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Great theme. When my product is on the homepage and I hover over it … that nice ribbon does not appear, but rather some background color. Any tips?

Hi, please open a ticket in the support area and ask this to our developers.I can’t help you with tecnichal requests. Register yourself in our site: Then active your theme here:

And then in the “Get support” page open a ticket and explain your issues.


Hi ! Great theme – congratulations. 1) i would like to sell personnalized items, so i would like to know if it’s possible to add a text field and to offer the possibility for the customer to send a picture (like in this site : 2) is it possible to work with affiliate referrers ? does the site will recognize that a sell is due to a partner ? Thank you in advance. Cedric

1- No, i’m sorry, is not possible. 2- you have to purchase a woo commerce extension to have this feature, like this:

see below (post came in twice)

Hey, What is the shortcode to display the portfolio sliders? as per the demo here:

Is not a shortcode. After you created the portfolio, in the page, in the “Options of the page” panel in the right side you can chose which display insert inside the page.

Can one portfolio not be displayed in more then one way?

No, you can use only 1 portfolio for each portfolio layout. This theme has not unlimited portfolios, i’m sorry.

i cant login to new forum - i have tried : 1 ) logging in with old foum info:says wrong password- 2 ) resetting password – although the message always says email sent- check your emial for reset password link.. no email ever arrived- despite 3+days of multiple attempts- 3 ) created a new account on new forum but i cant access support or view maya forums because the acitvation code is still locked under my old account ( the one that cant access or reset password on) Ive sent email to support- but as i havent got an account w/ theme purchase code i cant submit a ticket about this-somewhat all a catch-22. Please help now. my yitheme original user name is tannerc i will send my activation and email in private message. if required.

very weird- but i APPRECIATE your attention- its’s cleary an email / icloud issue i guess? i guess send an email to creelman at gmail dot com

Sent. It seems that is an issue we have with all customers with mails. check now please :)

THANKYOU-im back in and appreciate your continued attention to help

Hi there,

great theme, it looks awesome!

I’ve just installed it and want to set up the homepage like your homepage style 4 with tabs underneath the slider. I’ve followed the instructions to create feature tabs and put the shortcode on the page, but now I can’t see anywhere to actually create each tab.

The documentation says the name of the tab should appear in the left bar, but I can’t see it anywhere! Have I missed something?

i don’t know, i can check if you send me your credentials to support[at] :)

Hi Sara,

thanks for the fast response. It’s actually all sorted now; I deleted the first feature tab I created, created a new one with a different name and then it appeared at the side. :)

Great :)

What’s the name of the font used for the mayashop logo? thanks

Hi, Sarah. i am planning to order your amazing theme. but before i do this i want to ask you:

1) i am planing to do 3 different language version of shop is it alright to use your theme 3 times for each language? (one web site) 2) Can i use theme on WordPress version wordpress-3.2.1-bg_BG (Bulgaria) 3) Hot long it takes to have theme after i ordered it ? you sending it by e-mail ?

Thank you.


1) if you want you can use the theme in 3 installations (but only in 1 domain), but i suggest you to use a plugin like WPML if you want a multilanguage site.

2) Yes

3) immediately after the purchase on Themeforest you can download the theme in your “downloads” page :)

Thank you a lot Sarah i will order your theme very soon :) i am just setting up my wordpress and after i am done i am ordering your theme :)

Glad to read this :)

how to show portfolio sliders in main page (sale products, new arrival, for example)

sale products and new arrivals are not portfolio sliders, are product sliders. You can add products sliders using the product shortcodes (you can find the complete shortcodes list in the documentation – Read me folder – or in the shortcodes page on the live preview)

P.S: or if i install latest English version (on Bulgarian version of web site) and then through Maya them i translate ? because i am fine with English language on control panel WordPress admin. what you suggest to do ?


If it can work with wordpress-3.2.1-bg_BG (Bulgaria) then its awesome.

Thank you.


Hi George, you have to translate yourself the theme in bulgarian (and maybe you will send us the translation, so we will happy :) )

Yes of course i will send you an a translation :) no problem at all.

thank you! :)


How do i make megamenu? There is no options for it in navigation menu?

You can watch this videotutorial: hope is helpful for you :)

Hi, i like this theme! Pre buying question, is the font of the menu changeble? And is it possible that the logo is on the left side in stead of center?

Thanks in advance.

Yes to both your questions :)

Hi Can you please tell me is there a way of changing the order of popular posts on home page. I have 4 posts but only 3 are showing and not the most recent. I would like it to show most recent from top down.

Also i have set the logo font to Bebas but when the site loads Comic Sans appears or another very ornate font which im not sure of name. This really looks bad as the site is cery contemporary in style.

Can you please tell me how to resolve?


Hi, please open a ticket in the support area and ask this to our developers.I can’t help you with tecnichal requests. Register yourself in our site: Then active your theme here:

And then in the “Get support” page open a ticket and explain your issues.

I know there is a galley and portfolio but is there a way to make a photo album of events within in this theme? I need a Gallery link that will take them to a page of multiple albums from various events. is this doable? If yes how?

Does adding sample content overwrite the shop portion only? Or will it also over ride my other pages like blog? and other custom pages I have already developed? I would like to use the sample content for my clients to get a better sense of the site, but i do not want to destroy everything I have done. Thanks so much for your time

The sample content replace ALL the content, also the blog articles and the pages content, i’m sorry.

Also, what will the results be of adding the sample content? does it format it and display it right away?

Using the sample data you will have the SAME site of our live preview (pages, images, content, settings and so on)

Hi where to get the sample data? I can not find it at your support forum

Register yourself in our site: Then active your theme here: after this, here: you can find a “themes” section that contains the url of the sample data that you can download, a list of videotutorials availables and you can also open a ticket to get support. Thanks!


I am having issues uploading the file to WordPress. Do you have a solution for this issue? The file seems a little large compared to other themes I have purchased in the past. Is this perhaps the reason why it is having trouble uploading?

Maybe you have some upload limits on your hosting (usually 2gb). Can you try to install the theme using an FTP software? You should fix the issue.

I have tried to as a question on the support area but it prompts me to activate my theme before doing so. I have tried this but it is saying there is an error as the theme is already activated.

Can you please advise? This is not the first time this has happened. every time i login and try to ask a question i get this error

Try now, i just activated you in the support area :)

I just purchased this theme and tried installing it, but I am being told by my server/wordpress that the stylesheet is missing. Would anyone be able to help me?

Thank you.

You are installing the wrong file. As explained in the documentation, you have to install the archive, not the archive you downloaded from themeforest.