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Hi, I would like to add 2 typekit fonts that would apply to all fonts in the website. The typekit plugin, as well as your “custom css” option in Theme Options / General puts the css before some other additionnal lines of css that appear no matter what I do. I tried many things, I suspect that I have to change something in the default-filters.php but I don’t know what exactly. When I replace add_action( ‘wp_head’, ‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, 1 ); by remove_action( ‘wp_head’, ‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, 1 ); – then, it works for the main logo text and only for the text of the logo, but I don’t understand why, as my additionnal css still appears after the typekit css.

Could you help me please?

Please open a topic in the support forum and ask this to my developers.


Hi I am wanting to add the category slider to the home page as in home version x But the docs dont have instructions on how to implement home page version 10. It stops at version 9

Can you please let me know where I can access the instructions



You have to put the categories shortcode in your page.

This is the code we have: [product_categories_slider ids="25, 26, 27, 22, 20" orderby="name" order="ASC" columns="5" hide_empty="0|1" style="traditional"]

replace the ids with the ids of your categories :)

Hi We added the shortcode, now we just have the short code appearing on the page and no category boxes

Can you please let me know what we are doing that is incorrect.

Maybe you are using Jigoshop? this is a feature available only on Woo Commerce.

Instead, if you are using Woo Commerce, please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.


Just to say the support on the forum has been fantastic.I am new to all this and with the help I have received I am managing to build my website the way I want it to look.I have asked many questions and all have been answered quickly.Nothing is too much trouble for them and I am so glad I found this theme!

Thank you elibee :)

Hi Sara,

I would really like to buy the maya theme – but I need a few questions answered so I don’t buy the wrong theme

1. How many products can i have in a row going across 4,5,6,7?

2. Will the product image pop up with its description so I can link to merchant site

please answer so I may purchase thanks


I don’t understand your questions. Can you explain me better please?

Hi Sara,

i’m getting error on mobile devices regarding the JCarousel “jcarousel no width/height set for items this will couse an infinite loop. aboarding…”

any fix for this or work around to disable the alert? Thanks in advance.

Please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.


i’m having problem with login to the support forum… need this fix asap, maybe there is direct email i can use? Thanks.

I’m sorry, we can’t provide support by mail. Which issues do you have with the login?

Hi Sara,

1. how many products can I list on the grid going across from left to right will that be 4 product images or what is the maximum number of products going across that can fit into screen.

2. Can each product image pop up with the products description similar to this site – when you hover over the image a pop up occurs with description and link

is this possible?

If not is there a way I can do this with the maya theme?


No, i’m sorry, this is not possible with this theme.


how many columns can I have to show products?

Max 5 columns (in a page without sidebar)

I see you already fixed, right? :)

Hi Sara,

Can you please tell me how I can get rid of the sidebar from the blog posts? I do not want a sidebar in the actual blog posts themselves.

Thanks Andreas

You have to remove the sidebar from the blog page. Open the blog page in your wordpress installation and chose the full width layout in the options of the page panel (right panel) :)

For some reason my homepage (style VIII) is showing a different background to the rest of my pages (the background I selected). Any ideas?

Maybe you are using the data from our demo? if yes you will have a custom field in the page that set a different background. Send me your credentials so i can check, thanks.


I am thinking of buying this theme. A doubt before doing it: is it possible to filter by brand the products of a concrete category? I explain: once you have acceded to the category accessories (for example), it is possible to filter those accessories by brand?

You can create the brand category (with all the brands for the category bed) and put this category inside the bed category…so, yes, you can :)

Just one more question. Will I have to create manually the category of brand in each category and subcategory of products, or it will be created automatically on having assigned a brand to every product as attribute?

ou have to create manually all the categories for the products.

Mastercard Checkout and other payment option.

Hi Sara, I have tryed out the demo version and i really like the theme. but i havent found the option to chekout using creditcards, or amazon pazments and such. paypal is includet right?


Paypal is included, for the credit cards it seems that you have to purchase some Woo Commerce extension..i suggest you to install Woo Commerce on your wordpress and check yourself before to purchase my theme :) thanks

i cant see my comment… therefor again… are their ccreditcard and amayon pazment options includet in this theme or do i have to add them. if yes is it hard to add themen?


I am setting up maya for a clock site. I have all the DD clocks in and ready to put the Progetti clocks in. The problem is that DD clocks are showing on the progetti page and the DD clocks only have DD clicked. What could it be?


Please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.


Hi Sara, your Theme looks very nice. I want to use it with Premium Web Cart so I would not need any eCommerce plugin or cart on my WordPress site.

The add to cart links would link to their cart and they would be directed back to my WordPress site after clicking continue shopping on their cart.

Can I do that with your theme? Will it display products correctly and so on without using an eCommerce plugin?


No, i’m sorry. Products are show only if you install woo commerce, you can’t use this theme without this plugin.

Great theme and great support team!! Thanks for everything :)

Hi, great theme

in your tutorial you refer to a screencast for the woocommerce plugin how to change the shop pages. But when clicked the screencast isnt found. Where can i find that screencast?


Videotutorials are availables in the support forum. Thanks!



I have this theme installed and running nicely, but wanted to know what the situation is with the new WP update to 3.5. Will you be bringing out an update so we wait for that, or we can update to WP 3.5 without any issues?

cheers tdako

We already sent an update to fix the issues with WP 3.5, we are waiting that themeforest approve it.

That’s good to hear. Thanks very much.

You’re welcome :)

I love this site and it will work well for the online ordering service business I am starting. One question … is it possible (easy?) to add some small specialized code to the checkout? I’d like to be able to provide free in-person delivery based on $ amount or specific item ordered, plus zip codes w/in a 25-mile range. For example, customer orders a saddle, and lives w/in a designated area code, the delivery would be free; alternately, if a customer orders, say $300, and lives within the delivery area (by zip code) they would receive free delivery. Else, customer is charged delivery fee.

Is this doable? Worst-case scenario, I can have the customer select in-person delivery, add the fee and adjust on the back end if free.

Is possible but not easy. You need a developer very good in WordPress, PHP and Woo Commerce for this changes. Try to open a topic in the themeforest forum and maybe you can hire a developer for this…we can’t help you with this advanced customization, i’m sorry.

SHould we hold off updating to 3.5 till the update is released on here?

You can update to the 3.5 without any issues :)