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Hi Sara

I have purchased your theme which I love however I am having a few problems.

Firstly I have entered some FAQs however can’t seem to get them to show on the website. Also, to my knowledge the recents posts should automatically show on the blogs page and this function doesnt seem to work either. The video tutorial that you have posted previously no longer exist and there doesn’t seem to be any info regarding this theme on the YIT website which I have registered with and already activated my theme with.

Please provide me your username, thanks.


Hi planitwell i see that you are active without any issues. In this page you can see “submit a ticket”?

come posso fare per spostare a sinistra la sorting bar nella pagina shop?

Aggiungi questa regola nella textarea custom style (theme options > general):

form.woocommerce_ordering select { margin-left:0; } form.woocommerce_ordering { float:left; } #breadcrumb { clear:both; }

grazie mille

Hi Sara_p great portfolio of work. I am interested in your Maya and your Bazar and was trying to decide which one to go with and then I found the rest of your portfolio work

and I am now looking at Libra and Cheope e-commerce themes as well… help! :)

I played with the Mercor theme on Themeforest and wasn’t happy with the results, we are launching an online store to sell gourmet candies / deserts and other imported goods. I’m sure you love each one of your themes but I’m looking for a little insight on which might be the best to go with.


Cheope and Bazar are similar, based on the same framework, so both are better then Maya (IMHO). Bazar has same additional features like the Custom Login, the Maintenance mode, the compare feature and so on. I can’t decide :) i love all my themes, you’re right!

No encuentro el demo sample para subirlo, ayuda

Register yourself in our site: Then active your theme here:

after this, in the support page you will see a “themes” section that contains the url of the sample data that you can download. Thanks!

Awesome theme! I am definitely interested in it but want to confirm some details before I do as I have had some problems with the previous theme I bought for my current need.

Basically I am selling digital products and want to be able to integrate wp-client. My last theme went absolutely haywire once I did this… do you know if wp-client will work?

I’m sorry but i can’t guarantee you the total compatibilty with this plugin because we didn’t tested it.

Hi does this theme have automatic access to shopping and payment facilities or do you then need to purchase woocommerce or jigo shop separately in order to get facility? If yes how much is this? Do you then need to arrange separate accounts with direct debit facilities eg world pay/ sage pay/ pay pal to activate functionality? Thanks

You only need the free version of woo commerce or jigoshop to have the paypal payment feature.

Hello When your downloading, witch version is it? I have version 1.8 after purchasing 14 days ago and is now version 1.85 is possible, but I can not download anywhere?

Regard Kim

The file to download is: themeforest-2189918-mayashop-a-flexible-responsive-ecommerce-theme

I will try to rename it, uploade it to see if it is another theme

I alredy have a ticket, iam waiting fore a reply.

AND.. i love maya shop :)

Regards Kim

The theme is still Maya, but version 1.8. I wait fore support to answer :) – testsite

I’m sorry, but i can’t help you. It seems that you have some download issues here on TF. :(

Hi, I have installed your Maya theme with the Jigoshop plugin but the product pages aren’t displaying the product main image and will not display the “Shop Sidebar” on the product page. How do I fix this?

Thanks, Amanda

please open a ticket in the support area and ask this to our developers.I can’t help you with tecnichal requests. Register yourself in our site: Then active your theme here:

And then in the “Get support” page open a ticket and explain your issues.


Hi! Please ignore my previous comment I have found the solution to the image display problem in your yithemes forum – and the sidebar was entirely my own mistake! :-) Amanda

Great :)

hey, i purchased your theme witch i really enjoyed.. but i have one simple question.

The title of my product names when in preview thumbnail show all the letters in capital, i wish not to have it like this. how can i change this?

Add this code:

.shop-ribbon .products li .below-thumb, .shop-traditional .products.ribbon li .below-thumb {text-transform:none;}

in your custom style textarea (theme options > general)

hey Sara_p, i copied and paste it to the custom style textarea and still have the same result? im i doing something wrong?

can you send me your wp credentials to support[at] thanks

Hello I do love the theme but I am having some speed issues with the theme anything I can do? I do not have a account with your support page. username would be chringo1 its mainly in the dashboard.

