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Hi Sara, I am looking at buying this theme and wanted to check one thing: I intend to invert the design, so that the white is black, from looking at the source code and images there seems to be some images that need changing, and then the rest could be in the css.

Does this seem right to you ? thank you.

Perfect thanks Sara, maybe add that video to the landing page on TF.

Yes, i will do, thanks :)

Ciao, ho visto l’ultimo commento in italiano e così mi sono permessa di utilizzare la mia lingua madre per non fare figuracce. Trovo bellissimo e funzionale il tema e-commerce Maya Shop e sarei interessata ad acquistarlo per sostituire il mio attuale (e poco funzionale) sito internet. I 60 dollari sono annuali o è l’acquisto una tantum per il tema? Ci sono poi le spese di “affitto” dello spazio web a parte? Inoltre, è possibile creare un sito con dominio provvisorio da sostituire poi con il dominio del mio attuale sito web? Ad esempio voglio preparare il sito con Maya Shop chiamandolo e poi, una volta ultimato, lo sostituirò con E’ fattibile? Grazie mille in anticipo per la risposta e mi scuso per le domande, ma non sono del mestiere… grazie :)

Grazie :)

Di nuovo io…chiedo scusa Sara: ho acquistato il tema, fatto il download e fin qui tutto bene. Ma una volta aperta la cartella credevo di trovare una sorta di setup da installare. Ora non so come proseguire. Cosa devo fare per creare il sito? Io sono una principiante completa in materia, devo affidarmi ad uno sviluppatore? Scusa ancora!

Ciao Donatella, si, ti consigliamo di appoggiarti ad uno sviluppatore, perchè se non conosci la piattaforma di WordPress non puoi sicuramente riuscire a settare un intero e-commerce da sola. Se ci scrivi in privato a support[at] possiamo fornirti il nome di uno sviluppatore con cui collaboriamo. :)

Hi Sara, is this theme compatible with WPML plug-in? I am looking for multilingual, multiple currency eccommerce site. Thank you.

Yes, it is :)

I noticed that you answered all of the questions but mine. Sorry, but did I do something wrong or ask the wrong thing? Please advise. Thank you. I’m interested in buying your theme…

Hi, you can use the images with different sizes in our theme. You just need to disable hard crop in Woocommerce settings. You cannot use the shortcode [column] in shop page, the column number will automatically setted according to the image sizes. Actually there is no way to set custom text below the product name in Shop Page but our support theme can provide you a little code snippet to fill your need.


Thank you! One more quick question. Does this mean that if I disable crop in Woocommerce, and make my images the size I want (larger) with your theme, then by definition, I can force Woocommerce to, say, only have 2 columns? Just making sure I understand. Thanks again.

If you need to force to 2 the number of columns (regardless of the size of the images) you just need to add into your functions.php the following code:

add_filter( 'loop_shop_columns', create_function( '', 'return "2";' ) );

If you want to increase or decrease the number according to the images, you simply need to change the value in this row.

Hi If I want to see PC version on my mobile, how to do?

In the theme options you can disable the mobile design if you don’t want to use it in your theme.

:( Sorry. I can’t find that options. Please let me know route?

Hi, I am having download problem, download failed due to missing file style.css. I logged this in system yesterday. THX!

You have to add this code in your custom style textarea (theme options > general):

#logo {font-size:40px;}

Change the 40px value if you want to increase/decrease the size of the font.

You’re the BEST!

..Wow thanks :)

Hello Sara,

I have the below issue and I have submitted 2 days ago through your new forum and there has been no replies.

How can I get a background color to background image #19 to merge? I have followed the tutorial and it seems as if I can’t get both to grasp on the same level. When I select the background image that I want, the color don’t show unless I change the body background to color unit, but then I lose the background image. Please let me know how can I keep the background image #19 and keep the color of my preference as well. Since I am unable to do so.

Your issues is hard to fix. You are asking something of not very easy so my developer need time to help you. I just asked him to reply asap to your ticket. thanks!

Hello Sara, I bought the theme and I’d like to know if it’s possibile to change the favicon and how. thanks

Yes, in the Appearance > theme options panel > General > Custom Favicon :)

Tema davvero ben fatto a parte due particolari: la struttura degli headings è un po’ bizzarra, come mai? Inoltre, come aggiungere i pulsanti social ai post del blog? Gli shortcode non funzionano, ma probabilmente sono io che li metto nel posto sbagliato. ?

