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Hello .. many thanx for your support .. I have problem with home page ,, in the home page appear categories from K2 like ( Sports , Education , ... ) I need appear joomla categories not K2 categories is that possible ? and if yes how can I do that ? many thanx

Hi yusufyeni

yes you can go to administrator >> menus >> your default home page link >> Menu Item Type >>select >> Articles >> Category Blog see this screenshoot : http://d.pr/i/tTo7

Best Regards.

thanks very much … I have another question … 1- I hide the side menu ,, but when I do that show problem with the position ,, appear empty area Please see this screenshoot http://www3.0zz0.com/2014/01/14/05/759920461.jpg 2- I need change top menu position like in screenshoot http://dl101.ot2.com/dc2f9e5fad6dafff457bbe2f644666c9/top.JPG

many thanx for your help

I solved number 1 ,, I just need number 2 Please (change top menu position to be under the banner and logo ) thanx

Hi fawaniss, can u suggest any w3c extension that compatible with mazaya template?

Hello Ketengah. Sorry did not try any w3c extension , but the template works with all joomla extensions. Regards.

Hello I’ve an issue. how to change the modules in (system output) section. I tried to find it in module manager but failed to reach to. it is where you shows education,technology,sport…etc (under the innertop area) would you help me regarding this.


Hello nesr_2020
Thanks for purchasing Mazaya. this not joomla modules , is K2 latest items from category to edit go to Administrator >> your default home page link >> see this screenshoot : http://d.pr/i/oNkM

Best Regards.

Thanks..this was very helpful and great support from you..have a lovely day :)

How is the translation of the following sentences into Arabic?

View items. Read more… Read 59 times

ex : http://store3.up-00.com/dl/3db12/11.bmp

What do you do the update ?

please send me update and font

hello .. I have problem with the top menu ,,, I go to template control panel – blocks – Newflach – ( newflash Pattern ) and choose wood and make save .. then I change my mind and I change this option to ( None ) and save but nothing !! the Newflach on the home page still appear pattern ( wood ) I try choose another pattern but it stuck on wood .. please see this snapshots this for home page http://www6.0zz0.com/2014/01/16/07/281967551.jpg this for template c panel http://www6.0zz0.com/2014/01/16/07/911898985.jpg

and can I change Position of top menu ?

many thanx for your support

Hello yusufyeni , Just make sure you modify the right profile for example : first go to wp-admin >> Mazaya >> Profiles >> the select your profile >> then go to blocks >> Newflach >> ( newflash Pattern ) . Regards.

selamun aleykum ve rahmetullah akhi.. how to fix pagination ?

problem: http://youtu.be/7YmPYQkRuG0


how to translate “LOAD MORE HOLD SHIFT KEY TO LOAD ALL” where in files language ?

barakallahu fik ahi. i have question. i installed yoo widgetkit but not working why ? all extensions tabs not working only work just k2 tabs why ?

u there fawaniss ?

Hello dear brother, I wanted to remove “Slider a” column in a K2 category page. So I removed assignment of the relevant modules only for a specific K2 category page, But the “slider a” column was vanished in the all of k2 ITEM pages!!! Please tell me the solution!


Also I check this issue (unwanted linkage) for a Joomla single article, While I set module assignment for a specific article, It will be apply for other pages too :(

Hi , This not related to the template , you can use extension like Advanced Module Manager . Regards.

Thanks a lot

This template is great, i like it but I have a question…I notice that images of K2 articles are cut off and i can see the original lenght only if i click on them in preview mode. Why?

Thanks goldeneagle , you can control the image size in k2 options panel . Regards.

Hi, I would like to add Google Ads below the “featured slider” with 2 ads side by side (2 modules), how to do that? Thanks.

Hello axonic , you can add new position under innertop position , see this link : Create a new module position . Regards.

Hello how to remove the children folders title. my website is RTL and dont want that written and not able to find how to remove from the template itself,

your help is appreciated


Hello nesr , edit this file : templates/fw_mazaya/html/com_k2/default/category.php , in line 77 remove this code :

<h3><?php echo JText::_('K2_CHILDREN_CATEGORIES'); ?></h3>


Hello I want to ask you how can i make the bottom b module position not to be shown in mobile layout Thank you in advance

Hello falcongr

add this code to your Custom css in Mazaya panel:

/* Only Phones */
@media (max-width: 767px) {
#bottom-b-block { display: none;}


thank you very much

Hello, I found a bug in your demo: http://fawaniss.com/demo/mazaya/index.php/joomla-stuff/login-form

Issue: in the mobile view, login form elements are hidden under the modules, so mobile user can’t register, in other word theme is not responsive in this page.

unfortunately you are not responsible! I cant contact you! Please help me to solve this problem. Regards

Hello shine7 , just add this code to your Custom css in Mazaya panel:

.small {
    height: auto !important;


Thanks a lot dear brother

I’m having the same error that iain_laverock did : “Fata error: Call to undefined method Exception::get() in /home/xxx/public_html/templates/fw_mazaya/error.php on line 20” Although, it seems to appear only if i’m using chrome for phone. It’s working well on all other browsers. Any idea what could cause the issue?

Hello dear cubikmax
please send me your administrator and ftp info by my profile page to check your site issue. Regards.

Hello, can You tell me is it possible to fix logo dimesions and where. So I can insert large image for logo, but I need it to be small on page… Also one more question,when I look site on PC it is ok, but when I go to mobile phone then some blocks are out of diemensions,they dont adjust on small screen. Please answer on my email and then I can send You more info and domain so You can see.Best regards

Can You please helpme with this

Hello Spekny

Try to add this code to your custom css in mazaya panel :
#headerbar a#logo img {
    height: auto;
    width: 200px;

you can edit the width value. Regards

Hello dear author, I have a problem with search module in the newflash position, you can see this problem even in demo of Mazaya!

issue: when you type in the search box, some items appear as “search result” ... when you click on the first or second result, the page of item wont open and nothing will happen!!!! for example type: mazaya

Please try it yourself, if it works properly, test again in other pages.

Thanks in advance

Hello shine7 , work with me well on all browsers. What browser are you using and what is his version ? . Regards.

hello how to create dropdown menu with submenu this like in the top menu & vertical menu? http://imagesup.org/images12/1392240075-submenu.png

Dear author, when I use accordion module in my template, In the mobile (smart phone) view, an excess space appears under the footer section, in other words I have an excess over-flow Y under the footer! How can I fix this issue?

Best regards

Hello shine7 , Can you send me an screenshoot or your site url by my email ? . Regards.

Hi fawaniss, I just purchase this theme, it’s great, Im just starting to set things up, but the site is in French and it’s showing weird characters in place of the apostrophes and accents, and my menu is not working as it should can you help Pls?

here is an example, please do you have any idea Ive tried everything. http://www.guineeplus.net/proof.JPG

nevermind got it to work.

Hi fawaniss, any news for your new template? Thnx

We will try to be completed soon , thank you for your interest dear etagure

Thnx, can`t wait

Hi Guys, i am going to purchase the template now. I hope you all had a good time with this template…