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Hello,IS this theme have automatically RTL button which does not need from me any other translation thanks

Hello Susan , Yes automatically, you can control the direction from Inside the Joomla Control Panel by just activating the RTL language (Persian or Arabic language), you not need to any other translation or code .

Best Regards.

We have this template in production now at truebittv.truthinit.com and our site looks much better than it did before. One thing we don’t understand is the purpose of the word “top” at the top of modules displayed in the innermiddle section. It doesn’t seem to have a purpose, as it’s not sliceable—so we’d like to make it go away. How do we do that?

Hey , go to your Administrator >> Extensions >> Module Manger >> your module >> Module class suffix >> delete badge-top see this screenshoot : http://d.pr/i/jfSs

That did it! Thanks!

We have one module (blog showcase from easyblog) that is not responsive. We love how it looks on the site, but it doesn’t display right on mobile phones. I’m wondering if there’s any way to prevent that one module from displaying when one is viewing our site w/a mobile phone.

Hi again wcpreston
You can use roksprocket is 100% responsive , About blog showcase from easyblog you need to add some lines of CSS code to work well in mobile device

Best Regards.

Hello again. Now web site good looking on pc or mac but on ipads background not fixed and roksprocket is not responsive on header layout. Can you help me? I need to fixed all device my background all device :) I dont want my web site’s background scroll down or up.

My custom css is:

body#page { background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: center; background-attachment: fixed; } div.mod_imagewall span.item-title { height: 20px !important; } #menu-block .menu-dropdown a.MenuLinkBlack{ background:#10191e; }

No, it doesn’t work :( Can you look my web site Custom.css with Admin panel?

okay :) , please send me your administrator info to my email.

I sent your mail. Thank you and I wait good news from you :)

We our request at the time of purchase

How to add music, hear and download ?

Hello iyad2000
you can add audio like this : Audio , for download you can use other plugine like : easy digital downloads or WordPress Download Manager
Best Regards.

I use Joomla

Yes I’am Sorry , you can use k2 Attachments Tab to add file to download see this screenshoot : http://d.pr/i/9TAr
and you can find all plugine for K2 here : K2 Extention. to more customization
or use other extention like : Phoca Download.

Hello there… I have an issue… i can’t install the quickstart theme.

I can’t pass the “Initializing” window

What can I do?


Hello urielaragon , Make sure 1) upload all files And there was no missing files, 2) PHP Version 5.3.1 + or Or higher, 3) Requirements for Joomla 3.x

Best Regards.

Hi, how do you solve issue with

Fatal error: Call to undefined method InvalidArgumentException::get() in [...]/templates/fw_mazaya/error.php on line 20
on registration page

contact me by my profile page , and I send you the file , because I think Has not been updated to the new version correctly


I dropped you a massage

after replacing it still looks same… how do i fix gender position and get normal description box?

Hello, Can I change the Menu alignment from Vertical to Horizontal or from Horizontal to vertical by Automatically or by coding also can I change the position Top of the header to bottom of the header thanks

Hello susan3 , I Did not understand well but See these explanations :
setup the verticale menu and setup the topmenu

I do not see Purchased badge beside your name , are purchased the template ?

Best Regards.


I try to jQuery image sliders such as Widgetkit (from YOOtheme) and Vinaora Nivo Slider but nothing shows up.

I think there is kind of JS conflict or something.

Please advise.

Hello vic2r
i try Widgetkit with mazaya befor it Works well
If you do not need roksprocket Try disabling , and any other extension You do not need it

Best Regards.

Hi, I’m using your quickstart version and after disabling roksprocket it still not working. Please check the errors (innertop position): http://pipnee.com/P8D3210DB

Hi , please I need to check your site so please send me your administrator info by my profile page
Best Regards.

Hi, I have a trouble, I installed the quick start version for Joomla 2.5 in the server, it works well until here.Problem come with Template Manager when I try to save any change in this template and I click over “Apply” or “Save & close” button and the page does not do nothing, only the clicked button change to working image, but it never ends. When I click over the close button it send me a blank page with Forbidden error “You don’t have permission to access/carmelita/administrator/index.php on this server”.

I tried with a new Joomla installation and uploading separately only the template but same trouble.

Current value is 40M for memory limit and the server manager don’t let me change the value. What is the common value for this key?

It works! I changed the Warp Folder for a copy from a new downloaded template and it works fine. Thanks.

good :) , Thanks arcos_hid

When I am using the style-box2 for different modules the the menu item links are not showing up very clearly. So when you hover over the link it doesn’t change the text colour (like in style-box1) or have a background highlight (like with style-box3) Is there a way of changing this? What would I need to edit?

Also, is there a way that I can change the style of the mod_popular joomla module so it appears the same as a menu module

This is a link to my site: http://www.golanguedoc.com/

In position sidebar_a, Best of Languedoc is a menu module using the style-box1 module suffix and Popular articles is the mod_popular module using the style-box2 module suffix.

Hope you are able to help.

Thanks for this. It worked!

