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I’d like to purchase this theme, but I wonder if I can use Japanese language.

For example ” ADD TO CART”. I’d like to use not English but Japanese.

Can I do this ?

You can easily translate the theme yourself, all the words are in a single .po file that you have to translate with the free PoEdit software :)

Thank you so much for your quick & kind response ! I’ ve just purchased your theme (^^)v

Ciao Sara, prima di acquistare il tema vorrei chiederti se è pienamente compatibile anche con Jigoshop 1.4, che ho già installato. Grazie!

Si, lo è :)

Hi! I’m trying to set a different background in your Demo website (Live preview), but no background works except for default one and Background 15. Patterns also don’t work, instead I get white background. Tried in different browsers. What can be wrong?

Thanks for reporting, we have an issue on our demo :) i will ask to my developer to fix it very soon.

I’m looking for a theme where products can be customized from the customer order. Does this theme have a text box to enable the customer to, for example, tell me what name to place on a t-shirt?

It seems that Woo Commerce has not this feature. Try to install the plugin and check yourself if there are some options, maybe extensions, for this..thanks!

I would like to put captcha to the contact form as we get a lot of spam can you assist me with putting the code? Thank you

Please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.


Hi Sara!

Can we introduce different access rights and then define different types of administrators

For example: - one administration level will allow to perform all the settings (like we do now) - another level would allow perform only few settings (for example: this level will give only access to the possibility to add or remove products, manage orders…but without giving access to theme settings for example)


Yes, Woo Commerce allows this. There is a rule called “shop manager”, the user can only work with products and not with the other settings. I suggest you to install Woo Commerce before to purchase my theme and check yourself the features of the rule :)

Great!!! Thank you very much!!!!

You’re welcome :)

Hello Sara ! I am interested in purchasing mayashop show my clients how many items we stock by product? or have any inventory system? thanks

Sure :)

Hello, I have just activated Mayashop theme with the product code I received from my purchase on However it says I do not have permission to access the support forum. Am I suppose to wait for the admin to approve and grant my access to the forums?

Thank you for your time, and support. :) Best regards, N

Can you provide me the serial number you used to access?

Nvm, I figured it out. Thanks again

great :)

Hi Sara – Do videos not work in the sliders for this theme? It is supposed and I have been trying to trouble shoot it for a while on the forum and have yet to find solution.

I even called my hosting company and they recommended that it might have to do with php ini settings might need to be increased. Where do i find out which version of PHP this theme has? It’s been really frustrating.

You can use videos in the layer slider. If you have any issues please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.


Hello, I have a question: Would it be possible that the mobile version does not change appearance?

Thank you!

Sure, you can turn off the responsive design in the theme options panel.

1) How can i eliminate the “Comment” in front page? i tried in the discussion section and unchecking all the boxes and didn’t dissapear.

2) How can i add different currency that is not in the options. Chilean Pesos in my case (CLP).

THANK YOU Alejandro

Please open a topic in the support forum and ask this to my developers.



I’m trying to update my Maya but it failed when i try to transfer nivo slider. I put the “overwrite” option but this error make a “Connection Time Out” and “Failed to transfer Files”

Maybe you have some uploads limits in your hosting. Can you try to upload the theme using an FTP software?

Hi, thanks for you time….

...How can change the size text for ALL page; or the sice text to the body text. For the paragrafe…

(sorry for my english)

Hi. Maya shop is great !

And I will ask you how to change the order of describing address,

In many countries for example in America or England

1 Address 1 2 Address 2 3 City 4 State 5 Postal code Country

But inJapan it is different

1 Postal code 2 State 3 City 4 Address1 5 Address2

So how can I change this order in Maya Shop ?

Please open a topic in the support forum and ask this to my developers.


OK thanks!

You’re welcdme :)

Hi Sara,

I commented on your other theme, can this theme also be turned into just an online catalog with products and no cart? Am looking at this theme and the other one from you =]

Cheers, Sam

Yes, also with this theme you can turn off the cart and the add to cart buttons :)

Hi Sara,

I bought you theme but can’t install it. I have the following message appearing on wordpress: ” The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

Where can I find this style.css file ?


Please read the documentation. You are installing the wrong file. Install

Sorry, I’m still a beginner. Where EXACTLY can I find the documentation you refer to ?

In the archive you downloaded from Themeforest there is a “Read Me” folder. Open the index.html file on your browser.

Hi! I just wanted to know if theres a way to make the topbar invisible, i´ve been trying with no success, can you help me?


You just found a bug :) thanks for reporting. For the moment you can hide the top bar adding this rule in your custom CSS textarea (theme options > general):

#top {display:none;}

Please, How can i do more big the font of site, of body????


Theme options > Typography > Font-size > General text: increase the value to do more big the font :)

How can I add different sizes to one product? thx

You have to create the “sizes” product variation. Watch this videotutorial: