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Hi, Looks like a great theme – before I purchase, can I just check is it possible to include an archives page within the blog section (Either by month / category / date order etc.) and also in the sidebar like you have added to some of your other themes:

Many thanks in advance for your help.

sure, this is the “archive” widget, available on all our themes :)

That’s great – thank you.

Hello! Here’s a pre-purchase question. I have a client who wants his web shop to be in various languages, including a number of Asian languages. Is this a possibility? Do you have a list of languages that could be used?

Thank you!

You can use WPML for this :)

Is there a home page layout that features recent blogs?

you can have the blog in the home page or have the recents posts widget in the home sidebar.

Hey, love this theme and look fwd to purchase it BUT I have 1 question, could you enable Facebook Login / Register? Kindly reply, thanks! :)

Hi, this is a fantastic theme, i just purchased it, I’m using wordpress and the only issue i have is that when i installed the theme there were no images or text on my page, where do I find the xml file to upload the demo setup ?? thanks for you help..

Sample data is available for download in the support forum :)


Bump!! Here’s a pre-purchase question, could you enable Facebook Login / Register? Kindly reply, thanks!

Maybe you can use some plugin for this, i don’t know. I have not this feature in the theme, i’m sorry.

Love the theme , Would i be able to add different categories to the menu

hello is it possible to use this item in french language ?

you can easily translate the theme yourself :)

Hi, I’ve bought the Mayashop theme and it seems great. A problem I’m having is that I can’t get rid of the rounded corners on the related products images as well as the small thumbnail that appears on the checkout page? Can you tell me the CSS code to do this?

Add this rules on your custom style textarea (theme options > general):

.related.products .product img {border-radius: 0px; -moz-border-radius: 0px; -webkit-border-radius: 0px;} table.shop_table td.product-thumbnail img {border-radius: 0px; -moz-border-radius: 0px; -webkit-border-radius: 0px;}

hi. i guess it is very powerfull theme… i wonder if does it mange my account as a customer? for example monthly cuppons in the account page?

I suggest you to install woo commerce and check yourself if this plugin has this feature :)

how many cuppons i earn, i used.etc? thank you

Hello Sara_p: I need to implement on my website Blog page. I could not do this as the example that you give in: please tell me how you do.

Thank you!

Please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.


Hello Sara_p: I have entered my office on the support site. I hope I can respond.

Thank you!

Looks very nice!

Question: How is this theme SEO optimized?

Is Good, we use the h1,h2, h3 and so on titles and optimized the SEO, btw you can also install some plugin to improve your seo (but wordpress is GREAT with SEO) :)

Could i see an updated demo of the theme since you improved the mobile design as i tore between your theme & another

? Meaning? i don’t understand your question, i’m sorry.

Thank you for the great support! You have answered every question I have posted on your support forums within 24 hours or less and we appreciate it.

you’re welcome :)

Hi Sara,

Concerning the features of this website. Is it possible to change the language (from english to french…)? Is it possible to setup different taxes (federal taxes + local taxes…)?


Thank you for this answer Sara!

- Its OK for the part of my question concerning taxes.

- Concerning the languages, some countries are bilingual. Using PoEdit is a good solution but would it be possible to offer in YOUR WEBSITE the possibility for the client (or the website visitor) to choose the language he is comfortable with after we translate the website content with PoEdit.

Thanks in advance,

sure, you can use the wpml plugin for this, or the qtranslate plugin :)

Nice! Thanks!!!!

How can I make each layer a click able link? I want to make the entire banner simply a link to another page.

At first I was adding this code into the div…

But with recent update to theme that doesn’t work anymore.

How can I make each layer (which are simply banner ads) a link to a new page?

Also the side arrow navigation buttons no longer work. In global settings I enable/disable and no change.


Please open a topic in the support forum and ask this to my developers.


I’ve purchased this theme. However, it keeps failing when i go to upload the theme onto my wordpress. Ive selected the file but i constantly get a failure message. Please Help.

Which failure message? Maybe you have some uploads limits on your hosting? Can you try to upload the theme using an FTP software?

Another good looking theme.

thanks :)

Hi, I am thinking about purchasing this theme very much, but I wonder if I can use Japanese language…

For example ADD TO CART. I’d like to use not in English but in Japanese.

You can easily translate the theme yourself, all the words are in a single .po file that you have to translate with the free PoEdit software :)