will send a new update :)

Every time I upload this theme in to Wordpress it tells me “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.” I am about to throw my computer through the wall… HELP !

Maybe you have some uploads limits in your hosting. Open a ticket to your hosting o try to upload the theme using a FTP software.

I worked on th local site offten but now that I am uploading it to a live site, I am not able to add anyimages to teh forms they get uploadded but forms stay blank after clicking insert.. what am I doing worng?

Please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.


Maya is a nice flexible theme with just one rather big issue…if you have more than one product image they open ONLY in a lightbox, not within the product image slider. So you can have a featured image on the page with thumbnails below, but those thumbnails only open within a scrollable lightbox, not on the page itself.

May seem a small detail but having to click through between images in lightbox and the product description for consumers is far from ideal.

Other than that the theme is great.

This is the default setting of Woo Commerce. In Cheope, the new theme, we added the slider and we don’t use the default lightbox. Maybe in some next update we will add this feature also in Maya..

Yes please if you can it would be appreciated…most themes have this function…default settings are generally the basic ones.

Hi, I purchased this theme with my old themeforest account, I had to create a new account as I changed my ISP … long story short, I cannot access my username and password on your support forum because I no longer have access to the email I signed up on…

I have a simple question that I am hoping you can answer without giving me the boilerplate – “visit our support forum”

Question: how do I change the order of the FAQ ’s.

if you want I can email you my Licence ID if you want.

change the data of publish of the faqs.

thank you! you are a life saver :-)