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This is absolutely appalling. Not even a changelog? The last changelog shows an update to WP 3.5. There have been 3 new presidents and as many new Popes since then. Don’t touch this guys, support is non-existent and the coding was lazy on a good day. Find a theme that supports woocommerce; you won’t be disappointed.

Dear author, There is pt-BR language support, or PO files for translation?

Is this theme comparable with newest wp-e-commerce, one user was saying that it did not work with newest wp-e-commerce?

Yes, is this error fixed with wp-e-commerce?

because AJAX add to cart was not working, pages were refreshing and opening product page, each time clicked on button add to cart!

PLEASE let me know!


Checked it a minute ago the latest version should work ok, please let me know

Hi, I just bought your theme and everything went well until I create “Product Page” I have 3 questions plz help me.

1. I added picture in “Product Details>Image Gallery” it only show picture on my “Latest Products widgets on Home Page” but it isn’t show on “Products Page” also “Single Product Page” how can I make it show?

2. If I use “magic zoom plugin” instead of add picture in “Product Details>Image Gallery” It will show the box without image on my “Latest Products widgets on Home Page” how can I remove this empty box?

3. In the live preview when I looked at “a single product page” I will see a block above the product block which contains the category of the product with a category description. How do I get this block. I want it so badly, how can I get it back.

ps. your demo is very nice I love it so i try to make it similar as I could. Here is link please give me advice

best regards

Is anyone else having the same issue that I am? I’m not sure when it happened but now when I log into the backend of my website ( I can see the wordpress dashboard menu on the left but despite what you click on, the page is blank.

I’ve downloaded the theme again & installed it over but it made no difference. There are no other plugins apart from those that came with the theme.

Can you please advise? (Mark, I have also emailed this to


I have a problem with footer area, it becomes full page when user page down. You can see this problem, how can i fix it?


Thanks for awesome theme!

Please let me know, where I have problem? All are default files,

Also, I just need, that product would just be added to cart with no refresh or open.

Hello Rolands Please email me to andy [AT]

i had buy your themes but i cant install the theme can you help me installed it.. very hard to install of many parts widget..thx please email me or comment this :

i had buy your themes but i cant install the theme can you help me installed it.. very hard to install of many parts widget..thx please email me or comment this :

’ve bought theme mazine and I’ve asked evanto support to install these themes, but evanto studio with devplus31 account could not finish my website, because this theme I mean slideshow damaged it can not be used so it is not as good as the live preview that is, all people should see my website: and they could not fix the blank footer area ..

thanks you so much

please wisely fo buy this theme

RIP for this theme.. dont bujy…thanks

Please tell what exactly the problem with the themes installation is.

Hello, I can not figure out where is problem, please see my video.

Hello, I can not figure out where is problem, please see my video.

Hello, is anyone here? Looks important!

Hey guys I have an error 502 when I update WordPress 4.3…my page is this theme don´t support Wordpress 4.3? Thanks!

The header has a mobile css. ‘0px to 760px = mobile.min.css’,

What is that? The google tools tellmobile-friendly tell me that the theme is absolute not mobile friendly.

realy bad that there is no support for the theme anymore although I paid for the theme with 1 year support!

Hello, We are interested in buying your theme for our cosmetics shop. I want to confirm if your theme have following features as well.

1) How you display out of stock items, can you show me a screen shot of that.

2) If the product have various options like Colors and Sizes , and both options are integrated with each other, please confirm and show us if your theme is capable to have such feature.

3) Can we display products based on different brands name. Let say if i want to filter how many products my “abc” brand have, so i just click on that brand and it will filter me all the products of similar brand.

4) How much you will charge if we want you to install the theme on our domain.

Waiting for your kind feedback

Thank you Adil

Please help me ASAP check my website i have imported demo data and also have followed all documentation but theme is not working perfect.