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Hi Sara,

I sent you an email again I hope you receive it, if not if you pm me I can give you my email – as I need to ask about some of the functions of the theme so I can get my site up and running asap


I really don’t understand your questions about the “infinite scrolling”, i’m sorry.

Hello there….I just purchased this theme. However I cannot find the dummy content. Were can i get that?

As per your document it says to login on your forum, which i dont have login credentials….

Please revert

Videotutorials and dummy data are availables in the support forum. Follow the topic to enter your license code and get access in the forum.


AWESOME , Thanks (all phone viewers will appreciate too) and will buy rt after!!


Thanks :chuckle:

This is a fantastic theme and the support is definitely worth a 5 star rating. I would recommend it to anyone.

Wow thanks :)

I need remove update notification in bar and theme, how do that?

You have to edit a php file, if you purchased the theme in the support forum we can explain you how to do that.


Can I add a different colour accent to the entire theme ?? like make it blue accented throughout the theme maybe ?

Sure, you can edit all the colors of the theme like background, header, text color and so on :)

my blog titles seem to have dropped off the actual posts, I’m using the big image template. Where can I turn them back on? Appreciate it!

Please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.


Hi Sara, I just wanted to give you and Nicola high praise for all of your timely help with all of my issues & questions as I worked my way thru setting up my website over the past month. I have to say, I am very impressed with the both of you and absolutely LOVE this theme!! My website is, if you want to take a look at all that you helped me with! I have absolutely no experience designing websites, and the fact that I fnished and am now up and running, is an amazing feeling and is ALL thanks to you guys!!! You 2 are the best!!

Wow thank you so much :)

my items are blurry when they are the main product. can you help me?

Please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.



Can you create custom sort functions for example if I wanted to sort dresses by color is that function available.

Basically if I wanted to set my own custom sort function can I do that?

Also does this have light box for each product as a pop up?

On the grid style how many products can I list – is there a limit to how many products you can have in grid view


1- Yes

2- In the product detail page there is the lightbox effect in the product image, you can see it in the demo

3- No limits

Hi Sara,

thanks for your reply.

Is this following possible:

1. When a user hovers over a product – the product will appear in its light box with the description and a link to the merchant site

2. Users can click on the link and merchant site will open in another window

Is this possible to achieve


Hi, Are any of the sliders responsive, slide in iPhones and other smartphones? Thanks.

Yes, the flexi sliders, and also the elastic slider.

I just bought Mayashop theme and it looks gorgeous! I want to know where can I obtain documentation for configuration. I am new to the website and theme. Please advise. Thanks, Kalvin

Videotutorials are availables in the support forum.



Thanks for the link. I have a question. I am testing the theme before I deploy to the client’s site. If I activate the license on my test site, would that take up the license where my client can’t use the theme at the office website?

Thanks in advance, Kalvin

If you use the license on a test/development site, sure, you can use the theme also in the final domain without any issue :)

Hi I’m having trouble with my blog post headlines that are longer than one line not showing up. See this page:

blog post titles that are one line long show up, but if the titles are more than one line long, they disappear.

thanks in advance for your help – great theme!!

Please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.


hi sara i tried activating my license and opening a support ticket, but i guess the activatino didn’t work as i’m not able to post a support question. the username i used was jcegordon. thanks

Just checked, your account is active. Why you can’t open a topic?

Hi Sara,

A few questions before buying your theme…

1) Do you do customizations? I would like the contact form to have: - slider input button - mandatory fields - send an email of the enquiry to the client (bcc myself)

Sample reference:

2) Am new to WooCommerce and payment integrations. Do I need to open two new accounts (one with woocommerce & one with a payment merchant)?

3) Would you know whether it is possible to control the sale inventory by date (eg. must buy 1 month in advance of a tour package)?

Looking forward to hear from you

1- No, i’m sorry, we can’t provide custom work on our themes.

2- I don’t understand this question…?

3- Yes

Btw i suggest you to install Woo Commerce and check yourself this features so you can be sure before to purchase my theme :)

Hi Sara,

please can you answer this question

can I have a product pop up in its light box with description and a link to the merchant site


Thanks for your nice work.

Can i have a homepage with two side-bars left and right?

Any help?


No, i’m sorry, is not possible with this theme.

any help? i m trying to setup e-book store and i need 3 columns

You can use the columns shortcode and divide the page in 3 columns:

Thanks for your answer but i dont see perfect 3 columns Like:

20% 60% 20% === ====== ===

I’m sorry, is not possible to have columns with this size.