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good morning: I bought your template, and I have it all ready, but when I teach my client has a mobile with internet explorer 9 and it looks all messy, I can do? thanks


a2 Purchased

solution:If you deactivate the compression & Gzip in the templates’s control panel, and set it none, template wont display well in IE 7, IE 8 and IE 9.

Hello dear, just send me your Administrator and ftp info to my profile contact to check your site issue.Best Regards.

Hi Fawaniss,

This template is awesome and offers lots of features and possibilities, we can simply adapt it to many website requirements and industry…

I have a small issue and I think this is related to some javascript issue, I am using the template with Joomla 3.2 and Cobalt CCK.

On some pages lite this one http://www.golfmediaplus.com/international-golf-resort-directory/user-item/65-golfmediaplusceo/9-5-star-resorts/3-test-resort.html where I am using vertical sliders, when I click on one of the vertical slider link and page became longer, the black background of the vertical menu remains the same height and a white space appears in between the vertical menu black background and the bottom of the website.

Same for the main body area, when I click on the vertical slider, the page does not follow the height of the content but remains longer with a white space!

I have some screenshot so that you can understand it better but cannot add any image here, so, if you can give me an email address so I can send them to you with a better explanation if you have any problem to understand the issue.

Hello Dear golfplus. I have Sent you the answer to your Email. Regards.

Hi purchases this theme and it is great. However, I am having one problem. The Toolbar-l doesn’t display the main menu on the top after I add slides to the RocketSprok Slideshow. Any ideas? URL: https://www.wildernesscorps.com

Thanks. Todd

Hello Tod. go to wp-admin >> Mazaya >> Widget Options >> Toolbar-l >> and make sure to select all page in Display field in your menu widget. Best Regards.

Hi there. Is your template supports module in menu feature? Vertical menu seems nice but i didnt see any module in menu.

Hello gtasyurek . Yes you can add module in the toolbar or Vertical menu. this template supports module in menu feature. Thank you for your interest

Hmmm, few months ago you were giving many good support, so, what is happening now? It is now 3 days since I submitted an issue and also send you a message through the Themeforest contact form but no one did revert back to me!!! Any problem there? I need some urgent support as we need to launch our website very quickly.

Hello golfplus. sorry for the delay. I have Sent you the answer to your Email. Regards.

Hi Fawaniss,

I hope all is well, when is your new Joomla template coming out? I’ve got a project I need to start now, I was hoping to see your upcoming template before I make a decision on the template to use.

Many thanks

Hello Dear Tony and thanks for your interest, Unfortunately been busy with some projects so the new template as possible be delayed for some time Sorry you for this, if you want contact me by my profile to show you example for the design of new template that will work to see if it suits you.
Best Regards.

I am using Virtuemart and have set it to 2 columns which works on Home page but other categories display in 3 columns with your template. Do you have any idea how I can change this?

Hello DavidButterworth
Thanks for using Mazaya. please send me your site and admibistrator info by my profile to check your site. Regards.

Sort of solve the 3 to 2 column issue it was in each category.

I’m unable to save any changes I make to Mazaya template, I get Save failed! I’ve running Joomla 2.5 and all other templates save

Dear Fawaniss, I’m sorry to say that whatever you did to make the template to save has stopped working, I would be gratefull if you could either do it again or let me know how to fix it. The user and password are the same, let me know if you need reminding. Thanks David

Hi David , I try lo login to your Administrator to check your site again. But I’ cant, not show me anything

Yes it showed, “Save Failed” earlier. Then it started working again, I don’t know why.

I have another question but, will put under new topic.


I am interested in purchasing the template for News Portal Site. But how about IE11? On IE11 all items are messed up and as you can undrstand all the new notebooks, desktop pc’s e.t.c. are preinstalled with windows 8 and IE11.



Hello Thomas
Thank you for your interest. I did not try it on IE11 yet, I will check it and fix any issues possible to appear.
Best Regards.

There was a small issue only in the demo site ( Because one plugine Added to the demo by mistake ) , Now fixed You can check it again using IE 11 , This problem did not exist in Mazaya Download Package. Best Regards.

Hello, Super Job! Two questions: - Why when I edit an item in K2 I put my text “justifed” with images in the item, but after my text on the site is not “justified” and my images do not appear. -How to remove the “OFFLINE” when the site is closed from the control panel I have put an image and a message Specific but nothing changes. Thank you!!