Hi, I’ve installed Maya Shop and posted a couple of news stories which appeared on my home page. Now I’ve started to add my products and a separate blog page I want my products to show up as ‘recent’ and ‘featured’ on the home page as is the case with the demo but I can get rid of the original blog posts from my home page. How can I correct this?

You have to create a custom home page and replace the default wordpress home page, that contains the blog post. Create the home and then in settings > readings set this home page in your front page. Then in the editor of the home page use shortcodes to choose what do you want to display.

Can I use Wp e-commerce with this theme?

No, i’m sorry, only Woo Commerce or Jigoshop.


I have just purchased Maya Shop through themeforest and am excited to get my store up and running.

I have installed the theme into wordpress and I cant find the demo content to upload to the site….

Are there any basic tutorials for setting up the site? I haven’t been able to find anything.



The basic documentation is inside the zip you downloaded. Open the index.html file and read it in your browser.

We have also a lot of videotutorials in our support desk,

Register yourself in our site: Then active your theme here:

after this, in the support page you will see a “themes” section that contains a list of videotutorials availables and you can also open a ticket to get support.


I just have purchased your theme … and I can’t find the YITH WooCommerce Wishlist – Premium Wordpress plugin! Also there is no dokumetation for the Maya theme!!!

Thanks you in advance!


The plugin is already included in the theme, you don’t have to install it. The basic documentation is in the zip you downloaded (Read me folder). In our support area there are a lot of videotutorials.

Register yourself in our site: Then active your theme here:

after this, in the support page you will see a “themes” section that contains the url of the sample data that you can download, a list of videotutorials availables and you can also open a ticket to get support. Thanks!

Thanks! I have found all this … and it is really easy to work with this theme. However I need help on finding the Word “Added” it is in the “Custom for add to cart ribbon, when added to cart” I need to translate it but I can’t find it.

Thanks in advance!

...never mind .. I found it and translated … :-)

I’m planning to buy this item, however, a few questions to see if this is suitable for the project I’m going to work on: - I need the website in ITA language (main version) and also ENG-ESP, is it compatible with multilanguage plugins? Is there an available italian translation of the templates or do I need to do by myself? - I need to put a “size” variant on each item on the shop, each of the sizes has a weight, and the shipping cost should be calculated based on the total weight of the items purchased. I need a table where I can change the shipping cost based on the weight ranges e.g. 0-5Kg – 10€ ... 5-10Kg – 15€ and so on.. is it possible? - Can I place a multiple discount % on ALL the items, or on a single category? Or should I do it for each product?

Thank you so much for your time Simone

1- Si, il tema è compatibile con WPML. Abbiamo una traduzione in italiano non completa, circa il 55%, il resto dovresti farlo tu :)

Per la cosa di cui hai bisogno dovresti acquistare questa extension di woo commerce:

Ciao Sara, grazie della risposta. Un’ultima domanda: l’e-commerce che devo andare a creare dovrà ospitare circa un migliaio di prodotti, il vostro tema è testato per questi numeri ? Grazie di nuovo a presto

Certo, che problema c’è? :)


Is it possible to setup this theme to list the categories on the home page with a thumbnail image? Also, I have a client that wants to use the shopping cart functionality to only email requests and not for placing actual orders. Can this theme be setup that way or would that need to be custom code?

In this page you can see the shop shortcodes availbles:

we have a shortocde to show the cateogories in the pages. For the other question yes, you can turn off the add to cart button and add a contact form in the product page (or a button that link the contact page, or add a mail address, and so on)

Hi, I saw somewhere this theme might work with Magento. Is this true? Thanks, Ryan

No, i’m sorry. Only WordPress + Woo Commerce/Jigoshop.

Building site for a record company. They will sell CDs. I would need a media player to be on each product page that will auto play a medley of cd being viewed. Dont need digital download. Do this theme have this option? If not van you suggest one.

You can install this plugin: or:

and put the shortcode in the product page.

Hi Sara.

I am just deciding on which theme of yours to use and I ask the same question for this one that is it compatibvle with WPML?

Thanks for your quick response

Yes, all our themes are compatibles with WPML.