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hi Sara my clients can´t used the product-attributes at firefox

Please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.


E’ possibile mostrare la mappa aperta in fondo alla pagina invece che in cima?

Forse modificando i file della pagina, prova ad aprire un topic nel nostro forum di supporto e a chiedere ai nostri sviluppatori come fare.


Could you tell me how to change the text of far left menu(home) of global navigation.

May be we are missing something. We are not able to update theme to 1.7 version by upload or FTP transfer.

The problem is solved. All we had to do was to move the files one level up.

I’m glad to read this :)

Hi Sara, i’m going to buy this theme, but have concern: Can customize font-size, text color, background color, hover color of main menu and their child menu? Can customize size of products images (i want it bigger, just 3 columns) Can customize font-size, text color in each of body section differently?i If i want product image bigger instead of faded when i hover on? It can do? Thanks in advanced!

Yes to all your question, ecept the last one (the hover effect), i’m sorry, this is not possible with this theme.

Hi Sara, is there any chance you have a list of which files were altered during the 1.7 upgrade? I have extensivley alter my copy of 1.6.1 so I have to make the upgrade manually.

A list off altered file would help greatly.

Many thanks

If you open the archive you can find the changelog.txt file that contains all the info about the edited files :)

Thanks Sara, I should have know you had thought off everything! :) Thats exactly what I was looking for.

Many thanks

Hi Sara! This theme looks great! I was wondering if it is easy to add SEO and if it is an SEO friendly site? How would I do that? I didn’t see any mention of effective SEO so thought I’d ask before purchasing. A second question is since it is a fluid theme layout can it be customized to fixed layout? Do you think the fluid theme would be more ideal than a fixed theme when used for shop purposes? Thanks!

What do you mean with “fluid theme”? This is not a fluid theme, is responsive, but not fluid.

For the SEO, Mayashop is already optimized but if you want to improve your seo, sure, you can install some plugins like All In One seo pack or similar :)

There is a new version of the Maya theme available. You have version 1.6.1 installed. Update to version 1.7.

1 problem I did update but always show me the old version..why ??

2 problem When I click the icon for the checkout, I dont’ go anywhere..why ??


If you download the theme again is not possible you have the 1.6, please try again.

for the issue, please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.


Hi Sara, could you tell me how to change the text of far left menu(home) of global navigation.

Many thanks

don’t understand your question. You want to edit the font family to the navigation menu?

Thanks for replying Sara. Just I want to change the text the title of far left menu of global navigation. I can change the text of other menus title of global navigation from “Page”.

Many thanks

Please open a topic in the support forum and ask this to my developer.


Hi Sara, I’m trying on mayashop version 1.6

I don’t know how to setup sidebar like the demo

@ sidebar in right:


@ sidebar in left:

Home page is widgets in right sidebar but shop page is widgets in left

please guide me

many thanks

if you open the page in your wordpress dashboard, in the options of the page panel (right side) you can set the layout of the page: full width (without sidebar), left sidebar or right sidebar.

Also is it possible to make the shop item photos bigger on the home page? Like right now they are displaying images of accessories but can it go with a taller height to display fashion ie: models wearing clothing?

Sure, you can set your custom height directly in the woo commerce panel :)


I can not install the Theme becaus I get the following error Stylesheet ist missing.

In German Wordpress show me these message.

Can you please help me.

,Beschädigte Themes

Die folgenden Themes sind installiert, aber nicht vollständig. Themes müssen ein Stylesheet und ein Template haben.

Name Beschreibung themeforest-2189918-mayashop-a-flexible-responsive-ecommerce-theme Es fehlt ein Stylesheet.

Please read the documentation, you are installing the wrong file.


Is this theme also in Spanish? And can I use it like a Showroom (without prices)?


Yes, you can use it like a catalog, and hide the prices, the add to cart button and so on. For the spanish, you have to translate yourself the theme, is easy, there is a file that contains all the words :)

Thank you for your answer.

And it is easy to change the size of the images? I need more large and less width image…


Sure, you can set the size of the images directly in the woo commerce panel.


I have a question. Every time i new update come up, i will have to change all the css???

Yes. To make CSS changes you can use the custom style textarea that you can find in theme options > general, so you will not lose your customization with the updates.

Thanks for answering my question regarding the height size of the image thumbnails! Is there maximum height and width it can go? Don’t mean to be a bother but I think the biggest thing to me is being able to have big product photos that display nicely portrait wise. Similar to how big the product photos look on the home page of VintageStyle theme. Thanks!

The only limit is the for the page width, but sure, you can have thumbnails like the vintagestyle theme.

Hi, it seems a good theme, i have a same question: can change product thumbnail image bigger. (wider, higher). Tks.

Happy Xmas Sara,

I want to create a large logo/ header image for main site. However on mobile it look to small. How can add an alternative logo that will displays only on on mobile?

Also, I’m having trouble displaying 4 widgets showing as they seem to placing themselves beneath each other! I have played around with setting but no luck.

Best Regards


Please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.


Will do, thanks again!

Can I put specific categories in the Categories Slider?

Thanks in advance!

sure, using the id attribute: ids=”21,43,12” :)

Thanks!!! Problem Solved! :D