Hello jeromegruber
Thanks for purchasing Mazaya. 1) To display text “justifed” text add this code to your Costum CSS :

.itemFullText, .itemIntroText {
    text-align: justify;

2) In joomla Global Configuration >> Offline Message >> Use Custom Message or Hide option : http://d.pr/i/Ajj5

Best Regards.

Thanks, But Sorry, but after your instructions, 1) No Justified, No pictures inside the items. 2) Where is Joomla Console, K2 is Erywhere. Thanks.

Hi Jerome , can you send me your site and Administrator info by my profile contact to check your site?. Best Regards.

Hi, fawaniss. Please urgent help. My site suddenly wont load with your template, When change to another template all is ok. I look in cpanel, and when is your template selected all resources in cpanel are on maximum (entry process, mem usage all is on high) Please help, where is problem, I did not make any modification on template long time. Thnx

Big Big sorry, problem was in one module that causes problem. Can you delete my comment above please

Hello etagure , Well that the problem is not from the template :)

Yes, BIG BIG Sorry.

I am very interested in this template but it does not work well in IE 11 (have not tested other versions). I can not force everyone to use Chrome or Mozilla. Any predictions to correct this problem? Sorry for the bad English. Thank you.

Estou muito interessado neste template mas ele não funciona bem no IE 11 (não testei outras versões). Não posso obrigar todos a utiliza o Chrome ou Mozilla. Alguma previsão para corrigir este problema? Desculpe o inglês ruim. Obrigado.

Hello leniogoncalves
Thank you for your interest , There was a small issue only in the demo site ( Because one plugine Added to the demo by mistake ) , Now fixed You can check it again using IE 11 , This problem did not exist in Mazaya Download Package. Best Regards.

That’s great. Buying now. Thank you for your attention.

Hi Fawanis this joomla template is very good , but there is a proplem i want to help me , there is a slider in homepage , it show old news , i mean first 5 rows which id’s 1-2-3-4-5 , i want it to show recent news which i entered , how?? i wait you replay. thank you

Hello Mosamem , First you need to purchase mazaya
you can select the article order in roksprocket Module

When I view my site in most responsive views, the logo size is OK apart from the phone vertical (the narrowest), then the logo becomes too small is there a way to force the logo to view larger?

Hi , try to add this code to your Costum CSS :

@media (max-width: 479px) {

#header-responsive .logo, #header-responsive .searchbox {
    width: 100% !important;



Thank you that worked nicely.

Hello dear Fawaniss, I reinstall my website. I have problem about my hearder bar responsive on tablet. Before you fixed this problem on my web site. I need same help. Can you write me here, what should I do?

Hello Resul , The answer has been sent to your email.

Thank you fawaniss it works. Can I ask other question? If not possible not important but I think it will better for my web site. You know, Mazaya template footer menu’s left and right side empty. But Toolbar (Where is menu) everywhere is black. How can I clean toolbar’s left side and right side is empty like footer? I know, I explained very bad, I will send you screenshot. Thank you so much again.

Hello ByZeitgeist. The answer has been sent to your email. Best Regards.

Hello ,, I want ask about quick star ,, if there is quick star for joomla V 3 ?

many thanx

Hello yusufyeni

Thanks for purchasing Mazaya. Yes quick star for joomla V 3 Available. Regards.

Hello ,,, the menu show color different that look like on the demo Mazaya template ( I mean in Mazaya demo the green beater that the green on my site )

Please see this pics 1- from my site http://dl101.ot2.com/befca857cc457c88823efab812b6c439/1.JPG 2- from Mazaya Demo ( More Beater ) http://dl101.ot2.com/03c1bc40881127beb97121a761930dcd/2.JPG

Please how can I solve this Problems ? Many thanx

Hello yusufyeni

1) go to administrator >> mazaya panel >> profiles >> select green profile. then go to Blocks Tab >> Newflach >> in newflash Pattern field >> select wood for example , you can do this stepes with any blocks you want. check this link .Regards.

many thanx its work

Error in demo! Check it out!

Fixed Thanks

hello ,, how can I change font size of top menu and left menu ? thanx

Hello yusufyeni , go to wp-admin >> mazaya >> Menus >> Top Menu >> Menu Font Size Or Vertical menu >> Menu Font Size for left menu

Best Regards.

perfect thanx

hello, problem withe the google recaptcha and the height css the height of the left column does not apply because it did not recognize the air css google captcha can help me and tell me that you need to change css template thank

Hello icreas , Please send me your site by my profile page to check your issue . Regards.