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Hi all,

I recently purchased this theme, and I’m having an issue with the product image thumbnail. I’m assuming that all I need is to set the “Featured Image” of the product, however, I’m getting a blank black thumbnail image, that is overlaying the text for the product title and the details.

Not sure why, any help?

Hi, please open a topic in our support forum, i can’t help you with technical requests or issues but our developers will help you very soon…thanks :)

hello, just purchased theme

Got some questions

1. do i MUST get Jigoshop or WooComerce plugin to make shop work?

2. If not – where do i load all the items to sell, see sales, reports etc. and control every thing?

3. any tutorials?

Yes, to use the shop feature you need to install woo commerce or jigoshop. Both are free :)

For the tutorials, after the purchase you can access in our support forum and watch a lot of videotutorials that can help you to set up the theme.

Hi Sara, meant the channel is private, but I already found some videos explaming how to setup a slider on

I hoped to find some good tips on that youtube channel.

Altough there is something I want to learn. With the NivoSlider you have setup some annimation of items that fly’s in to the banner. How can I do that?


Hi, First of all thanks for this great theme. I have a question : I can’t create a features tab like the demo website, in fact I can’t have the featured image and I don’t know how to put the link of a product inside the tab same as this link : Could you help me? Thanks Djoos.

Hi, please open a topic in our support forum, i can’t help you with technical requests or issues but our developers will help you very soon…thanks :)

can this theme be used without the shopping cart features?

Sure :)

how to add faq please quide me

In the documentation i explain how to set up the faq page, and in the support forum you can also find a videotutorial for this :)

Hi! I see a new version (Version 1.7 – Released: 18.12.2012) how can I replace it?


you have to download again the theme from themeforest and replace the theme files :)

will this integrate with MarketPress from WPMU?

no, i’m sorry.

Just purchased. Wordpress wont let me upload file? as stated I uploaded the maya.zipped folder. All I get from wordpress is asking if im sure I want to do this then ask me if I want to retry after clicking to retry same problem wordpress wont have it. Ihave the latest version of wordpress installed and I have uploaded theme no problem b4? Any help would be great Thnx

Hi thnx for the reply. I did try to upload using filezilla didnt seem to do anything. Bit of a novice to uploading using ftp. I uploaded the maya zipped file into the themes folder? Is this correct? Its not in my wordpress to be able to activate. :/

Hi! Its ok ive sorted it :) deleted one of my old themes.

when you use the ftp you have to upload the maya folder, not the…open the and then upload the maya folder inside the themes folder. :)

I am facing IE 10 issue in this theme users cant buy if they use IE 10 or 09 can you help on this issue?

Sure, we will fix the ie10 issues…please open a topic in our support forum, and report us the issues you are experiencing, so our developers will help you very soon…thanks :)

Was also wondering if I can use this with multi-site… where I have one main admin but can setup different shops and control all products, inventories, etc through one backend but have different looks and feels for my different ‘shops’?

I like this theme – exactly what i want. And great support service!

Thank you! 5 star!

thank you :)

Hi Sara, bought a while ago, updating theme to latest, having issues. But simple question for now: Why won’t my custom favicon.ico update? Driving me nuts. Tried all of the usual fixes…........ thx, always, T

- fixed :)

Oh, forgot, the other issue: After adding to cart, when “view Cart” or “checkout” is clicked, cart is empty. Help??? Thanks again!

Hi, please open a topic in our support forum, i can’t help you with technical requests or issues but our developers will help you very soon…thanks :)

Do we get a .xml file of the test site when we purchase this theme?

yes, after the purchase you can download the sample data of our demo in our support forum :)

Resolved :) Favicon.ico was cached (rookie error on my part). Contacted host company for database path to allow products to remain in cart (was session path). They set new php file path. Enjoying working with your wordpress site, thanks, Sara!

thank you :)

It there a way to remove the bottom bar in the Elastic Slider ? Thanks.

yes, with a small css rule that you can add in theme options > custom script:

.ei-slider-thumbs {display: none !important;}

Hi Sara,

Really nice template, i really like it !!! Good work !!! Also, before buy it, i would like to know if this template is compatible with multiple language ? Exemple: French or English language selection in the top header zone near the login/register link or somewhere else…

Thank you !

yes, you can use wpml for this :)

Great theme and awesome support!!! Highly recommended!!!!

thank you :)

Hi, back working on my site and am trying to do the upgrade. When you say to copy the extracted theme file are you referring to just the folder Maya and it’s contents

the content of the maya folder extracted inside your maya folder, and say “yes” to replace the files :)