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Hi again,

This theme is lovely and now works perfectly and my client is delightful. He would like to change colors easily to whatever he wants? Can he also change backgrounds to textures in jpeg format easily?

Thank you, Mellie

The theme comes with several predefined color schemes. In order to make color customizations you have to edit css color files.

Every color scheme is saved in a different file.

Backgrounds can not be changed.

Best Regards, Milos

Hi, We need more restaurant themes like this – responsive, unique, state of art all… great job…bought and rated 5 stars Thanks!

Wow. Thank You very much! If you have any suggestions how to improve the theme please do not hasitate to contact us.

Contact us on support@themelaboratory.com


Hi there,

Really unique theme GLWS. I’m just wondering if you tested this theme on mayor mobile Android devices? It’s important for me to work well on Android devices?

Thanks a lot!

hi there may i know how to fix home page slider. i tried but it not displaying on home page pls help me thank u

Hi Royalvikky,

please could you provide url to your website.

Please contact us on support@themelaboratory.com for further assistance.

Best Regards, Milos

Hi there! I need help to chose the right theme. Can you please recommend one? Our needs are as follows.

We are a nutritionist, a coach and a chef. We will 1. Give nutrition and cooking classes; 2. Provide consulting and coaching services; 3. Sell nutrition products (going forward) 4. Show video and pictures of recipes, food, and supplements and provide info about nutritional values, timing for preparation and cooking, etc. 5. Provide sample menus with information about nutritional values and preparation time etc.; 6. Maintain an informative blog about nutrition and wellbeing.

Which theme would be serve our needs?

Please let us know if you need further information. Thanks


I purchased the site about late 2013/early 2014 and as of this week the site has completely white screened and we cannot get it back up and running.

This has been days, and we’ve tried all we can to get it up to begin making the update without luck.

Can you please get back to us as soon as possible? Is there an update to the package to make it compatible with the latest Wordpress release? Please advise, thank you.

Hi jlpdiary1178,

Please contact us on support@themelaboratory.com for further assistance.

Best Regards, M

We will attempt to reinstall an old version of wordpress to make the theme compatible again, but there’s no guarantee.

Is your team working to upgrade the theme for compatibility for WP 4.4 soon? Is there a new expected release for this theme? Please advise, thank you.

How can I change the button text in homepage slider ?

Hi Gobal-tech,

In order to change button label “Try It now!” you have to translate the theme or at least this particular button label.

For more info about theme translation/localization please check theme documentation (Online Version)

Best Regards, Milos

I receive the following error message Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’...../public_html/wp-content/plugins/mazzareli-shortcodes-addon/mazzareli-shortcodes-addon.php on line 53

Hi Global-tech,

Please make sure that you have PHP5.4 or newer installed on your server.

Best Regards, Milos


I bought your theme 2 years ago and noticed that it has been upgraded to a Responsive theme 9 months ago. Now, I also read your comment that I cannot upgrade my site directly to the new theme, as it will cause my current site to crash.

How else can I migrate to your new Responsive theme for my site? Do I have to: 1) Rebuild the entire site as if I’m building a new site? 2) Do you have a patch I can install? 3) With the license that I have, am I entitled to download your new version for free?

Appreciate your response. Thanks.

Are there any other solutions to easily move from pre-responsive to responsive theme?

Are there any other solutions to easily move from pre-responsive to responsive theme?

I’m afraid not because the new theme release introduced many new features.

There used to be a help file here – http://themelaboratory.com/help/mazzareli/wp/1.0.0/help.html#intro – but the link is no longer working. Can you point me to the new help file for your latest theme version?

Hi Nianyee,

the theme includes documentation files. Look for Documentation folder inside the dowloaded archive from themeforest.

Also here is the online version


Best Regards, Milos