Ciao, per favore apri un ticket nella nostra area di supporto, non posso aiutarti con domande tecniche. Registrati al nostro sito: e attiva il tuo tema qui:

Dopodichè apri un topic per chiedere supporto ai nostri sviluppatori.

Hello :)

Hope alls warm and well. I’d love some advice please, I’m having mobile detect issues with my Window Phone 8 (Nokia Lumia 920). I’ve tweaked the mobile-detect arguments to ensure they are detecting the windows phone, which they are, however the mobilemenu drop down solution is not working on my windows phone, it works fine on my blackberry. When I do a $yiw_mobile->isWindowsphone() check and manually pass some arguments, it detects. I’m sure I’m missing a simple solution here, please can you advise on how many windows phone can become responsive to your great work :)

Thanks, Sean

Please open a ticket in the support area and ask this to our developers.I can’t help you with tecnichal requests. Register yourself in our site: Then active your theme here:

And then open a ticket and explain your issues. We will reply very soon.


Does this theme support affiliate mode? Like, instead of putting the product in a cart, it will go to the affiliate website to buy it there?

Cool!!! Im buying it! :)

Good for me :)

How can I get into the support forum? I have purchased your theme but I am not able to enter in to your forum. Please help!

Feedback on theme It’s pretty jammed packed with features, takes a minute to wrap your head around it, but it’s worth it.

We just changed our support platform. We used the support forum and now we use a ticket sistem based on Zendesk. In this way we are sure to improve the support :) now we have to change the links in all the documentations. Register yourself on our site: Then active the theme andhere we explain how the support works now. Hope is clear for you :)

(RESOLVED) How can I get “portfolio” “filterable” to show all post thumbs in infinite scroll with no category.

(HOW) Although this is not the best way, I went into General>Reading and changed show number of posts to 100. It would be cool if was able to do pagination so that wp-infinite scroll could work instead of this run around.

try to set -1 instead 100.

Thanks. -1 worked. But is there a way to have infinite scroll?

No, i’m sorry.

Excellent Theme. So far no issues to speak of, very easy to use.

Glad to read this :)

Sorry guys, can someone give me a quick info/solution. On new installed “buyed” Themeforest theme there is no way I can display Header image/slider/anything. Logo is ok but on the header there is empty space. Is there any checkbox to enabled/disable header ?

I suggest you to watch our videotutorials to understand how to set the theme.

Register yourself in our site: Then active your theme here:

After this in the “Themes” section you can find a lot of videotutorials and also our demo files, if you want to import them.


Hi, i have bought this theme, and i love it but i have found one small problem. The product pages do not seem to be showing the images correctly (i have tried in all browsers, both mac and pc).

Here is a link to the site – http://eirllin[DOT]co[DOT]uk/wp/product/lego-shirt/

I would appreciate it if you could come back to me as soon as possible, thanks…

Please open a ticket in the support area and ask this to our developers.I can’t help you with tecnichal requests. Register yourself in our site: Then active your theme here:

And then open a ticket and explain your issues. We will reply very soon.


Hi Sara.

A quick question. Is the main navigation fixed to the top (horizontally) or can it be aligned vertically down the left hand side of the page?


No, i’m sorry, is not possible move the navigation on the left.

I bought this theme two weeks ago. I love the theme and, maybe more important, I love the support! Most of the issues can be solved by the excellent documentation, but as I am not a html expert I need some support now and then.

The forum is superb! I get usefull feedback on every question, even when it is a nagging problem that needs 16 replies! These people do not stop until you are happy.

Wow thanks :superbashfulcute:

Hi Sara,

I bought this theme yesterday and I´ve a question. I´ve not much experience with wordpress and after install this theme, now to create my web what I have to do with it? Must I install the sample example and work on it and modify it? Sure you think that an stupid question but as I said I´m not experienced with wordpress. Thanks

Yes, you can install the sample data of our live preview, so is more easy. (but if you have not experience with WordPress, i think you will need help to set your ecommerce).

Register yourself in our site: Then active your theme here:

after this, in the support page you will see a “themes” section that contains the url of the sample data that you can download, a list of videotutorials availables and you can also open a ticket to get support.


Ok, Thank you Sara. ;-)

You’re welcome :)


I’m trying to get my shop page to have three products wide. I’ve changed the size in WooCommerce settings to 200px and they change to 3 products wide. But on rows 2 and 4 there is an odd one out. You can see what I mean here:

Have I missed a setting in the theme options to say how many across it should be?


Add this code:

add_filter( 'loop_shop_columns', create_function( '', 'return 3;' ) );

in the functions.php file of the theme.

Worked a treat thank you!

You’re welcome :)