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Also product featured image not showing – all plugins are deactived except jigoshop,,,,?

Please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.


I own several websites, so if I buy one Regular Licence, can I use the Maya template differently with all of them? Thanks in advance

No, i’m sorry. With the regular license you can use the theme only in 1 domain. If you want to use the theme on 3 sites you have to purchase the theme 3 times, or purchase the extended license.

How do I get instructions for this template? I purchased it and tried to go to the yitheme support forum, but the website is not working. I can’t log in, I can’t register, I can’t do anything to post a question or get to the videos and guides. Could you please send me the link (or tell me how) to get the instructional videos. I am using the woo commerce plugin and can’t get the sliders to work. Thank you.

Please open a topic in the support forum and explain your issue to my developer so we can check and help you.


Before i purchase, i didnt see footer sections on the demo, are they built in and not active or are the social links in the footer and are expandable? If not can you supply instructions to input? Thanks, just looking for more room on the bottom.

In the first home page we are not displaying the footer, but only the “copyright section”. In this home page we have also the footer, with some widgetize areas:


Also, can i put nav links up top where the twitter feed is or insert one in the header above the main nav bar? Thanks!

No, i’m sorry, is not possible.

Is there a choice to have roll over images that change when the mouse is hovered over the thumbnail?

No, i’m sorry.

Hi Sara!

I am installing your theme folowing the instructions in your documentation. I want to upload your images. When you write “Put this folder in your wp-content/upload”, does it imply we have to use filezilla to opload this folder?


Yes, you need an FTP software to upload the image folder in your wordpress installation.

....following my previous question. I used filezilla and downloaded the images but these images still don’t apprear on the website. Can you guide me?


You need to install the Woo Commerce plugin to have the e-commerce function in the theme!

Thank you very much!

You’re welcome :)


I love this theme but I want to temporarily disable the cart/ecommerce functionality. is this possible?


Sure, you can easily turn off the cart in the theme options panel :)

thanks, I dont know how I missed that! I am also having trouble finding the megamenu. there doesnt seem to be an option for it anywhere

How to set sidebar to the left side, right now it is on the rightbar setting here is my url link

I can’t remember my log-in at . really tried many e-mail and user name to reset password but can’t remember what i did when register. please answer here

Can you provide me your serial number (you can find it in the license of purchase of the theme) so i can check your account? Here i can’t help you with tecnical requests or issues.

Hi, please advise me, where I can find .gz file for my newly bought mayashop theme. Thanks

sample data is available for download in our support forum. :)

I have bought a mayashop theme on themeforest. I could not find any support forum on themeforest. I could not login to the following link as well. what is the best way to contact author sara_p to ask the location of .gz file for my newly bought maya theme. Thanks
You have to click to the Register link, register yourself and follow the instructions here: to understand how to activate your account. Is very easy.
I bought the MayaShop theme yesterday and installed the Jigoshop plugin. My featured image is not showing up on the product pages. On one page all that shows is a strip of the photo (I tried 3 times to set featured image). There is nothing on the other pages. I have not yet had any luck finding a solution on the Jigoshop forum. Anyone have any suggestions? I’m beyond frustrated. Here is 2 product pages from my shop: Thanks

I am not able to log in. The support forum sign in is not recognizing my username or email.

I figured out my log in problem and posted my issue in the support forum. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Question: is there a shortcode for the homepage that will feature a particular product category? Thanks

you can use the attribute “ids” and add in the products shortcode ids=”21, 45, 34” with the products ids. To have the ids in the product category page put the mouse on the category name and in the left corner of your browser you can see the url of the category page that also contain the ID.

Hi Great Theme! Just wondering if its possible to put the Testimonials slider as a shortcode in the home page enclosed within a [one_fourth] column. I would like to get it working like the testimonials widget.


Sure, put the shortcode column and inside put the testimonials slider shortcode. I think it works :)

Also just wondering is there a way to just insert long/lat. into google map. Unfortunately i do not have my business location setup on google maps so it is not identifying my map position. It actually picks up another business nearby.

Thanks Again

I suggest you to add a text widget under the google map and enter the yourself :)

Hello Guys, I have purchased the maya theme. how do i setup it just like sample shop you have given. where do i get the sample data?

Where did i find those in support forum.



Sample data is available for download in the support forum, there is a topic “import sample data”. thanks!

On the blog page (using the elegant template/layout), where it lists the blog posts … how do you stop all the text from showing?

Like you example I would like to only show the first 150 words and then have a ‘read more>’ link to post page.

Is there shortcode I need to drop into the post? Thanks

You have to use the “more” tag of WordPress:

Hi, How do I change the currency from pounds to dollars? Also, how do I add a product image?

Thanks, Ava

Register yourself in our site: Then active your theme here: after this, here: you can find a “themes” section that contains the url of the sample data that you can download, a list of videotutorials availables and you can also open a ticket to get support.

Thanks Sara.

I’m wondering why in my cart it automatically says “free shipping”. How can I add a shipping cost to the items?

Woo Commerce > Settings > Shipping… here you can set the shipping cost for your items. :)