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Please can you send me the path where I find documentation basic of theme?

In the support forum you can find a lot of videotutorials for this theme. In the zip you downloaded there is a documentation folder, open the index.html file on your browser.

When will it be updated to be compatible with the last version of woocomerce?

Mayashop is already compatible with the last version of Woo Commerce.

Hi, I am interested in buying the template, but I need to know if you have the functionality to disable the shopping cart. The customer wants to be a catalog, without the option to buy. thank you very much!

Sure, you can turn off the add to cart buttons and the cart ribbon, and use the theme like a catalog :)

Perfect! Thank you very much! =)

you’re welcome :)

I love this theme…It is great. My site looks so professional and expensive :)

Also, I love the great support team. I asked a couple of questions and they are there with answers.

Thank you so much for your feedback :)

Just tried to register on forum to download sample data for theme. Clicked on theme forum but not allowed to access. Please advise.

thank you do i add my logo to header??

Also i notice that whichever font i choose for logo the default font loads in first. Can this be fixed? In addition the Cufon font Bebas does not have any spacing between the words. It would make life alot easier if i could upload a png of font type for actual logo. It makes no sense that you cannot do this. This is the first theme i have seen where you cannot put up your own logo.

Please follow the steps reported in this topic to activate your account and get access in the support forum:


Hello, the theme looks great! I’m considering purchasing and have a couple questions;

1) Any responsive issues with iphone 4, 4s, 5s? 2) On the home page flexsliders…can text captions appearing on images (if any) be easily deleted without having to go into css? 3) Are all the font styles adjustable in admin panel?


1) No, i didn’t find any issues. But you can check before to purchase the theme, so you can be sure.

2) We dont’ use the flexi slider, we are using the nivo slider, without caption inside the images..

3) Yes!

hello i have purchase this template but when i installed there was a missing note: The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description MayaShop_WordPress_Theme Stylesheet is missing.

for your information i have download completed 19,77 mb , plese help?

You are installing the wrong file, please, read the documentation. You have to install the archive, that you can find inside the file.

Hey is it possible to set an anchor link for the javascript full width tab? I want it to be able to be linked to and set active when the page loads.

So for example, my dev site is using the feature and I’d want to link to it from a different page and set the “car audio” tab to be active with #car-audio appended to the URL …is this possible?

Please open a topic in the support forum and ask this to my developers.



I purchased Mayashop and it is working very well for my client so far.

I have looked for the answer to these issues, but have been unable to figure it out.

About how the imades display: 1. The thumbnails in the category list have round corners, these need to be square. 2. On the product page the image has a box, I want no box, also thin lines on the sides of product description on part of the sides. 3. The light box enlargement of the featured image has round corners, I want this to be square also.

Link to site for example:


Please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.



I am interested in this theme.Just had a small question that does it support the latest jigoshop plugin 1.4.5 ?

Regards, Vinayak


I was wondering if it is possible to increase the image size in the shop overview? I’d like to have only 3 columns but larger pictures.

regards, tom

Yes, is possible. :)

Hi, Pre-purchase question: is it possible to have Maya Shop in multiple languages, particularly offer the French-English option! Equally, does it offer the chance to choose currency?

For the multilanguage you can use some plugins, like qtranslate (mayashop is compatible with it).

Also to change currency, maybe you can use a woo commerce widget:


Is there any way to embed video (youtube etc.) into product images lightbox?

Also how do i deactivate cart and just use as catalogue?

Thank you

1- For the video, try this plugin:

2- In theme options > shop section you can disable the add to cart buttons and hide the cart ribbon, so you can use the theme like a catalog.

I would like to have rounded edges moz style around the detail page shop page. what file do I need to modify which css?

Add this rule:

div.product div.images a { -webkit-border-radius:5px; -moz-border-radius:5px; border-radius:5px; }

in your custom style textarea (theme options > general). Increase the 5px to 10px or more if you want to increase the rounded corners.

Hi i have uploaded cufon font to themes fonts folder. It is allowing me to choose the font in wp-admin but it goesnt change. Can you advise? The font is League Gothic. This font is available as cufon font replacement.


Please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.


Hi, I have posted in the suppot forum, but still havent had a resonse.

I have a big problem in IE on the checkout page.

Instead of the ‘order now’ button. It shows the whole site again.

Any ideas??

Also on all producs page… the ajax ‘add’ button shows loading and never added. It works on some other browsers.

Please help urgently as the site is live.

Many thanks

Sorry, technical support is provided only in the support forum. Please wait a reply to our developers. Thanks!

Ok. Sorry didnt realise it was thanks giving day in USA , so that may be a cause for delay. Standing by for a reply from your dev

Is there a dark theme included?

No, i’m sorry. But you can edit all the colors yourself and make Maya dark.

Hi. How do I know what the difference is between each slider?

What do you mean exactly? In our live preview you can see all the sliders in action.

Thanks for quick response. Yes, I just found it. I was wondering if I had to continue referring back to the Site Demo to see the functionality of each slider. I purchased your theme but did not see a way of viewing the sliders without trial and error. *I added text to the sliders and the images are words are huge. I thought it would help if I change sliders. I’m still having the same trouble.

You can import our sample data to view the details of each slider in our demo. You can download the sample data in the support forum.