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Hello again dear author! I have a problem with the Breadcrumbs module. In the several pages of my site, like K2 item pages, the format of the breadcrumbs is not good. I provide you 2 screen-shots; Please check: 1) Good format: http://picload.org/image/oirodgg/good.png 2) Bad format: http://img4.picload.org/image/oirorwp/bad.png

Thanks a lot

Many thanks dear shine for your feedback, I will check this issue soon . Regards.

Hi again, I ma still waiting :(

Hi, Fawaniss. First thnx for all your help. I have one question. Is it possible that toolbar-l and toolbar-r stay allways on top (allways visible) When user scrolls down, toolbar-l and toolbar-r stays allways visible Thnx

Hello, thanks etagure
go to your Administrator >> Mazaya template Panel >> Menus Tab >> Top Menu Fixed >> select Yes see this screenshoot : http://d.pr/i/rFuJ

Ups, that option is in new version 1.6 of template, I have old one. You made me modification that top-b position is above vertical menu. If I upgrade template to 1.6 will be that modification lost? Please look at www.infovodice.com, and you will see what I talking about. And how put “post with slider” in joomla article, not in K2 item. Big Thnx

Hi , if you want you can just add this code to your Costum css to use fixed top menu :

@media (max-width:767px) {#header-block { padding-top: 0 !important; }}
#toolbar-block {
    display: block;
    position: fixed;
    width: 100%;
    z-index: 999;
#header-block {padding-top: 60px;}

Or you can update the template then just Edit this file fw_mazaya/layouts/template.php to move Top-a Position, Do not forget to take a full backup of the template before the update.

Best Regards.

Excuse me dear fawaniss, 5 days passed :) Please consider my problem about Breadcrumbs module, you can remember it in the top of this page.

Best regards

Thanks, but It does not relate to the CSS file, the structure of breadcrumbs is not true! It should be like this: Home> category> Item. But its only Home! I thinks there is a fault in the site’s menu system.

Hi dear , This is not a problem in the template, just create menu link to all your K2 categories. Regards.

You right, The template and your demo does not have any problem. It’s only for my site. In addition to K2 item pages, The breadcrumbs is disrupted in Phoca gallery main page. i should check my menu links, Thanks any way

Hello again, I choose to have two columns on my front/home page, but i want to be fulfilled with content from only one category. But when i choose this settings (2 columns from one category) the items are sorting one under each other, but they are not filling the second column…

Hello atanasps. Sorry I did not understand what you mean well, Please Can you explain more and send me your website by my profile contact. Regards.


For how many sites can I use this theme on a single purchase?

how much is the multi site license? Regards

Hello raghav and Thank you for your interest
You can use single purchase only in one domain , or buy Extended License for Unlimited site for $2250.
Best Regards.


I come back to you after a long time. I was away and did not work on it since you fixed my issue. Then I could not connect to the backend anymore. I tried reinstalling the quick start package several times but it failed every time. I cannot make it work.

Please help me! Thank you!

Welcome Back Lemotjuste
She was working and then stopped?, Please make sure that your hosting supports all joomla 3 requirements Especially php version shoulde be 5.4 + . Regards.

I have tried but not succeeded. I tried reinstalling it in 2.5, but it won’t work either. I’ve been working on this for month now but it still doesn’t work. Thanks for your help

Hi Fawaniss, Many appreciation for your wonderful work! I have a question for you: can I also install your template directly in Joomla 3.2? Thanks!

Many Tanks florindena , yes you can install it in Joomla 3.2 . Best Regards.

Hi dear fawaniss. How can I change the font size of latest comments? please give me the code. Thanks a lot.

Hello farshadshp

add this code to your Costum CSS :

#system #comments .comment-body .content {
    font-size: 15px;


Hi, Fawaniss. Thnx for code for fixed horizontal menu, I put them in custom css. Please no hard feeling (don`t be angry on me) Is any way to have fixed vertical menu (vertical menu is at the end of the left side of web page), and it is fixed, when user scrolls up/down menu remain fixed. BIG BIG THANK YOU FOR HELP

Hello etagure , Do not worry I am happy to get answer to you :) but I’am sorry this option need More work in Layout and CSS and can not explain to you here, maybe we add as feature in the next updates. Regards.

Hi, I needn help with total stupid thing(I’m not total beginner).I instaled template and everything that I wanted to create is finished. But only thing that I didn’t do is:I can’t remove from frontpage/homepage 4 groups Sports, Education,Word news and tehnology. I know that is connected with category in K2 but is it module or what…I know that is something easy but I’m stuck.THANKS

Hello Spekny
Thanks for purchasing Mazaya. Yes, you are right is connected with category in K2, just login to Administrator >> Top menu >> Home menu link >> Category settings. see this screenshoot: http://d.pr/i/pi8h

Best Regards :) .

