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How can I assign different rates for countries?


I’m not sure. Did you already tried to do this?

Yes, could not find it!

I suggest you try to open a topic in the woo commerce support forum and ask to the woo commerce developers. thanks

Hi there,

We love this theme. Just a few niggles:

Light-box is not working (have we done something wrong). How can I display the full testimonial?


PS. This was also created using MAYA :

Always best regards and gratitude for creating a ‘World Class’ WordPress Theme.

Thank you for your great feedback :)

For the other issues, please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you. It seems that you have some javascript or plugin conflicts.



How can I add an extra “features” tab on the product page?

Thank you!

Please open a topic in the support forum and ask it to my developers.


I will, thank you!

Sorry one more question. I would like to give discount on an order with a minimum of two items. Is this possible?

Thank you!

I don’t know. This is a Woo Commerce feature, check if with this plugin is possible, i’m not sure about this.

Hi thank you for your fast reply! I will try and see if I can contact them!

hi Sara_p: When I set up a product category but I don’t add the product yet, how can I choose “no side bar”. Right now, there is “right side bar” appears. Appreciate your reply asap. Thanks

Please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.


i asked in the forum but no one replies me!

Please wait tomorrow. We don’t provide support on sunday, is explained in the support policy. Thanks

Hi… can you tell how you have done the visualization of the categories witch the picturs in this style:

I only see the option of uploading a category picture but it does not look like on your example page.

Kind regards.

Do you have the last version of the theme?

If yes in appearance > theme options > general > shop > Category list you can set the title position and turn on/off the shadow.


Thanks for a great theme. I just started setting up my new webshop and everthing works out great. Just one simple problem so far:

Where do I edit the font to this shortcode: [testimonials_slider speed=”500” timeout=”7000” ]

I thought changing the “Special font” in the typography-section would edit the shortcodefont, but didn’t get lucky there.

Best Regards,


I’m sorry but nothing changes.

Here is my website, maybe you can take a look?



Try this please:

#content .testimonials-slider li p a { font-family:arial!important }

I’m sorry, but it doesnt work. Do you where I can find this code:

.testimonial .testimonial-name, .testimonial-name, #primary .testimonials-slider ul li a

font-family: ‘Shadows Into Light’,sans-serif !important

Hey Sara! Does your theme allow for Importing Excel documents of products?

Hey Sara. Do u recommend jigoshop or woocommerce? I use jigoshoo. If I buy ure theme, I choose one or the other right? Which one is better?

I suggest to use Woo Commerce. Is better. More functionality, more extensions, a better support. :)

Hello. My contact form is not sending emails to my email address.

Can you tell me why??

The email function be working as I have been receiving product orders from woo commerce. And I also installed a separate contact plugin which also send me email correctly. I much prefer to use the maya one though but it dont seem to be receiving any test emails I sent. Thanks.

Please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.


Hi there I have been beating my head for days now; tried everything, Please help; I dont want products names in a UPPERCASE but just Capitalized or even normal as added into products, what do I need to change and in what css file? or can you give me a addon for the custom.css

I tried in maya and in woocommerce nothing seams to work for me. Cheers

Add this rule in your custom textarea (theme options > general):

.products li a strong.below-thumb {text-transform:none;}

.shop-ribbon .products li .below-thumb, .shop-traditional .products.ribbon li .below-thumb {text-transform:none;}

Hi guys,

Love the theme, amongst the best WP themes I have purchased. Combined with Woo it’s a powerful beast!

I have 2 queries that I need help with…

1. My images lose resolution when you view the product page (thumbnail and pop out are fine), mainly because my images aren’t big enough eg – how do I make the main product image smaller so the resolution is ok from this viewpoint?

2. I have products in my shop but I need sizes to be more obvious to the user than “additional information” and ultimately need the sizing options to be a drop down so at point of purchase this is asked for or selectable – do you know what I mean? I want them to land on a product and select the size then add to cart so as a purchase it is obvious for them and for me as a seller it is obvious what I need to deliver/ship. Again look at for an eg.

Other than these points – awesome! Please RSVP , you can also email me on

Thanks in advance!

Please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.


Have done! What’s the ETA for replies please?

Tomorrow we will reply to your question (we have a different time zone here!) thanks

Good afternoon. I have a problem with the configuration X HOME (Home X – Categories slider). the “product_categories_slider” does not display properly in IE 8

Please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.


thanks, I solved


How do I do to have the FAQ page like this one: please furnish me with the code, shortcodes, commands, etc.

What iwould be the url of the FAQ page for adding it to the menu?



Hi Francisco, please watch this videotutorial, thanks. :)

Thank you!

Another question please, how do i do to set up the product’s pictures sizes?


In Woo Commerce > Settings > Catalog

I want to know really quick if there is a way to set the background image (boxed) to be a flash file .swf like the 3d snow flakes from activeden.

No, i’m sorry, is not possible.

thank you Sara you are very cool fast and professional; fo rCapitalisation and UPPERCASE resolve cheers x

You’re welcome :) and thanks for your feedback.


I sent you 2 emails about this theme. I would like to purchase but need to make sure it is the right one

please can you respond to my emails please


If i not replied yet, is because i missed your messages. Can you send me again your pm please? thanks

Wow NICE !! I spent many hours looking at ALL of the Themeforest wordpress eCommerce themes, and want to get one (but for me mobile view/iphone look and style, now more than ever, is key factor) and THIS theme is One my Very FAVS !! One thing, on mobile view the Menu goes into that pop out bar old school style (I never buy themes with this) is there ANY way to have the menu on mobile view be a Smooth drop down style?? (like or I will purchase this week if So!! GREAT WORK and Design!!

-Sterling Williams

Thanks for your suggestion, we will improve the design of the navigation menu in the responsive layout :) i hope that this week we will send an update for this.