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Hello, when I upload the theme file manually, because it did not work through the wordpress dashboard, the theme is very slow.

Any ideas on what could be the issue?

Are you sure you are uploading the right file? You have to upload the Maya folder (in the dashboard and not the zip you downloaded from themeforest.

Hi, i am interested in this theme but i have the following questions:

1. I want the system to ask for a collection address and a destination/shipping address, does your theme have this option?

2. I want to sell a service, i would like to have a product option as a ‘county’ in the UK and each county varies in price, can i set these options so that is alters the price on the product?

3. I dont want the theme to ask for payment i want to do that externally because of the service type its not easy to bill one price, so can you switch this option off ?


1- You have to check if with Woo Commerce this is possible, i’m not sure about this.

2. Yes, is possible

3. Yes

Hey Sara,

I have downloaded the updated version but I cannot access the home_x categories slider. I imported the sample data which I had got with the previous version but it doenst seem to bring up the home_x When I go to for activation it tells me that the key is already activated. Kindly please advice if i have to download a new sample data file or how do i go about it? Thanks.

I have the 1.8 Version of it, on my WP dasboard it says to download the 1.8.5 version. but on themeforest I keep getting the 1.8 from my “download” menu. Please resolve this..

Thanks LT

Just checked and the version available on Themeforest is the 1.8.5. Please download again the theme and check the changelog inside the theme zip.

Resolved, Thanks!

Great :)

Hello, Can I use this theme for 2 websites (my own), not for any client? I will install on one server account but multiple domain.

With the regular license you can use the theme only in 1 domain. If you want to use the same theme in 2 domains you have to purchase the theme twice (is a themeforest rule)

OK. Can I edit the theme offline? If so, do you have a recommended editing software best for this theme? Bluehost allows download of wordpress set up and but it is quite costly to pay in advance when I don’t have content yet or be online 24/7. I use windows XP. Thanks in advance.

Hi Sara, I have an issue when I’m trying to upload the theme through the dashboard about “Warning: POST Content-Length” that exceeds the limit of bytes in unknown on line 0. I’m working in a local server. Do you know why this happen? If I do the upload manually, it’s working. Thanks. Selena


Which font did you use for the logo?

The header logo image in MayaShop will not show. I have tried various sizes including the recommended size 960×338. Any suggestions? Thanks. Kent

Nevermind. I tried several ways and finally tried copying the image URL from the media libriary into the theme options field for the header and it worked! Thanks for putting together this theme. I am new to this and found the theme to be very elegent and helpful. Kent

- Great ;)

Well, let me just say … my client was IMPRESSED. Thank you, my Catalonian brothers and sisters. Though I am American, born and bred, my people are from Abruzzi, and we salute you :)

Wow :) thank you and xxx from Italy!

Oh, it’s at

Just a quick question before making purchase.

1. Does the menu system come with ability to add image (product image) in to it?

2. Would like to run a flash sell / daily deal site, understand that the theme is compatible with jigoshop plugin, but want to make sure it works with limited deal plugin.

Thank you and looking forward to buy it.

1. No, i’m sorry.

2. I’m not sure about this because we not tested the theme with this plugin. You can try and if you have any issues try to ask support to our developers.

Please help …. I can’t find the social media icons to add them.

What do you mean exactly?

My posting are not showing up with the posting content only the title. How do I fix that?

please open a ticket in the support area and ask this to our developers.I can’t help you with tecnichal requests. Register yourself in our site: Then active your theme here:

And then in the “Get support” page open a ticket and explain your issues.



The boxed versions doesn`t seem to wrok anynore? It`is always stretched…..

Is this a common problem?


In my demo it works, so is not a common problem. Can you provide me your url?

Hi, Could you let me know how to set the fixed image for homepage slider when it comes to smaller screen..?

In Theme Options/Sliders Manager says only The Responsive Behaviour can set to Replace with “Fixed Image”. But I have no idea where to link or upload an image to.

I use LayerSlider if that might helps.


You have to upload the image you want to use as a static header in Appearance > Header.

Thank you. it works!

BTW, is there any way to not restrict the height of header to 338 pixels?

Try to add this rule in the custom style textarea (theme options > general): img {height:338px;}

The maya zip will not upload and comes up with the follow error:

Wordpress Failure Notice Are you sure you want to do this? Please Try Again

Can you please get back to me with a resolution?

Thank you.

Are you sure you are installing the right file? Not install the zip you download from themeforest (it contains psd files, documentation, jpg images and so on) but install the archive. We explain this also in the documentation.

How do I make a page with only a text widget on the sidebar.

Otherwise. I want to have a video playing on the right side in the sidebar area and nothing else in that side bar..

In the theme options panel create a new empty sidebar and in appearance > widgets drag and drop a text widget inside this sidebar.

PERFECT! Thanks!

I’m looking to purchase the item and would like to know if the responsive mode can be disabled? Thank you.

Yes, you can turn off the responsive behavior in the theme panel :)

Thanks so much, Sara! One more important feature I’d like to verify: Is it possible by panel settings to display latest blog posts – say, 3 (with read more buttons) instead of “NEW ARRIVALS ON MAYA’S SHOP” under the slider as shown on the preview?

Yes, you can set the blog in the front page and have also the slider. (but in this way you can have only slider and articles, no products)