Hi. Is there a way to put CAPTCHA in the form? I’m getting a lot of junk registrations.

Hello msager, you can use an plugin to add this feature to the registration form, check this link . Regards.

Thanks – this worked great. The CAPTCHA box is too wide. How can I change the width of the box? Here is a link to one of the pages – http://www.thetriangledog.com/index.php/contact-us. Or is it easier to change the width of the Contact form? Let me know. Thanks

Hello msager , try to add this code to your Costum css :

#jform_captcha-lbl {
    float: none !important;

Hi I just installed a new version of Joomla 3.2 But i have a overlap of Positions. Left menu and the SystemOut.

Please see my test site http://verdonk.org/german/

Any Idee ?

Kind regards Frank

Hello frankverdonk. just change Gruppenunterkünfte in the vertical menu http://d.pr/i/QFjq , for example to Gruppenunter künfte (because it’s one word with many characters ) and The problem will be solved. I think you don’t use the latest version of mazaya.

Best Regards.

Thanks in advanced,,, Fixed. I will update mazaya rg frank

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When installing the template, the site stops working Hello

When installing the template, the site stops working

Then go back and delete the template from FTP

Site back to work

Please explain


Hello alqurashi
What php version in your server ? should be 5.3 or higher.
send me your wp-admin and ftp info by my profile contact to check the issue in your site.

Best Regards.


I have created a menu item – K2 » Latest items from (one or more) users or categories, chose one category and 2 columns, but it still the display in one single column.

Please check here: http://shoutkey.com/amaze

How to fix it?


Thanks, but is there a way to hide the category description on the top? maybe with css?

Hello , you can hide the category description from Administrator >> k2 >> your category >> select Hide in category title and description . Regards.

Thank you!!

Hello I am trying to display 8 footer menus on bottom-b position but i get a message says “Error: Only up to 6 modules are supported in this layout. If you need more add your own layout.” Can you tell me how can i overpass this.

Thank you in advance

Hello falcongr , you need to Create a new module layout, check this tutorials . Regards.

thank you very much

Hi fawaniss, The web pages www.alternativa.hr are not displaying well on phones and tablets. Please give me a solution to that. It’s not at all as on the pics on themeforest… and I would like just that :) Thanx

Hi fawaniss, I’ve set up a 3 column home page. The problem is that I can’t set 20 word limit for the intro text on the home page. Ther’s no option for it. You can only change the category and sub category intro word limit…

Help me out here please. Here’s the site alternativa.hr

Thnx :)


edit this file fw_mazaya/html/com_k2/default/latest_item.php in line 81 you will find this code :

<?php echo K2HelperUtilities::wordLimit($this->item->introtext, 30); ?>
Edit the number of words (30) to the number that you want. Regards.

thanx a bunch ;)

Hi Support, I’m using joomla 3.2 with `jomres 7.5.4. Problem: When the page is displayed with Mazaye Themplate then i get Double Pictures. http://verdonk.org/german/index.php/ferienhausen When i use a default Themplate from Joomla 3.2 then it works fine. http://ferienhausnordseekuste.com/index.php/ferienhausen

Both site are indentcal .

Please advice Rg Frank

Hello frankverdonk. I think it’s because of some custom modification in the templates, however try to add this code to your Custom CSS in templates panel and see if the Double Pictures disappeared.

.row-fluid a.visible-phone {
    display: none;


Fawaniss,,, sorry but this does not solve the double picture.. any others options.. thanks in advanced .. Frank

Upgrade for Joomla 3.2, when to expect? I have some Jquery problems.I upgraded to 3.2 and didn’t saw that template is for 3.1. Thanks

Hello Spekny , try to open this file : fw_mazaya/layouts/template.config.php in line : 348 remove this code :
$this['asset']->addFile('js', 'js:jquery-1.9.0.min.js');
Best Regards.
Hi, fawaniss!

All modules and components works good, but when i post last material the module “RokSprocket Module” are broken. Now it doesn’t display any pictures and text, only Header of module, dots and arrows. You can see it www.3d-daily.ru at main page.

Could you help me?

Best Regards

Here is picture

You didn’t forget about me?)

sorry xykyma, I see all configuration is correct, please send me your wp-admin and info by my profila contact to check youe site . Best Regards.