Hi Fawaniss

I am still having problems with my site, but I think that we are getting to the bottom of it. I am now getting this error message whenever I access any of the Jomres component menu items: Fatal error: Call to undefined method RuntimeException::get() in /home/lavers69/public_html/templates/fw_mazaya/error.php on line 20

The jomres people say that this is a template issue. I looked at a similar post in the forum and I disabled all of the K2 components and plugins, but no joy. Any ideas what could be causing this?

Hi Fawaniss any progress?


First of all, compliment for this fantastic work with the warp framework, an awesome theme that can be used for all type of websites.

I have send you an email through the Themeforest contact form about some jquery conflicts but did not get any response from your side, these errors are as per below:

[22:30:43.355] ReferenceError: Browser is not defined @ components/com_roksprocket/assets/js/mootools-mobile.js:18 [22:30:43.356] ReferenceError: Class is not defined @ components/com_roksprocket/assets/js/rokmediaqueries.js:14 [22:30:43.356] ReferenceError: MooTools is not defined @ components/com_roksprocket/assets/js/roksprocket.js:8 [22:30:43.357] TypeError: Object.merge is not a function @ components/com_roksprocket/layouts/headlines/themes/default/headlines.js:8 [22:30:43.357] TypeError: Object.merge is not a function @ golf-course-directory.html:66 [22:30:43.644] TypeError: techjoomla.jQuery.tmpl is not a function @ components/com_jbolo/jbolo/model/jbolo_chat.js:991

I tried to use jquery easy but it does not resolve the issue, I contacted the developers of these extensions but they said it is not related to their extensions but due to the template. Can you please help us to solve these issues?

I have already send you our website admin credentials as well as FTP access.

Yes , i did not forget you :) I will check your site and answer you very soon

many thanks my dear .

Hello You have done a great job with this template. I want to ask you how can i add google fonts to this template as i want to use other fonts than the fonts you provide. Your help will be much appreciated. Thank you.

hello falcongr , yes you can add your costum font see this link : Add new CSS, JS or Fonts


thank you


I am having a javascript conflict with one of my Joomla components and the template. This is the feedback from the developer:

“Your template’s attempting to gzip the site’s javascript files, a fatal error as most of the Jomres javascript files are already minified. Switch off your template’s gzipping feature and it’ll probably work again.”

How do i turn off this gzip feature? Hope you can help


Thank you for the response. This has corrected some of the conflicts, but the developer of the Jomres component has come back with another issue, this is his response:

Please use the Firebug addon for Firefox to see what javascript errors are on the page. They have to be solved first. Most probably this is cased by loading jquery js after joomla has already done it:

script src=”/templates/fw_mazaya/js/jquery-1.9.0.min.js”

This has to be removed.

a.) how do I remove this? and b.) will it cause problems with the template if I do?

Hello iain_laverock

open this file: fw_mazaya/layouts/template.config.php

in line 384 remove this code
$this['asset']->addFile('js', 'js:jquery-1.9.0.min.js');

will not cause any problems in the template but the flexslider slider stop working If you do not need it’s okay

Thank you this. I appreciate your response.

my site is offline now but on computer You get massage that site is under maintance and on mobile phone it says 404 error… So now i don’t know is it server problem or joomla or theme problem…

Hello Spekny , please send me your site by my profile contact to checked.


Hi, I have problem with the breadcrumbs. Screenshot here: http://d.pr/i/roCa Please assist. Thanks.

Hello , see how to update the theme , do this steps and do not bother to version number inside the Control Panel

Best Regards.

Hi, I’ve updated to the latest version. The problem persist. Please assist. Thanks.

Okay please send me your administartor and ftp info by my profile contact . regards.

I have display problems in IE8 and IE9 … how to solve? I opened a ticket but got no answer

Hello agrpress , We do not have any tickets system , please contact me by my profile page


I wrote to you. Did you get my email?

I sent you the answer

Hi, I want to purchase this theme. There is some questions to ask. 1. Are there lifetime support & updates available after purchase? 2. Can i use this theme as Jobsite, with Tabs & Tables showing on Homepage? Thanks.

One more question…. is it supported for Multi categories & subcategories ?? Eagerly waiting for reply.

Hello livejammers

1) Yes, after you purchase the template you’ll get all the updates and support In the future
2) Yes, you can use in any domain you want. Is flexible and fully customization.
3) Yes, supported for Multi categories & subcategories
Best Regards.

Hi I have trouble with the tamplate. I have changed the template to a other template and there it works fine so it must be the Mazaya Theme,

Joomla 2.5 with jomres 7.5. Whem i open de jomres plugin i can not see de Pichture I see the picture for 1 second and then it shows “Gallery could not be loaded “

Please have a look ad my tyest site.


Please advice. Regards Frank

Hello frankverdonk

open this file: fw_mazaya/layouts/template.config.php in line 384 remove this code :

$this['asset']->addFile('js', 'js:jquery-1.9.0.min.js');


Hi Support,,

This did not solve my issue. I just removed id and please check my site. I have seen this case from Iain, we using the same tamplate .

Please advice.

Regards Frank