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for Customer Support

I am feeling really angry and frustrated that no one from customer support is getting back to me. I uploaded Woocommerce 3.2, which I have just read has had some major bug issues. It would have been good if someone from your customer support had got back to me to let me know. I have been waiting a week to get a reply and nothing!

for Other

MayaShop has put me in good stead over the years. Regularly updated and has very good walk-through support. Does everything I've ever needed. My only hope is that author will some day take all this good stuff and do a more modern and clean looking template as I am such a fan.

for Design Quality

Not only is the design visually pleasing, I've used this theme for a few years now and the updates keep the theme current and my involvement in the website minimal.

for Code Quality

Don't get me wrong.

I really really like this theme!

But Google pagespeed does not! A lot of javascript and css should be minimized!!!

A lot of javascript should be placed to the footer!!

(HTML output) Code should have a cleanup (and minification).

So, it's not how to build beautiful themes anymore! It's building beautiful / responsive and optimized themes!

Please make this theme even better by optimizing all code!

Thank you

for Customer Support

Customer support and support for new versions of Woocommerce and Wordpress is super slow. Code quality questionable.

for Documentation Quality

I can not recommend this theme. Apart from being difficult to configure with cluttered / old style "theme options" settings, the documentation is only available if you have an active support subscription.
This is really new to me and not acceptable in my opinion.

Real experience: Once I updated Maya to the latest version, it broke my site and I had to configure it all from scratch. No documentation available and live support confirmed this is only for members with a valid support subscription.

Simply for this way of work I can not really accept this greedy way of thinking and I am moving forward with another theme / developer that values their clients in the long term.

for Design Quality

This could really use Visual Composer included. Had to buy separately and convert the whole website. Overall, it looks nice but the typography is a little wonky. Type is too small and have to do a lot of custom coding to change it. Probably will not use again but works for now.

for Customizability

Je ne conseil pas ce thème pour ceux qui désire le modifier quelque peu. Très difficile à trouver de la documentation et aucun forum entre personnes qui peuvent se parler pour régler un problème ou trouver quelque chose de spécifique. Sortez votre argent si vous avez des questions. D'ailleurs tout ce qui viens de themeforest est compliqué... bonne chance!

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