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uiheroes Purchased

can i use the main demo with the FES PLugin from easy digital downloads?

i really like the main demo but don’t see a place where you can contact the seller in the demo that’s why am concerned if i can get the FES and all the other plugins from EDD to work on the main demo could this be possible?


uiheroes Purchased

Could i turn the main demo into a marketplace our would it be better suited to use the marketplace theme you guys have ?

Yes you can. Please create a support ticket we will help you.

presale quetion .is there any other option better than Amazon S3. , i have tried to setup it but it very compilicated , please let me other option ,

Amazon s3 is good. We will help you integrate it.

Hello! How can I update theme to the new version if I am already using it?

Please create a support ticket. We will help you to install theme update.

Hello, how can i set my small grid view like 3 columbs on mobile? On the demo web site its looking nice with 3 colubms but when i try to get demo content i see the mobile 7 columbs?

Replied via ticket.


How to remove the Recent blog post panel from product download/information page?

2. I’m offering everything for free but how to make signup mandatory before download?

3. is there any way to limit the download per user/IP on per day basis?

4. How to change the Post title color please (class=”single-post-title”)?

5. How to remove the spacing from menu bar?

when I click on download button the EDD free download modal doesn’t appear , do you have any idea?

I’m uploading the latest files but Mayosis >> welcome – showing version 2.6.0, what can be the issues here?

Please create support ticket from future support. We dont give support on comment.


FelixBe Purchased

Hello there I have some Problems. -> https://prnt.sc/swuivz the button color and text color how can I change them ( also they are labeld in german how change that either)? Also I have so much wasted space here how can i fix that -> https://prnt.sc/swujjr

Please create a support ticket with your website access. We will assist you there. We don’t provide support via comment


FelixBe Purchased

I have opened a support ticket im writing now over one month with them. thx

You didnt give us website access. Please reply via ticket. For support we required website access must. Cause we fix maximum things by our experts. Thanks


Update is almost done.

How to redirect the user to the user dashboard after password reset, please?

There is no option for the user to logout and profile/dashboard when hovering over the profile/log in button. am I missing something?


Add account menu from appearance> menu.logout will show automatically. Please create support ticket from future support. We dont give support on comment.

Please fix the issue in gridzy justified template you have. Check it with hover elements on and then have only one product in a category and try it. You will see what i am talking about and i want this fixed from a long time now.

Shoudn’t a image stay in one area and not stretch if its one in a category or search when in justified mode?

I just fixed it. Can you email us with your website access we will provide the fixed one. Thanks

Nice theme How can I change the style of the Vendor Dashboard https://i.ibb.co/HGGMs5y/Capture.jpg

please create a support ticket.



The4 Purchased

Hi, can you update a feature to connect Envato item with review and comment? Thanks

Envato item review comment pulling has many issues. thats why we cant update right now.

PRE SALE QUESTIONS : Hello, I’m very interested in your theme but i have 3 questions to know if it’s ok for what i want to do : -Is it possible to mix photo and video sales using mayosis videokit ? (the video preview interest me so much) -Is it possible to create a video or photo product with multiple photo or video files inside ? -is it possible to let visitors downoload photos or video for free ?

Many thanks in advance for your answer ! Yann

Thanks for your questions. 1. Yes You can sell both

2. Yes you can male Multiple Photos in single product but multiple video not possible.

3. Yes you can provide free product.

Many thanks for this answer :)

Hi how to customize the Grid layout for downloads we need to change the label in the grid as of now for free its showing as Free for paid its showing purchase and pricing instead of that i need to change to Free & Premium because we are not providing single video pricing we need an subscription model where user can take subscription then he can access all the premium videos. Kindly let me know how to achieve this.

Please create a support ticket. We will provide support via Ticket platform.

Hi,I am interested in this theme for the audio site demo but I have some questions:

1. For the home screen, is it possible to have the audio player bar at the bottom apart from the product page?

2. Is there product page support for royalty-free music that includes multiple licensing options (prices) like audio jungle?

3. Is it possible to have music, video and photo products on a single website without compromising the features of their respective demos?

This is an amazing theme btw. Great job.

1. Sorry on home screen currently Audio bar isn’t available.

2. Yes its possible.

3. Yes Its possible.

Thanks for the reply!

Hello. I have a few presale questions based on the demos available to view. I’m looking to make a site that focuses on music downloads and interaction between front_end vendor and a customer.

1. Is there a message system where a customer user can message back and forth with a front-end vendor?

2. Will I be able to integrate the music preview system (Click on a box and a preview play button pop up with a music player at the bottom of page) on any page I want?

1. Not right now these type option available.

2. This is a custom work required charges.

I love your theme I will love to buy for music sales but before then I need to ask this questions

1 does the theme show number of audio downloads?

2 after a client pay for an audio file is there a way to confirm payment be given access to download?

3 I noticed the menu on your demo is not popping up is that how the them is ?

4 is it compatible with YouTube video links ?

Can audio and video be in one place?

1. Our theme show separate product download count.

2.After pay client will be able to automatic download.

3. Few menus not operational. But after install you will be able to use them.

4. yes

yes you can sell audio video in same site.

Use this custom code. We will make a color option on next update. textarea::placeholder,input[type=text]::placeholder,input[type=email]::placeholder{color:#ccc !important;}