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Seems like there is an issue with typography. It doesn’t seem to work okay. Sometimes the typography settings don’t load properly and even if they do load okay, the changes made are not saved.

Please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.


Hi … I have updated to Wordpress 3.5 and also just updated the Maya theme to version 1.7. But the UnoSilder is still not working properly anymore (The slide function does not start) and also the Product slider on the same front page is not working anymore. But when I change to any other slider it all works fine. I had no problems with the UnoSlider and Product Slider until I’ve made the update to Wordpress 3.5.

Please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.


Can i sell digital dowloadable products with maya? If not is there a compatible pluggin for that? Thanks

Sure, with Woo Commerce you can sell digital/downloadable products :)

FYI – In case you are wondering why their response might be slow. I saw this on their support forum.

Our Offices will be closed for Christmas Holidays December 22th through January 1st. During these days the support will be provided in a discontinuous way. Your Inspiration team wish you Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Will this work with WordPress 3.5 ?

Will this work with WooCommerce 2.0 ?

I really like this theme!! looks amazing!

I wanted to ask a couple of questions before I buy it though..

I was considering “sentient” from woothemes…how does this compare to it?

I would like to ask if it is compatible with the marketpress plugin?

I would like to buy this theme and then transform it into ebay…is that possible? can I allow people to sell their products on my store through auction based selling or fixed price selling?

Also wut do u think of auctionWorx and auctionpress?

hye, just want to know what of plugin compatible for put advertising at header and leader board ads in my website .. i try find plugin but not compatible ..please advice

Please open a topic in the support forum and ask this to my developers.


hi! what is the shortcode for the tab??

You can find all the shortcodes in the documentation, open the index.html file on your browser and check it. If you are talking about the tab used in the home with tab, this is not a shortcode, we are using the “features tab” that you can find in the left bar of your wordpress dashboard :)

Twelve days I asked a question, and you seemed to have responded to every single other question except for mine?!

There is only a homepage PSD Is it possible to get psd for the inner pages, contact page, product page, etc?

No, i’m sorry. We don’t have the PSD files for the internal pages, because i didn’t designed the internal pages, what do you need exactly?

I’m missing instructions in documentation how to setup home page X with category slider and about + recent posts.

Is not explained in the documentation. Here we are using the product categories shortcode:

[product_slider category="" orderby="date" order="desc" featured="0|1" latest="0|1" best_sellers="0|1" style="ribbon|traditional"] and then the columns shortcode to divide the page in 2 columns. In the left column i added text, in the right column the recent post shortcode you can find in shortcodes > media & widgets.
Hi there! I’ve upgraded my site, but my tabs (using the shortcut) no longer hide the content that’s supposed to be hidden. I’m not sure what’s going on with it, but I’m hoping you can help me figure it out. I didn’t touch the css for this code, or the jquery, so I’m at a loss. Here’s a sample page I created using the exact shortcode example you have in the documentation:

Any help would be much appreciated!

Please open a topic in our support forum, i can’t help you with this but our developers will help you very soon :) thanks

Pre-sale questions please: Can I upload my own fonts? Can I play music? What about individual music on each portfolio page? (I don’t want the same music to play on my baby section as my men’s section of photos). Can I change the colors/fonts/backgrounds in each section? Is there an easy photo sort and drag feature within the portfolios? Right click protect? Can I have a full-screen slideshow on my opening page (no margins). Also, in the portfolio pages, is it possible to open the photos full-screen with a slider or arrows? (right now they open up fairly small). Thanks!

...:( i’m sorry to say no to all your questions (except the colors/font in each section)

Hey guys! Apparently I can’t comment on my own post, but I just noticed that this functionality is broken on your demo site as well.

So whew, it’s not something I screwed up. :)

Any help would be much appreciated!

thanks for reporting this issue. We will check and fix it very soon, i promise :) have a nice day

Okay this is nuts. Everything’s working just fine now, including your demo page. Maybe I had some weird caching thing happening on my browser. Ah well, all’s well that ends well!

Hey Sara,

First I hope you had a fine christmas!

I starting with WP for the first time. I bought the Template and started to work with it. In your documentation you mentioned a video for setting up sliders, but the template is prived… Can you give me acces?

I talking about this link:

Many thanks,


Which slider do you have to set up?

Ok, I made the mistake of buying two other templates before I found this and I LOVE THIS TEMPLATE! My third online store and wanted to use a different commerce backend and needed a good skin to start. I found it. Keep up the excellent work!!

wowww thank you guy :)

Is it possible to sell vritual items, as in downloads, with this theme?

Yes is possible :)

Great! And what about affiliate links?

You have to purchase this woo commerce extension to have the affiliate feature:

hi, I’m considering buying this theme. I am doing fashion retailer on facebook. I plan to expand my bussines to do wholesale.

Before that, I would like to know if your theme have the feature that i need.

Main feature that i need is MEMBERSHIP PREPAID system. My wholesale policy will be like this: - Minimum requirement per order is 10 pieces, any designs, styles and colors combination. - Discount will be given for bulk purchases (MINIMUM 10 ITEMS) and PREPAID TOP UP (MINIMUM 1 ITEM). -PREPAID TOP UP membership means, members have to pay in advance in order to enjoy the discount rate. Prepaid amount will be credited into members account and can be used to purchase items later. Membership Each Top Up Required Discount / Free Credit Basic $200.00 No Discount Gold $500.00 5% / $25 Diamond $1,000.00 7% / $70 VIP $2,500.00 9% / $225 VVIP $5,000.00 12% / $600

  • Discount does not apply to shipping fees.

I hope to hear from you. ;)

Hi, i suggest you to install woo commerce on your wordpress and check yourself if this plugin has all the features you need. If woo commerce do this, this theme can do it. ;)

I need the same look & feel, dummy website contents of the demo site ( in my own site.

I have the downloaded ZIP but when i installed the theme it is not look like the demo version

I think i will have an XML file to load the images and contents, Can you please advice how can i solve the issues?


Sample data (the .gz file) is available for download in our support forum :) thanks